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Zed’s truancy bill, a bazooka to kill roaches

By johnboy - 28 October 2010 29

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja has announced he’s introduced legislation “to allow businesses who choose not to serve students during schools hours to do so without fear of unintended legal consequences”.

In particular he’s proposing exemptions to the Discrimination Act, which he rightly points out is riddled with exemptions already.

This all stems from the whoo haa down in Lanyon over the local Kingsleys hiding behind the Discrimination Act to keep serving wagging kids.

But if we want to solve truancy mob justice against youth friendly business seems a poor way to go about it. Unless vending machines start checking IDs kids out of school will still be able to buy fizzy drinks.

Automated emailing of parents when kids miss classes would be a good start, and failing kids with unsatisfactory attendance records (perhaps followed by automatic transfer to a more rigorous facility) would certainly give them more incentive to turn up.

Anyone else got any thoughts?


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29 Responses to
Zed’s truancy bill, a bazooka to kill roaches
justbands 4:07 pm 28 Oct 10

> Automated emailing of parents when kids miss classes would be a good start

They already do this….at least at our son’s (public high) school.

mutley 3:49 pm 28 Oct 10

bitzermaloney said :


1. Bring back the cain.

Not sure we’re Abel to do this.

trevar 3:27 pm 28 Oct 10

That JB is a lot more intelligent than Zed Ess had been established long ago, but the flaw with his plan is that it would require moving our Industrial Revolution school system into the Knowledge Economy rather more quickly than had been anticipated; they wanted another century or two for that…

schmeah 3:26 pm 28 Oct 10

I don’t see what the fuss is all about really, the Principle just wanted the community to play a part in removing the incentive for kids to wag.

From what I understand, most of the businesses agreed until that douche running Kingsley’s managed to make the Human Rights element work in his favour – no such regard for the human rights abuses inflicted on those who eat his road kill .. oops, I mean (battery) chickens .. though.

The original plan was initiated by the school and the parents so this isn’t a ‘nanny state’ argument, the Liberals are just running with it because this is the sort of policy they thrive on.

I for one think it’s not such a bad idea, and that Kingsley guy – using diabetic kids as an argument in his favour .. oh, what a humanitarian. No doubt, when said diabetic child comes in desperate for an orange juice, his humanitarianism won’t prevent him from charging them for it.

cmdwedge 3:15 pm 28 Oct 10

I think that people are reading into this the wrong way. The Canberra Liberals want to [i]allow[/i] shopkeepers the [i]choice[/i] of whom they wish to serve, if the child is clearly of school age, and it’s during school hours. Zed is not trying to enforce this upon Canberra business – just allowing the option.

The Human Rights commissioner here in the ACT apparently stated that it impacted on the human rights of these schoolkids… bit of overkill I would think.

The problem with JBs plan is that many of these parents simply do not care. So a great alternative is to [i]allow[/i] those business owners, who don’t like to see their tax money going down the truancy drain, to take some small part in the hope that these kids will simply be starved of stuff to do outside of school, and thus return to school instead.

That’s my take on things anyway.

Bosworth 2:37 pm 28 Oct 10

when I was in year 11/12, I was allowed to wander the streets during school hours.

astrojax 2:16 pm 28 Oct 10

is it a business’ problem to deal with, kids who for whatever unknown-to-the-retailer reason are not at school when they appear to be of an age that means they probably might be supposed to attend one?

someone comes into my business, offers me lawful tender in fair exchange as a contract to purchase my proffered goods to said person. problem again here..?

aren’t there real problems for the government to address? like, i was overcharged five dollars for a pizza once…

KB1971 2:14 pm 28 Oct 10

Chop71 said :

OMG, even i’d pick school over Kingsleys rabbit cough cough … I mean chicken

Why insult a rabbit? What did it ever do to you????

vesuvius 2:12 pm 28 Oct 10

So, lets say my child has to leave school early one day to attend….oh lets say a dental appointment… having been given a clean bill of dental health by the dentist, said child meanders through the local shops and decides to give themselves a treat…. so the shop keeper will not serve them??? Becuase ?????


My child leaves school early, with her parents permission, to attend a function or do undertake a task at the shops on behalf of her bed-ridden parent. The Chemist refuses to serve her and thus the sick parent is unable to get medication (not prescription!!!)…

Any shopkeeper out there who ‘refuses’ to serve anybody, based upon their age, time of day etc had better be ready to face legal action for descrimination… irrespective of what ZED say’s…

bitzermaloney 1:52 pm 28 Oct 10


1. Bring back the cain.
2. Send them to boarding school.
3. Compulsory National Service.

and if it doesn’t work on the kids, inflict it on the parents.

far_northact 1:50 pm 28 Oct 10

These kids are probably better off out there anyway – since the ACT schools seem to be unable to control them. Case in point: my son goes to a high school where one of his ‘friends’ bashed him. The kid had posted on facebook the night before about it and there was a group of kids wandering the grounds at lunch time – very excited to see it followed through. Nothing happened to those children involved. i.e. no suspension etc. But this is a school where beating up a teacher with a golf club and destroying school property only gains you a short-term suspension.
(thats not to say I don’t agree that parents should be involved in truancy/other behaviour – but if you saw some of these “parents” you would know it’s a waste of time).

deye 1:38 pm 28 Oct 10

kids wag school, always have, always will. Maybe if perhaps they made school interesting it would have an effect.

Chaz 1:20 pm 28 Oct 10

let’s make everybody deal with this problem instead of having the kids parents get involved

Fiona 1:19 pm 28 Oct 10

Wha? I thought canberra kids were allowed to wander the streets during the day. At least HS and college?

Chop71 12:56 pm 28 Oct 10

OMG, even i’d pick school over Kingsleys rabbit cough cough … I mean chicken

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