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Zoo to expand.

By Thumper - 1 December 2005 24

The Canberra Times is reporting that in a flash of unusual brilliance, it seems that the ACT government, while waiting on final approval of the NCA, has finally allowed the expansion of the zoo. Excellent work I say. A great boon to the ACT and kudos all round for all involved.

Now bored drivers, stuck in traffic on the Tuggeranong parkway, while coming home from work will be able to watch herds of wildebeest thundering across the plains.

Hippos in the river anyone?

How cool.

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Zoo to expand.
Jey 4:30 pm 01 Dec 05

I think they have sloths…don’t think it’s a farm though.

Maelinar 3:30 pm 01 Dec 05

And Camels, although what’s the policy on keeping domestic pets in zoo’s ?

Chalker 3:28 pm 01 Dec 05

CITES hasn’t stopped Steve Irwin from having an Australian focussed zoo, or Dubbo from having exhibits from every continent.
CITES (AFAIK) has no authority to dicatate that we must build African tribal huts in our zoos.

Evictor 2:59 pm 01 Dec 05

I’ve eaten a warthog. It tasted good.

Absent Diane 2:05 pm 01 Dec 05

Ok my wish list for the imminent present of this zoo;
-A room with a moose
-A barrel of monkeys
-Anything mutant or interbred (eg mules)
-A sloth farm would be cool
-As would a snake farm
-a seriously kick ass petting zoo… i just love those little goats…
-Maybe a water animal theme park…
That is all for now…

Thumper 1:59 pm 01 Dec 05

Yeah Nic,

Apart from neing a great tourist attraction the zoo itself will contribute to research and protection of endangered species so all in all i think its a good, and logical step.

Nik_the_Pig 1:54 pm 01 Dec 05

Sorry I was a bit off base. What we can import/breed is governed in part by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Don’t have the time to go through it all now but I’m sure it’s all on the site.

Thumper 1:48 pm 01 Dec 05

Warthogs would be also seriously cool….

Not that they’re endangered…

Oh, and Aardvarks simply because they look silly…

kimba 1:45 pm 01 Dec 05

Last time I took my Mom the monkey’s were fcuking. Not a good experience for me – but my Mom thought it was good (back at the home now)!

Maelinar 1:43 pm 01 Dec 05

I think those plains that Thumper mentioned are going to be the ass end of the Molongolo Valley subdivision, so they’re out.

I’d like to see a display of Australian wildlife, especially Cane Toads. Perhaps they might even learn some way of dealing with them from the experience.

Nik_the_Pig 1:41 pm 01 Dec 05

The is an international convention with regards to breeding programs etc and AFAIK Australian has africa. Our zoos can have other stuff but we are only allowed to focus on breeding particular stuff.

Anyway, to quote Fierce Creatures:

Willa Weston: I love this zoo.
Rollo Lee: I love zoo too.

Thumper 1:40 pm 01 Dec 05

Nah, hippos in the river…

that is seriously cool…

Kandy A 1:34 pm 01 Dec 05

bollox to more African animals, more Otters I say!
they should create the worlds first Otter-seum
with hundreds of thousands of froliking otters amusing the Parkway-bound with their antics,
displayed within giant see-through waterslides cascading over and around the nearby arterial road.

Blamemonkey 1:34 pm 01 Dec 05

Tell em no More Monkeys… Canberra and the-Riotact is full!!!

Chalker 1:15 pm 01 Dec 05

I’m all for the zoo expanding, but why the big focus on Africa? Has the zoo suddenly changed to the National African Zoo and Aquarium? Have some African animals by all means along with animals from all over the globe, but how about an Australian focus? I know that bark bivuoacs (sp?) wouldn’t be the most attractive accomodations as is, but you could scale up the size of the things on the outside as a facade and stick whatever you like on the inside.

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