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ABC Radio are advertising [on commercial television]

By johnboy - 16 May 2005 93

While watching parts of CSI tonight, I noticed that 666 ABC Canberra are advertising their breakfast program, the ad mainly consisted of sound-bites of the presenters talking, with a key word or phrase from it flashed on the screen, “Incisive” & “love your show” are the ones that stuck in my head.

But why-oh-why-oh-why must the ABC waste taxpayers money on a useless advertising campaign. The ABC aren’t concerend about ratings because they don’t have advertisers who want lots of listeners, and they don’t need to promote the fact that they exist, we already know that.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just finding another thing to grumble about, and my blog is full of grumbles, but I am sure my tax could go towards something more useful than an advertising campaign that won’t make me change from 2CC anyway.

What do you think…and more interestingly, what radio station do you listen to?


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93 Responses to
ABC Radio are advertising [on commercial television]
Caz 1:20 pm 16 May 05

I used to work at 2CC. I’m shocked to learn that anyone enjoys listening to it.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:20 pm 16 May 05

I listen to 2CC because I enjoy it. Obviously only a copule programs are local programs, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. As for NRL & AFL, 2CC & 2CA respectively do the job for me…

I accept that ABC funding could be theoretically cut if they have very low ratings, but I don’t think the ABC or Friends Of The ABC would let that happen. And I think they could advertise at a slightly less expensive time, and perhaps have a slightly less expensive ad…it may have just been a simple ad, but it looked pretty expensive.

Em: It may have been during CSI Miami, can’t be 100% sure.

Annie: A lot of the sydney stuff is quite interesting…the mistimed sydney traffic updates are occasionally fun too…especially the time somebody tried a u-turn in the harbour tunnel. I find it entertaining, I don’t expect everyone else too. I find John Kerr (the midnight to dawn presenter) to be very interesting…it is just a pity that he isn’t on during the day.

Tha being said, I do listen to the ABC from time to time, but the last time my radio ventured off AM is so long ago that I can’t recall.


Canberra_unsung_hero 12:19 pm 16 May 05

2CN (666 Khz) used to be really good many years ago when that blind lady ( I’ve forgotten her name ) had the afternoon slot. People around canberra would call in about any local problems, and she would go to great lengths to get them rectified…. Unfortunately, she moved to Tasmania, and the programs seem to have gone down hill since then …..

em 11:52 am 16 May 05

1. I don’t recall seeing those ads on CSI last night, maybe I’ve just blocked out all memory of ads due to psychological damage…..

2. I listen to 666 because they have useful local info (eg traffic jams, emergency info, what happened to Baby Mozart a couple of weeks ago…..)

3. Introduction of ABC2 means that when there’s crap-all on every other channel, there might be a rerun of something worthwhile on ABC2. Also, other half watched Queensland Stateline on ABC2 last night and reckons that’s where ACA got the idea to do a sensationalist story on stranger danger.

4. I don’t mind the odd bit of advertising for ABC, I didn’t know 666 existed til relatively recently. Low ratings would just be an excuse for the gvt to cut ABC funding, which is unfair when they have to compete with commercial stations who can spend a small fortune on advertising across multiple media.

Ralph 11:43 am 16 May 05

And I can listen to NRL games on ABC local radio broadcast from Queensland on the AM network. This is an option when 666 is broadcasting a lousy Sydney game or the Brumbies.

Canberra_unsung_hero 11:35 am 16 May 05

Also, the ABC (2CN) seem to get a lot of pompous and boring gits on their program ….as for signal strength… can’t beat an AM station transmitting in the Medium Frequency Band —

AM & FM.

Amplitude Modulation (AM ) is rapidly being replaced by FM (Frequency Modulation) in the area of radio broadcasting.
In Australia, many towns have had their old AM Radio Stations replaced by FM stations, and this trend seems to be on the increase.
What are the advantages of FM over AM, and vice versa ? ….. Well, first of all, FM has better sound quality than AM, and is immune to electrical interference from lightning and man-made machines. This electrical interference is generally referred to as ” static ” ( even though the cause of the interference may not be due to static electricity ).

So, it would seem that FM is the ideal mode of modulation for this medium, and we must ask ourselves whether there is a future for AM in Radio Broadcasting.

Are there ANY advantages in using AM ? The answer has to be “YES “…. AM operates in the Medium Frequency band (500 – 1600 KHZ ), whereas FM operates in the VHF band ( above 30 MHZ ). Because of the lower frequency, an AM station utilizes the ” ground wave ” to cover its major service area, but the FM station has to use the ” direct ” or so-called ” line of sight ” wave, and is therefore more likely to result in fluctuations if the receiver is mobile (such as a car radio ).
Also, we must take into account the fact that the AM station will have a greater range than an FM station, meaning that a useable signal can be picked up by the receiver at a much greater distance from the transmitter.
There are some other advantages of AM over FM, such as easier tuning, but I won’t go into that in this brief “blog “.

Briefly summing up, I would say that there is still a place for AM in public broadcasting, and a guaranteed place for AM stations into the forseeable future.

OpenYourMind 11:13 am 16 May 05

I’ve heard it said by ABC staff that the ABC gets more worked up by ratings than some commercial stations.

I have been really enjoying Raw FM. Their signal strength has improved in Canberra. If you are tired of talking and never ending ads and just want music (and you don’t mind R&B/Hip Hop/Dance/Techno), then give Raw FM a go. And no, I don’t have any affiliation whatsover with them.

Canberra_unsung_hero 10:56 am 16 May 05

That wuz me what said I listen to 2CC Annie ….and no, I don’t listen to that self-opinionated git Laws …..I listen to bits and pieces of Mike Welsh ( transmitting on AM from Gungahlin ) …. and that’s about the extent of it.

Caz 10:14 am 16 May 05

Ralph, don’t you enjoy watching every single Stateline back-to-back? The NT one is a thrill a minute!

annie 10:05 am 16 May 05

Samuel, can I ask you why you like listening to 2CC? What is it that you like? Because apart from the morning guy, or the drive program, it’s all recycled crap from Sydney.

Ralph 9:40 am 16 May 05

I see on the 666 website that its digital set top boxes they are giving away – so people can watch ABC2. If you don’t have a digital set top box and hence haven’t seen ABC2, I can tell you that you’re not missing much.

Canberra_unsung_hero 9:27 am 16 May 05

LOL ! Make ya wanna throw up, wouldn’t they ?

Caz 9:13 am 16 May 05

In Melbourne a couple of months ago ABC television was advertising on commercial radio.

Essentially they had some stuffy, condescending middle-age types whining about how there was nothing to watch on TV, when the man would say to the wife “Darling, there’s the ABC!” like it was a revelation. ANd then proceeded to tout the “crime free” Wednesday lineup including Little Britain. Which cracked me up. I could just imagine some of these types tuning in to sodomy gags, lots of cross dressing and ‘more bitty’.

Canberra_unsung_hero 8:44 am 16 May 05

I listen to 2CC ( If I listen to the Radio at all ) — and let me just say that I NEVER listen to an FM station !

Ralph 8:20 am 16 May 05

I heard something on 666 yesterday about giving away free DVD players or something this week. Apparently you have to watch ABC TV to get a clue and then call in at the appropriate time the next day. Very crass.

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