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A modest proposal on public holidays [With poll]

By johnboy 30 April 2012 89

Let’s get with the program people. It’s 2012 and we’re not all white anglo saxon protestants around here trooping of to church every Sunday and observing the Sabbath.

Why should the Christians get all the holidays while Diwali, Hanukkah, Lunar new year, the Eid ul fitr, Nowruz, or Kwaanza are not?

To say nothing of the massive embuggerance to pretty much everyone of shutting the whole country down while we’re all forced to take a day off most at any given moment don’t give a damn about.

Not to mention the high farce in Canberra of “Family and Community Day” the holiday to replace the trade unionists picnic day which we can’t even find anything concrete to commemorate so we farm it out to warm fuzzies.

But the solution, for my money, isn’t to foist more command and control down from above.

Rather let’s empower individual choice.

What would you think dear reader if you were able to designate ten days a year on your calendar as significant to you and if your employer wants you to come in on those days they pay triple time?

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89 Responses to
A modest proposal on public holidays [With poll]
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matt31221 4:45 pm 01 May 12

“Erm, it’s one writer, me, thought bubbling a better way to organise society to the benefit of all not just the largest single grouping in a diverse society (at not cost whatsoever to that grouping and in fact with significant advantages to all concerned).”

It is to the benefit of everyone! You get a day off from the hard slog of work and get payed for it! If you want to work however – you get payed heaps more for it! there isn’t a problem here.

And to all the people knocking Christianity – keep your pseudo religion Atheism to yourself like you demand that the Christians do. It is a free country people can practice any religion they like here and that is great. Christianity and the other religions are a faith, so it doesn’t really matter how many contradictions and irregularities there are in their holy books. Atheism requires certain aspects of faith too just like the mainstream religions. In case you thought I was an apologist or something I am not, I am an agnostic.

Watson 2:48 pm 01 May 12

Yawn. Who cares. I don’t mind being told which public holidays I can take. Would just like to see an extra one or two in winter maybe. I am not religious, but it doesn’t bother me that these FOUR days a year (arguably only 3 if you don’t count boxing day) have a religous history behind them. That is actually a much smaller percentage of religious holidays than most other countries. And in a twisted way, I like getting christian holidays as an atheist. It provides a great opportunity to make non PC fun of someone else’s believes for a day. If you want to throw some other religions in the mix, that’s fine by me too. I’ll happily stay home to throw some pork chops on the barbie if they add a muslim or jewish public holiday.

But I do like the fact that all my friends have the same days off. Great opportunities to catch up and have a very non-christian piss up. And of course schools would always have coordinated holidays, so I would be off work to care for my child anyway.


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