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A Warning to Cyclists

By Mr_Shab 1 September 2006 30

All you cyclists out there had best be advised that you might want to keep an eye out around neck level.

I received a forwarded email through a work cycling network advising that a rider was knocked off his pushie by a wire strung across a cycle path in the Fadden Pines area in the evening of 30th August. In the ensuing fall, the rider suffered a broken collar bone and three cracked ribs, in addition to the inevitable skin loss.

It was about 5-10 minutes before anyone found the rider and called an ambulance. Apparently, he was released from hospital the following morning.

I’m sure I needn’t mention how dangerous this kind of thing could be. If anyone out there sees someone doing something like this, call the cops. If someone hits a tight wire at a fair clip they could be killed.

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A Warning to Cyclists
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terubo 11:34 am 04 Sep 06

Under the circumstances, as long as it was just his little flag bobbing away…

bonfire 11:31 am 04 Sep 06

while i think garotting cyclists is cowardly, a magpie swooping a recumbent cyclist is gods will.

i saw one of these bastards in garema place last week, a three wheeler recumbent! his stupid little flag bobbing away as he rode at groin height through the crowds, looking up womens dresses.


Danman 9:02 am 04 Sep 06

I saw a recumbent cyclist at the intersection of federal hwy and barton hwy getting swooped by a rather agressive maggie this morning. I think they heard my maniacal laughter from inside my warm gas guzzling falcodore

KaneO 10:25 am 02 Sep 06

I’ve encountered logs dragged across riding trails in Deeks forest, just behind the jumps so you can’t see them before its too late.
Luckily I always slow ride the jump sections first to look for hazards, particulaly new deep crevices caused by rain/wind erosion.

Fishing line (with hooks) strung across tracks @ eye height used to be a favourite trick for dope growers protecting their crap.

morto1980 9:13 pm 01 Sep 06

This really pisses me off – I’d heard about it happening in the US but I’d hoped that people here weren’t quite so stupid/horrible.

Guess I was wrong.

This is right up there with the spastics that were throwing bricks off bridges into cars. :-/

KaneO 9:10 pm 01 Sep 06

This would probably be a bad time to mention that I’ve always wanted to eat a penguin, so I won’t.

Anyone reminded of the Japanese (fish stock raping retards) arguing that whales destroy our fish stocks by eating too much fish? (most eat krill, but facts suck) in thisd argument?
“We killed them because they ate the stuff we want to eat” Your lips, my arse, repeat

Absent Diane 3:30 pm 01 Sep 06

well as soon as I can destroy my humanitarian side it will start…

Mr_Shab 3:27 pm 01 Sep 06

Actually, the aforementioned cycling network was, in fact, PedalPower.

Tempestas 3:24 pm 01 Sep 06

AD that plan of yours got a start date?

Back to Topic: A similar thing was reported a few years ago over Commonwealth Ave Bridge not long after they put the wider path for cyclists.

PedalPower could probably determine the truth or urban mythness of such an item.

Thumper 1:51 pm 01 Sep 06

Totally agree there AD

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