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Zed the Moonie! (and other tales of disclosure or otherwise)

By johnboy - 29 April 2006 29

Over at the Canberra Times Markus Mannheim has done very well in finding oddities in the register of Legislative Assembly member’s pecuniary interests.

While Richard Mulcahy’s high-rolling Las Vegas ways are a source of amusement it’s Zed Seselja who’s taking the cake.

The Opposition’s planning spokesman Zed Seselja was the only other MLA to have declared gifts since the election, noting that he had been a guest of a Universal Peace Federation conference in South Korea last year.

The federation is part of a movement founded by the controversial cult leader, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, whose followers believe he is a Messiah. It paid for Mr Seselja’s travel and attendance, and gave him a watch and a gold tea set of unspecified value

Perhaps Zed should put his gold tea set on display in CMAG as it sounds quite magnificent? Perhaps he can also tell us how long he was in the care of the brain-washing moonies?

And perhaps ALL the other MLA’s can tell us if they really have received no gifts at all worth more than $250 since the last election?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Zed the Moonie! (and other tales of disclosure or otherwise)
johnboy 11:35 am 01 May 06

There’s a difference between passing the plate and looting bank accounts.

Nice to see there’s nothing so vile you won’t leap to it’s defence in the service of the Liberal Party.

In my opinion Scientologists are evil bastards that should be decried and reviled at every turn and Moonies aren’t much better.

You’re either grossly ignorant of the issues, or a member of one of those churches.

Because the informed opinion of non-members of these churches is uniformly dim.

kimba 11:25 am 01 May 06

What sanctimonious crap. And of course the Catholics, Muslims, Happy Clappies and Protestants aren’t so-called brain washing and aren’t predatory bastards of their adherents and of course would never swell their own coffers LOL Wake up Jeff!!!

Talking of swelling their own coffers I see the mick’s are having a Tribute Dinner for Francis Carroll at $150 a pop in the Great Hall. I wonder how many of adherents will be able to afford that pleasure.

Mr_Shab 10:56 am 01 May 06

…and I’m aware that should have been “site”.

Mr_Shab 10:55 am 01 May 06

No way Mael – keep it live on the sight. Don’t keep the flaming to yourself. I need the odd laugh…

Maelinar 10:30 am 01 May 06

crazychester, read the FAQ. It gives you guidelines on what will get published and what won’t. If all else fails, read the comment from Che regarding get your own damn website in the tagline.

JB, I reckon Thumper, Bulldog, Ss(s)anta and I could be the loony affairs working group, although we’d probably just as much directly flame them back via email and report the highlights ;P

Thumper 9:51 am 01 May 06

Yeah, you do have a point there JB….

johnboy 9:45 am 01 May 06

If a regular reader is willing to take up the mantle of “head of loony affairs” we might consider forwarding their stuff, but they’d dispute the classification and it’s not worth the grief.

johnboy 9:43 am 01 May 06

Why are newspapers like the Canberra Times, and obviously some people in this room, so intolerant when it comes to alternative views?

In both cases they are predatory bastards who destroy the lives of their adherents to swell their own coffers.

And in both cases they have a track record of effective use of mind-washing techniques.

It’s not that hard to tell the difference between a faith and a cult.

kimba 9:40 am 01 May 06

Yeah johnboy…not fair – what is this all about (crazychester)? 🙂

kimba 9:39 am 01 May 06

Last week it was the Scientologists, this week it’s the Moonies turn.

Why are newspapers like the Canberra Times, and obviously some people in this room, so intolerant when it comes to alternative views? It’s ironical that these are the same people who like to think they are so ‘liberal’ minded.

Big deal if Zed ‘instead’ went to a conference sponsored by the Moonies. Politicians, academics, businessmen, doctors, teachers bla bla bla are constantly attending conferences organised by a broad range of groups.

Don’t worry Maria (good Catholic name) I am sure Zed hasn’t been ‘brainwashed’ and is still a good Catholic boy LOL

Thumper 9:14 am 01 May 06

Geez JB,

can’t we have a link to lunatic postings so we can all have a laugh!

maria 3:43 pm 30 Apr 06

Its a good article from Mannheim – what is zed doing hanging out with the Moonies and how does he reconcile that with his own faith? the Moonies throw their political weight around in the US – we don’t want to see it happen here.

johnboy 5:43 pm 29 Apr 06

maybe if you had any substance to your story it might be interesting.

two further things:

1) It’s saturday, we don’t stand around waiting for loonies to submit their rants so we can publish them. Some patience might be in order in any event.

2) This is offtopic, you’ve been warned, further comments will be deleted.

crazychester 5:01 pm 29 Apr 06

Sorry to intrude but is there a way to get something published on this site or is it rigged like everything else in this town?

Binker 4:56 pm 29 Apr 06

Maybe the lack of $250+ gifts is indicative that the friends and family of L.A. Members hold them in the same level of esteem as the rest of the community.

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