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che 23 March 2005 12

Urban Services Minister John Hargreaves put out this media release yesterday urging smokers to watch their butts. Supposedly we’re going for a Butt Free City but them damn smokers are holding us back.

“Research by the Butt Littering Trust indicates that 58 per cent of smokers inappropriately dispose of butts in various outdoor settings, with many not even thinking it constitutes littering or believing it has serious environmental consequences.” Personally I thought the percentage would be higher.

My next question is who enforces on the spot fines of $200 for butt littering, and when has it ever happened inthe ACT?

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12 Responses to Watch Your Butts
bonfire bonfire 2:01 pm 25 Mar 05

and since we are on the subject, i prefer the old format as well.

Thumper Thumper 3:00 pm 24 Mar 05

Here we go again, the anti smoking Nazis obviously have run out of ideas…..

Oh for the day when obese people are told they are not allowed to eat in fast food joints…

Oops, sorry, thats being discriminative isn’t it…

bonfire bonfire 1:03 pm 24 Mar 05

a veneer of acceptabilty ?

be careful people – a corporation might do some good with their profits.

selling fags is a legal business ? you dont know smoking will kill you ?

i think anti-smoking zealots need to come up for air.

perhaps some people LIKE smoking ? maybe they KNOW that its going to kill them (if they dont walk in front of a bus, have a parachuting accident, eat GM soy, eat non-GM soy, never exercise and grow fat, eat too many breakfast burritos and have a fatal heart attack etc etc) one day ? enjoy life today folks. if sucking teh butt of a fag brings a moment of happiness to your otherwise dreary lives i say light two.

As i said, tiresome social engineering distracting governments and dogooders from housing the homeless.

che che 12:09 pm 24 Mar 05

Do we get fridge magnets with that?

Kath Kath 9:28 am 24 Mar 05

I’d like to see something set up for this after the manner of the Terrorism Hotline – preferably with a nice bounty for dobbing in your workmates, etc.

Dr Pepper Dr Pepper 4:46 pm 23 Mar 05

The Butt Littering Trust is a British-American Tobacco pr exercise (the meeting of the inaugural group came up when I did an alta vista search) and should be considered as such. Similar ‘anti-littering’ initiatives also have tobacco industry financial backing in order to put a nice veneer of acceptability on their industry.

Santa Santa 3:54 pm 23 Mar 05

I think the butt littering trust might have been drinking the ratsak again. The number is way higher than that. I know, I am a smoker! But a nice one who actually walks the extra little bit to put his butt in the bin, as I am paranoid about fires and burning my silk pants.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:08 pm 23 Mar 05

I think the question is about butts that smokers crush underfoot and leave on the ground. The “lit butt out the window in bushfire season” issue is a different one altogether, and definitely policed, obviously.

blossy blossy 2:27 pm 23 Mar 05

granted, its not as easy to read – for now. I get the distinct impression johnboy are working on it.

I’m grateful its still here at all!

dave dave 2:22 pm 23 Mar 05

Hi I know this isnt a part of the topic but I really dont like this new Riotact Format, its to hard to read and I dont like comming to this site anymore, I used to visit this site on a regular basis so please go back to the nuke version, it was much more pleasant to read and follow. Sorry I posted this here, I didnt want to login and go through all that jumbo. my first impression when I look at this site is words and letters everywhere couldnt be bothered.
Sorry just wanted to add my opinion.

vg vg 2:06 pm 23 Mar 05

plenty of people have been fined for throwing lit butts out of windows, particularly at times of total fire bans

bonfire bonfire 12:55 pm 23 Mar 05

this tiresome social engineering is largely PR and will result in a short term gain if any.

Have they ever considered more ashtrays ?

smoke em if you got em.

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