19 May 2005

ABC Radio are advertising [on commercial television]

| johnboy
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While watching parts of CSI tonight, I noticed that 666 ABC Canberra are advertising their breakfast program, the ad mainly consisted of sound-bites of the presenters talking, with a key word or phrase from it flashed on the screen, “Incisive” & “love your show” are the ones that stuck in my head.

But why-oh-why-oh-why must the ABC waste taxpayers money on a useless advertising campaign. The ABC aren’t concerend about ratings because they don’t have advertisers who want lots of listeners, and they don’t need to promote the fact that they exist, we already know that.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just finding another thing to grumble about, and my blog is full of grumbles, but I am sure my tax could go towards something more useful than an advertising campaign that won’t make me change from 2CC anyway.

What do you think…and more interestingly, what radio station do you listen to?


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Canberra_unsung_hero9:49 pm 04 Jun 05

Thanks for posting my private Email address on “The Spin Starts Here” Caz.

Nice save.

Canberra_unsung_hero3:50 pm 19 May 05

When do I get my beer for comment ?

The following quote comes to mind, “Your sense of self-entitlement is directly proportionate to the amount of pain you will receive before you leave”

Unsung, get a grip dude!


When you pay the bills on this site then you can carry on as you like.

Some points:

1) It is not normal to demand answers from people you don’t know on websites
2) It is not normal to give them when so demanded.
3) No-one is required to hang around to answer your questions
4) Caz and I go a long way back. She loves a good scrap. If you want a fight with her do it on your site or hers.
5) See 4, you’ve crossed the line here, if you ever threaten, abuse, or make demands of anyone here I’ll block you off the server without hesitation.

Why is this Caz person such a potty mouth?

Oh dear, time to invoke Godwin’s Law

thewinchester5:56 pm 18 May 05

CUH – How the fsck can you declare yourself the winner of anything, other than inciting further flames towards yourself – an a nominee for an idiot of the week award which i’m giving you serious consideration for! All this is acheiving is making yourself look like a total and utter tard and inciting further flames against yourself. In case you’ve still not got the hint yet – for the sake of the future sanity of all mankind bugger off back to Hitler’s bunker sometime around the early the 1940’s which you seem to love so much and stay there. Hopefully when he commits suicide he’ll take you with him.

He’s nothing if not persistent, this bint.

Canberra_unsung_hero5:16 pm 18 May 05

I’ll answer yours when you answer my SINGLE and original question — ie — What did you do there (at 2CC ).

You still haven’t answered my questions!

Canberra_unsung_hero5:13 pm 18 May 05

I declare myself the winner of this “debate”.

Oh Jesus. UCH has resorted to “I know you are, but what am I?”. How Grade 4. Go back to your kiddie porn, tool.

Canberra_unsung_hero5:10 pm 18 May 05

You shouldn’t talk to yourself that way Hack.

Don’t we all, fuckwit?

Canberra_unsung_hero5:07 pm 18 May 05

Hope she brings the right medication tonight.

Canberra_unsung_hero5:05 pm 18 May 05

Ok hack….i look forward to it.

I’ll head off home soon enough. And the night nurse will be around with your meds any tick of the clock.

Canberra_unsung_hero5:03 pm 18 May 05


Oops. That’d be obscenities…

Canberra_unsung_hero5:02 pm 18 May 05

Youll be ok hack….just hack off home and have a good rest.

I don’t like obsecities either. Please remove your blog immediately, dick.

Canberra_unsung_hero4:58 pm 18 May 05

No need to shout Caz….you should watch your blood pressure .


Canberra_unsung_hero4:55 pm 18 May 05

Yep….you lose….wanna leave it at that ?

He’s not my friend, he’s my fiance. I’m glad you think you’re winning – even if you don’t realise that you’re coming accross like a mentally disturbed loon. Using obscentities makes me the real loser, you’re right.

Canberra_unsung_hero4:53 pm 18 May 05

This is gunna be a longggggggggggggg thread !

Canberra_unsung_hero4:52 pm 18 May 05

On the contrary …. youre the nasty one. I’m winning because I haven’t had to resort to using obscenities like you and your “friend”.

Fuck, Canberra_unsung_hero. Aren’t you a whacky funster?

Who’d have thought the education system in the ACT was so deficient?

Answer me this, cuntwad – why does Caz have to answer any of your questions?

A thought just occurred to me – you seem like a nasty stalker-type. You sure your not Ivan Milat, son? I hear those cold, cold nights at the Goulburn gaol aren’t too much fun, even after a prison gang-rape.

You want me to admit that 3 years of my working life don’t exist, just to keep you – some random AM radio enthusiast off the internet – happy? Then yes, you’re the one who needs help, dude.

