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ABC Radio are advertising [on commercial television]

By johnboy 16 May 2005 93

While watching parts of CSI tonight, I noticed that 666 ABC Canberra are advertising their breakfast program, the ad mainly consisted of sound-bites of the presenters talking, with a key word or phrase from it flashed on the screen, “Incisive” & “love your show” are the ones that stuck in my head.

But why-oh-why-oh-why must the ABC waste taxpayers money on a useless advertising campaign. The ABC aren’t concerend about ratings because they don’t have advertisers who want lots of listeners, and they don’t need to promote the fact that they exist, we already know that.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just finding another thing to grumble about, and my blog is full of grumbles, but I am sure my tax could go towards something more useful than an advertising campaign that won’t make me change from 2CC anyway.

What do you think…and more interestingly, what radio station do you listen to?


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93 Responses to
ABC Radio are advertising [on commercial television]
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Canberra_unsung_hero 9:49 pm 04 Jun 05

Thanks for posting my private Email address on “The Spin Starts Here” Caz.

RandomGit 3:54 pm 19 May 05

Nice save.

Canberra_unsung_hero 3:50 pm 19 May 05

When do I get my beer for comment ?

RandomGit 3:46 pm 19 May 05

The following quote comes to mind, “Your sense of self-entitlement is directly proportionate to the amount of pain you will receive before you leave”

Unsung, get a grip dude!

johnboy 8:22 pm 18 May 05


When you pay the bills on this site then you can carry on as you like.

Some points:

1) It is not normal to demand answers from people you don’t know on websites
2) It is not normal to give them when so demanded.
3) No-one is required to hang around to answer your questions
4) Caz and I go a long way back. She loves a good scrap. If you want a fight with her do it on your site or hers.
5) See 4, you’ve crossed the line here, if you ever threaten, abuse, or make demands of anyone here I’ll block you off the server without hesitation.

gingermick 8:07 pm 18 May 05

Why is this Caz person such a potty mouth?

Ari 7:50 pm 18 May 05

Oh dear, time to invoke Godwin’s Law

thewinchester 5:56 pm 18 May 05

CUH – How the fsck can you declare yourself the winner of anything, other than inciting further flames towards yourself – an a nominee for an idiot of the week award which i’m giving you serious consideration for! All this is acheiving is making yourself look like a total and utter tard and inciting further flames against yourself. In case you’ve still not got the hint yet – for the sake of the future sanity of all mankind bugger off back to Hitler’s bunker sometime around the early the 1940’s which you seem to love so much and stay there. Hopefully when he commits suicide he’ll take you with him.

The Hack 5:21 pm 18 May 05

He’s nothing if not persistent, this bint.

Canberra_unsung_hero 5:16 pm 18 May 05

I’ll answer yours when you answer my SINGLE and original question — ie — What did you do there (at 2CC ).

Caz 5:14 pm 18 May 05

You still haven’t answered my questions!

Canberra_unsung_hero 5:13 pm 18 May 05

I declare myself the winner of this “debate”.

The Hack 5:12 pm 18 May 05

Oh Jesus. UCH has resorted to “I know you are, but what am I?”. How Grade 4. Go back to your kiddie porn, tool.

Canberra_unsung_hero 5:10 pm 18 May 05

You shouldn’t talk to yourself that way Hack.

The Hack 5:09 pm 18 May 05

Don’t we all, fuckwit?

Canberra_unsung_hero 5:07 pm 18 May 05

Hope she brings the right medication tonight.

Canberra_unsung_hero 5:05 pm 18 May 05

Ok hack….i look forward to it.

The Hack 5:03 pm 18 May 05

I’ll head off home soon enough. And the night nurse will be around with your meds any tick of the clock.

Canberra_unsung_hero 5:03 pm 18 May 05


The Hack 5:02 pm 18 May 05

Oops. That’d be obscenities…


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