Zed wakes up! Doesn’t like the Hawke review

johnboy 9 September 2010 12

It was 3 September when Jon Stanhope announced the Hawke review into the ACT Public Service.

Today Zed Seselja has responded.

(Any other opposition leader I’ve covered in well over a decade in this game would have responded the same day, at worst the next, but Zed’s a bit special)

He’s not a fan:

“The reality is that this government has had 9 years to address these issues. It was Jon Stanhope himself who just this week said he had lost faith in the administrative arrangements, when it was him and his government that instigated and maintained those arrangements. It was Jon Stanhope who recently refused to take any responsibility for the failings of ACTION and instead laid the blame at the door of the ACT public service, and it was Jon Stanhope who attacked the independence of the Auditor General.

“This is another demonstration that ACT Labor are no longer up to the task of governing. I call on the Government to insure that this review is released to the community once complete. It is the very least that the public service and the community deserves from this Labor Government,” said Mr Seselja.

Shame he didn’t get around to saying it when it might have mattered.

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12 Responses to Zed wakes up! Doesn’t like the Hawke review
p1 p1 3:24 pm 10 Sep 10

Is there any requirement for people elected to the local council ACT Legislative Assembly to actually do anything? Because if visibility in the media is anything to go by, none of the “opposition” do a whole lot.

astrojax astrojax 2:45 pm 10 Sep 10

Deref said :

pete74au said :

He had to wait for divine inspiration.

Yep – definitely waiting for Jesus to tell him what to do.

i thought he’d be better off waiting for pasta, sorry pastor, danny to tell him what to think…

Deref Deref 1:03 pm 10 Sep 10

pete74au said :

He had to wait for divine inspiration.

Yep – definitely waiting for Jesus to tell him what to do.

He certainly makes Stanhope look good.

pajs pajs 9:42 am 10 Sep 10

Does Zed have another job? Would make more sense if he was part-time leader of the opposition.

housebound housebound 9:09 am 10 Sep 10

I thought I remembered seeing those same comments in the media in the first media frenzy – was it last week? Often selected media get the press release in the first instance, and then the ‘rest’ get it later on in a wider distribution round. They all do it, usually Stanhope is the worst offender, and it is a thoroughly dishonest practice.

housebound housebound 8:42 am 10 Sep 10

Isn’t this just belated publishing of an old press release? They all do it, but a bit more honesty with dates would be really helpful.

    johnboy johnboy 8:58 am 10 Sep 10

    The release was published late yesterday afternoon HB

Thumper Thumper 8:35 am 10 Sep 10

This is why we continue to have Stanhopes and Gallaghers as out leaders.


sepi sepi 8:04 am 10 Sep 10

I was going to say the exact same thing – in 9 days surely he could’ve got someone to proof read it.
‘him instigated those arrangements’ is pretty clunky too.

will roper will roper 7:40 am 10 Sep 10

Maybe he did mean “insure”, or is he prektising his In Zid exsent?

Spectra Spectra 10:19 pm 09 Sep 10

You’d think that, having had that long to think about it, he’d at least have bothered to look up the difference between “insure” and “ensure”. Or make sure that place names like “Cotter” were capitalised.

Why yes, I do have too much time on my hands. Thanks for asking 🙂

pete74au pete74au 10:10 pm 09 Sep 10

He had to wait for divine inspiration. can’t have him making relevant and up to date statements.

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