Where do you work? Where did you work 9 years ago? What’s your street address? What’s your full name and date of birth? Please give these details to me because I asked and therefore you owe it to me! That’s your logic anyway.

Canberra_unsung_hero4:44 pm 18 May 05

I’ve already used that line on you.

You’re seriously in need of help.

Canberra_unsung_hero4:37 pm 18 May 05

For once in your life…just once…tell the truth and simply admit that you never worked at 2CC.

Yeah, because ‘Caz’ isn’t my real name, fucktard. I’m sure if I called your place of work – or to even things up, somwehere where *you* worked several years ago – they’d never have heard of ‘Canberra_unsung_hero’ either.

But clearly you’re waaaay too smart for me.

Canberra_unsung_hero4:29 pm 18 May 05

Oh…by the way … I rang 2cc, and they said they had never heard of a “Caz” working there …

Is that a threat?

Canberra_unsung_hero4:24 pm 18 May 05

Want me to “add” you ? Ha, ha.

What includes me? You’re going to add me to your bodycount?

Canberra_unsung_hero4:19 pm 18 May 05

And that includes YOU caz.

Ralph at this stage he’s just on ‘Freaks and Weirdos’ status. But that could still change.

Caz knows what I’m talking about.

Canberra_unsung_hero4:08 pm 18 May 05

About 5 ….at last count…

So I saw earlier. But why would I do you the favour of answering your question when you then started attacking me and blathering on with shit like “Nevertheless – It’s plain common courtesy to respond to a question aimed at a particular person…… This business of “posting and pissing off” to another so-called “more important site”, is a direct slap in the face to The Riot ACT !” because I hadn’t responded to it?

Also, how many bodies are buried in your backyard?

Canberra_unsung_hero4:02 pm 18 May 05

Wot did u do there Caz ?

Comment by Canberra_unsung_hero — May 16, 2005 @ 1:37 pm

There’s the question.

All that she needed to do was answer the question…then none of this would have ever happened.

Fuckwit, I NEVER SAW HIS QUESTION. I found out that he was ranting and raving about me later. You’re obviously as mentally retarded as he is.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart3:57 pm 18 May 05

Who & Why?

Hmmm, I think we have another wanker of the week nomination.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart3:53 pm 18 May 05

They win automatically??? All that she needed to do was answer the question…then none of this would have ever happened.


Canberra_unsung_hero3:51 pm 18 May 05

Being pregnant gives her the right to hurl obscenities does it ?

Dude, you’re arguing with a pregnant woman.

They win. Automatically.

Canberra_unsung_hero3:43 pm 18 May 05

Spot on Samuel !

Samuel Gordon-Stewart3:41 pm 18 May 05

Canberra_unsung_hero has not received an answer, and Caz started off the screaming match by calling Canberra_unsung_hero a “f***ing nutbag” for no good reason.

Although it would be good if both people could calm down before posting again.


Canberra_unsung_hero3:39 pm 18 May 05

No I haven’t got the answer yet PUPPET ! The question was a polite “wot did u do there Caz ? “…….I still haven’t got an answer.

thewinchester3:34 pm 18 May 05

Canberra_unsung_hero – would you please take a nice warm cup of shut the fsck up! She was busy dammit, and she responded when she could – you got your answer, now get back on your meds before your social worker comes around again and calls up those men with the little white jackets.

Canberra_unsung_hero2:18 pm 18 May 05

I seriously suggest you seek help for your self delusioned superiority complex… you know-it-all (ex) POM.

I’m legally an Australian, actually, but thanks for playing. I’m glad to see you’re so mentally stable that this was your reaction to me not seeing you asked a question.

Are you allowed near small children or animals with a temper like that? Or do you need to report to a police station on a regular basis?

Canberra_unsung_hero2:09 pm 18 May 05

You’re mentally disturbed Caz…you think you are sooooooo smart and everyone else is sooooo stoopid ….the bottom line is you’re just another smart arse whinging Pom !

What gives you that impression? Because you’re so important I had to answer your question that I hadn’t even seen? Yeah, ‘obviously’ I think I’m Jesus.

What the fuck is your damage? You probably need to get some anti-psychotic meds into you, stat.

Canberra_unsung_hero1:53 pm 18 May 05

You obviously suffer from a “Messiah” complex. You should get help.

Dude, find a dictionary. Then look up ‘irony’.

Canberra_unsung_hero1:33 pm 18 May 05

You’re a sad case Caz…..a sad case !

Yeah, silly me… too busy posting on my ownwebsite to have come back to check someone asked me a question here. Chill the fuck out.

Not just that, but working and attending medical appointments because I’m 7.5 months into a complicated pregnancy. I missed the part where I owed you something, you fucking nutbag.

