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ACT judge thinks breastfeeding sucks

By Savannah 13 October 2005 46

Did anyone else catch this morning’s 2CC call from the young mum who’d been told not to breastfeed her baby in court by some pompous judicial bully ?

He apparently told her she could not feed her crying baby because he wanted her to concentrate on what he was saying. The ACT justice system has been a standing joke within out without our borders for some time now, but this is really outrageous.

I think this man deserves censure by the community and his own peers in the legal fraternity for sheer bullying arrogance. The woman from the Breastfeeding group that Jeffreys asked for a comment said the young mum in court should not have asked permission (which is what she had done) to breastfeed, she should just have gone ahead and done it – then hizzoner would have had have to publicly reprimand her and some alert reporter might have a story.

What’s Your opinion?

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ACT judge thinks breastfeeding sucks
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RandomGit 8:51 am 18 Oct 05

how do you know why and what i believe ?

Um, you keep telling me.

terubo 5:20 am 18 Oct 05

Haven’t had time to read all 44 comments here, but I get the gist…
C’mon everyone, has the sky fallen in? The world ended? In some cultures (embracing millions of world citizens), women go ‘topless’ at all times – regardless of whether they’re breastfeeding, cooking, celebrating National Day or watching arthouse movies.
Get real, go comment on something that really matters. Like self-serving dictatorships, genocide, corruption – or even the next Ashes series if you prefer.

bonfire 4:32 pm 17 Oct 05

rg i think we need to agree to disagree. you have your ideological saw to work, and i have logic and decency on my side.

why or how exactly im supposed to confront husbands fists is a point lost on me. am i supposed to be gratified that their wives breasts are on public display ?

how do you know why and what i believe ?

RandomGit 4:24 pm 17 Oct 05

bonfire, I see your point. Nukes and their impact on peoples lives is an excellent reason why the public should not be allowed to possess steak knives.

You frikkin softhead!

The level of ‘nudity’, I use the term with great hesitation, involved does not obviate or take priority of that childs need to feed or the mothers right to do so wherever, whenever.

Look, we know what and why you belive what you do. It’s safe to say I don’t feel the same because sexuality, practical nudity as well, is not a problem for me.

So I state the law as a means to ‘win’ the argument, though you are a softhead and steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that you are at odds with it. Thats cool, like you’ve said in the past, other peoples rights end at your nose.

I just hope you’ll conduct yourself well when faced with this situation such that husbands fists don’t end there either.

Maelinar 1:28 pm 17 Oct 05


I know shitloads of mothers who have expressed milk in order to make certain timings in their lives. The fact that this is an issue is probably more due to the fact that this young lass is outside the circle of normality (given the evidence that she’s in court, drug user etc).

So did the magistrate have the right to dictate the eating rights of a baby ?

If his defence counsel all pulled out their sandwiches at lunchtime would he have something to say ?

He can fucking well tell adults when and when they can’t eat, and although it’s not a nice thing to do, he can do it to a baby as well.

I’ll emphasise my statement it’s not a nice thing to do. But he can do it.

He has seemingly offered several occasions when it would be an ok time to have a break, which seem to have been declined. I’m afraid this reeks of bandstanding far too much for me to take it as a serious problem with society.

If you want my opinion, I think she dropped the bra and slugged the sleeping baby onto a teat for that matter, but that’s including speculation into the argument.

bonfire 1:16 pm 17 Oct 05

there is a time and place for everything. when the judge is addressing you is not the time nor place to breastfeed!

only a softhead would think thats OK.

following on with the illogic displayed in some posts here, it woudl ne ok for me to strut around canberra all day in my birthday suit before doing nude star jumps in front of an all girls primary school.

after all, its my right.

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