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A Warning to Cyclists

By Mr_Shab - 1 September 2006 30

All you cyclists out there had best be advised that you might want to keep an eye out around neck level.

I received a forwarded email through a work cycling network advising that a rider was knocked off his pushie by a wire strung across a cycle path in the Fadden Pines area in the evening of 30th August. In the ensuing fall, the rider suffered a broken collar bone and three cracked ribs, in addition to the inevitable skin loss.

It was about 5-10 minutes before anyone found the rider and called an ambulance. Apparently, he was released from hospital the following morning.

I’m sure I needn’t mention how dangerous this kind of thing could be. If anyone out there sees someone doing something like this, call the cops. If someone hits a tight wire at a fair clip they could be killed.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
A Warning to Cyclists
RandomGit 12:45 pm 01 Sep 06

Looks like the SCA faithful could make a nice sideline in crash padded neck guards.

To the forge Mr Blamies!!

Mr_Shab 12:29 pm 01 Sep 06

I’ve seen the track back to the initial email. No one was anonymous, and they were all from government departments.

Also – what would be gained by anyone making this up? It’s not even a good apocryphal story.

I too would like proof positive, but on balance of probabilities, I’d say it’s credible. I wouldn’t have posted something with obvious problems in identifying the source.

Ari 12:04 pm 01 Sep 06

The original source for this item is a forwarded email … so it would be good to get confirmation the incident actually happened.

S4anta 12:00 pm 01 Sep 06

time to order a mcstabby with a side order of bum-kicking

Mr_Shab 11:52 am 01 Sep 06

My money is on some fucked-up kid with no capacity to consider the consequences of their actions.

The same kind that likes to light fires on tinder-dry nature reserves…

VYBerlinaV8 11:39 am 01 Sep 06

Shitty thing to do to someone. But I’ve got a dollar that says the people who did it never get caught.

Absent Diane 11:21 am 01 Sep 06

Man what is wrong with the world. that is really fucked up

RandomGit 10:58 am 01 Sep 06



Thumper 10:54 am 01 Sep 06

Indeed caf…

Fuckwits that don’t deserve to a part of society.

Like those fuckwits that shot the 40 seals the other day…

James-T-Kirk 10:54 am 01 Sep 06

I suspect that it simply is attempted murder.

caf 10:49 am 01 Sep 06

I’ve heard of people doing this across the underpass under Parkes Way at Glenloch too. Scumbags.

Mr_Shab 9:56 am 01 Sep 06

The irony is not lost on me either, BT.

barking toad 9:47 am 01 Sep 06

maybe those gay recumbent cyclists
have a point after all

Thumper 9:45 am 01 Sep 06

I may have issues with cyclists on the road but this is terrible.

Whoever did such a thing should be charged with attempted bloody murder.

I hope the guy is okay…

Jey 9:36 am 01 Sep 06

That’s really bloody awful

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