I did some work experience stuff there (2CC) in 1983. Back in the days when 2CC were “Stereo AM” (no real FM in Canberra back then) and 2CC used to win all the ratings wars. And as much as people don’t seem to enjoy it now, back then … I had a ball.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart12:16 pm 18 May 05

Canberra_unsung_hero, I agree…but if it helps I’ll tell you what happens when I do work experience there in June/July.


Canberra_unsung_hero5:21 am 18 May 05

Nevertheless – It’s plain common courtesy to respond to a question aimed at a particular person…… This business of “posting and pissing off” to another so-called “more important site”, is a direct slap in the face to The Riot ACT !

Canberra_unsung_hero11:25 pm 17 May 05

I asked – Wot did u do there Caz ?

Comment by Canberra_unsung_hero — May 16, 2005 @ 1:37 pm

I didn’t really expect an answer from Caz …..she’s probably too busy posting “stuff” on “The spin starts here ” !

Samuel Gordon-Stewart10:02 pm 17 May 05

spotted another one tonight…I might give them a call tommorow and give them a peice of my mind.


Canberra_unsung_hero11:46 pm 16 May 05

Lucky you ! I think I got “wiped like a dirty **** “…… lol !

Samuel Gordon-Stewart10:08 pm 16 May 05

Not exactly, I entered but didn’t win. I do happen to know one of the winners, and I’m coming with them…the “you & a partner” bit. I think I mentioned that to Mike on Friday 😉


Canberra_unsung_hero9:24 pm 16 May 05

Did you win a seat at the driveshow meal Samuel ?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart9:22 pm 16 May 05

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be happy with my seat at the 2CC Drive Show dinner!

Who needs ratings when you have contests?


Canberra_unsung_hero8:59 pm 16 May 05

I’m soooooo happy for you hash …. may you win many many more prizes …..and remember …it’s MY ABC !

666 ABC rocks, in the last three weeks I’ve won a double pass to the world premier of “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, a trip into the station to meet and listen to Darren Hanlon, and a double pass to “Learn to Paint Like Grace Cossington Smith” at the NGA.

I had to shower this morning when they gave away a set top box.

Canberra_unsung_hero6:33 pm 16 May 05

I’m not offended either…. i couldn’t give 2 “hoots ” how many people listen to the station…. lol !……All this rubbish about “ratings ” doesn’t cut any ice with me I’m afraid ….

Samuel Gordon-Stewart5:10 pm 16 May 05

I don’t take any offense to that, I have friends who think I’m nuts because I listen to talk radio (I’m not exactly in the demographic of 2CC)….as I type this I see another ad for “Breakfast on 666”, again on Win.

I will repeat what Canberra_unsung_hero said because I would be interested to know. “What did you do there?”


Canberra_unsung_hero4:26 pm 16 May 05

Wot did u do there Annie ?

Caz, amen to that! I couldn’t agree more with your last comment. I also used to work there, a long time ago, and it was the worst job I have ever had.

I can never quite believe people actually tune in to it, but it’s of some comfort to me that their ratings never go above 8%.

My humble apologies to Samuel and Canberra unsung hero if these remarks offend. Each to his own, I know.

But as a broadcaster, 2CC/Capital represents the worst example of how networking, pennypinching management and discriminatory work practices have ruined regional/provincial radio.

Canberra_unsung_hero1:37 pm 16 May 05

Wot did u do there Caz ?

I used to work at 2CC. I’m shocked to learn that anyone enjoys listening to it.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart12:20 pm 16 May 05

I listen to 2CC because I enjoy it. Obviously only a copule programs are local programs, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. As for NRL & AFL, 2CC & 2CA respectively do the job for me…

I accept that ABC funding could be theoretically cut if they have very low ratings, but I don’t think the ABC or Friends Of The ABC would let that happen. And I think they could advertise at a slightly less expensive time, and perhaps have a slightly less expensive ad…it may have just been a simple ad, but it looked pretty expensive.

Em: It may have been during CSI Miami, can’t be 100% sure.

Annie: A lot of the sydney stuff is quite interesting…the mistimed sydney traffic updates are occasionally fun too…especially the time somebody tried a u-turn in the harbour tunnel. I find it entertaining, I don’t expect everyone else too. I find John Kerr (the midnight to dawn presenter) to be very interesting…it is just a pity that he isn’t on during the day.

Tha being said, I do listen to the ABC from time to time, but the last time my radio ventured off AM is so long ago that I can’t recall.


Canberra_unsung_hero12:19 pm 16 May 05

2CN (666 Khz) used to be really good many years ago when that blind lady ( I’ve forgotten her name ) had the afternoon slot. People around canberra would call in about any local problems, and she would go to great lengths to get them rectified…. Unfortunately, she moved to Tasmania, and the programs seem to have gone down hill since then …..

