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A new recruit for the Alexander Maconochie Resort

By victor - 7 October 2012 63


Three shining lights of Canberra have been dispensed with for a period of time, unfortunately not long enough, for their spree of armed burglaries.

The leading luminary of the trio, William John Callan, 19, was caught in part due to his posing on his unsecured Facebook page, showing him posing next to the revolver used in a robbery.

Once again however the courts feel that these low lifes don’t need to take responsibility for their actions.

“Supreme Court Justice John Burns sentenced Callan to five years jail, but he will be eligible for parole in June 2014. In sentencing Callan, Justice Burns noted the boy’s good criminal record, his guilty plea, and the continuing support from his family. He said Callan had ”reasonable prospects” for rehabilitation.”

A couple of points on Justice Burn’s observations :

‘the boy’ : umm…he’s actually a man.

‘Good criminal record’ : I suppose we can interpret that in a couple of ways.

‘his guilty plea’: umm…he was caught red-handed breaking into the Burns Club by a police sting.

‘ the continuing support from his family’: let’s hope this acorn fell a long way from the tree.

‘reasonable prospects for rehabilitation’: read – this will be a name to watch for years to come.

Oh well, at least the good citizens of Canberra can now sleep secure for a couple of years whilst Mr Callan enjoys the arduous life inside a Canberra prison…sorry, we’re not allowed to call it a prison – that would upset the residents too much…the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

UPDATE 07/10/12 16:46: Thanks to babyface for pointing us at the photo.

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A new recruit for the Alexander Maconochie Resort
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ezy10z 2:30 pm 29 Oct 12

hows about this….
instead of sending the boat people back home… we place them in the AMC and send these scum bags to a jail in asia? i think thats perfectly reasonable

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

I don’t think anyone said he should be raped

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

What is it with people on this site indulging so often in rape fantasies?

+1. I think anyone who can come up with circumstances where rape is justifiable, humorous or deserved, is one small step away from being a perpetrator themselves.

No one fantasising about it, just a fa t of prison life.
Still, funny and he clearly does deserve it.

you think rape is funny and deserved? Wow, just wow.

When its done to scumbag criminals? Sure.

stuffed up the quotes there *sigh* what I was trying to do was point out that *you* did say that rape would be deserved and funny. How you could then post that no-one is saying it should happen astounds me. Actually, what astounds me is that anyone could think that rape could be funny or deserved.

As I had previously posted, people who can find ways to justify rape are not far removed from those that would commit it.

HenryBG 1:23 pm 12 Oct 12

Henry82 said :

p1 said :

These two lines appear to contradict each other.

He could be the plumber/electrician 😉

…or a policeman who turned up to raid the party?

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