1. I don’t recall seeing those ads on CSI last night, maybe I’ve just blocked out all memory of ads due to psychological damage…..

2. I listen to 666 because they have useful local info (eg traffic jams, emergency info, what happened to Baby Mozart a couple of weeks ago…..)

3. Introduction of ABC2 means that when there’s crap-all on every other channel, there might be a rerun of something worthwhile on ABC2. Also, other half watched Queensland Stateline on ABC2 last night and reckons that’s where ACA got the idea to do a sensationalist story on stranger danger.

4. I don’t mind the odd bit of advertising for ABC, I didn’t know 666 existed til relatively recently. Low ratings would just be an excuse for the gvt to cut ABC funding, which is unfair when they have to compete with commercial stations who can spend a small fortune on advertising across multiple media.

And I can listen to NRL games on ABC local radio broadcast from Queensland on the AM network. This is an option when 666 is broadcasting a lousy Sydney game or the Brumbies.

Canberra_unsung_hero11:35 am 16 May 05

Also, the ABC (2CN) seem to get a lot of pompous and boring gits on their program ….as for signal strength…..you can’t beat an AM station transmitting in the Medium Frequency Band —

AM & FM.

Amplitude Modulation (AM ) is rapidly being replaced by FM (Frequency Modulation) in the area of radio broadcasting.
In Australia, many towns have had their old AM Radio Stations replaced by FM stations, and this trend seems to be on the increase.
What are the advantages of FM over AM, and vice versa ? ….. Well, first of all, FM has better sound quality than AM, and is immune to electrical interference from lightning and man-made machines. This electrical interference is generally referred to as ” static ” ( even though the cause of the interference may not be due to static electricity ).

So, it would seem that FM is the ideal mode of modulation for this medium, and we must ask ourselves whether there is a future for AM in Radio Broadcasting.

Are there ANY advantages in using AM ? The answer has to be “YES “…. AM operates in the Medium Frequency band (500 – 1600 KHZ ), whereas FM operates in the VHF band ( above 30 MHZ ). Because of the lower frequency, an AM station utilizes the ” ground wave ” to cover its major service area, but the FM station has to use the ” direct ” or so-called ” line of sight ” wave, and is therefore more likely to result in fluctuations if the receiver is mobile (such as a car radio ).
Also, we must take into account the fact that the AM station will have a greater range than an FM station, meaning that a useable signal can be picked up by the receiver at a much greater distance from the transmitter.
There are some other advantages of AM over FM, such as easier tuning, but I won’t go into that in this brief “blog “.

Briefly summing up, I would say that there is still a place for AM in public broadcasting, and a guaranteed place for AM stations into the forseeable future.

OpenYourMind11:13 am 16 May 05

I’ve heard it said by ABC staff that the ABC gets more worked up by ratings than some commercial stations.

I have been really enjoying Raw FM. Their signal strength has improved in Canberra. If you are tired of talking and never ending ads and just want music (and you don’t mind R&B/Hip Hop/Dance/Techno), then give Raw FM a go. And no, I don’t have any affiliation whatsover with them.

Canberra_unsung_hero10:56 am 16 May 05

That wuz me what said I listen to 2CC Annie ….and no, I don’t listen to that self-opinionated git Laws …..I listen to bits and pieces of Mike Welsh ( transmitting on AM from Gungahlin ) …. and that’s about the extent of it.

Ralph, don’t you enjoy watching every single Stateline back-to-back? The NT one is a thrill a minute!

Samuel, can I ask you why you like listening to 2CC? What is it that you like? Because apart from the morning guy, or the drive program, it’s all recycled crap from Sydney.

I see on the 666 website that its digital set top boxes they are giving away – so people can watch ABC2. If you don’t have a digital set top box and hence haven’t seen ABC2, I can tell you that you’re not missing much.

Canberra_unsung_hero9:27 am 16 May 05

LOL ! Make ya wanna throw up, wouldn’t they ?

In Melbourne a couple of months ago ABC television was advertising on commercial radio.

Essentially they had some stuffy, condescending middle-age types whining about how there was nothing to watch on TV, when the man would say to the wife “Darling, there’s the ABC!” like it was a revelation. ANd then proceeded to tout the “crime free” Wednesday lineup including Little Britain. Which cracked me up. I could just imagine some of these types tuning in to sodomy gags, lots of cross dressing and ‘more bitty’.

Canberra_unsung_hero8:44 am 16 May 05

I listen to 2CC ( If I listen to the Radio at all ) — and let me just say that I NEVER listen to an FM station !

I heard something on 666 yesterday about giving away free DVD players or something this week. Apparently you have to watch ABC TV to get a clue and then call in at the appropriate time the next day. Very crass.

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