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ACT Prisoners to have access to a needle exchange

By S4anta - 17 November 2005 49

ABC online is reporting here that our benevolent government will allowing prisoners who are locked in the Hyatt Regency Hume, to have access to a needle exchangwe program, in case the knitting needle they were using to make woollens for their mum gets turned into a shiv by an enterprising cell mate.

Deb Foskey is saying it is fantastic idea to protect the prisoners from Hep and HIV. Who is going to protect the rest of the ACT from Deb Foskey?

Bring on a shovel, the call to dig your hole and a shot gun I say.

[ED – The ABC Also has Mr. Stanhope hosing this idea down]

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
ACT Prisoners to have access to a needle exchange
Maelinar 4:26 pm 17 Nov 05

AD, that was my reference about ‘swiss cheese’

Chris, Hear Hear.

Chris 4:06 pm 17 Nov 05

There was quite a spirited exchange between Jeffreys and some woman (not Foskey but equally whiney-voiced) and McConnell, whose son died of an overdose. Then Mike had a guy come on who was a prison guard who said he”didn’t give a Continental” about the political correctness, ‘giving prisoners needles was the same as giving them weapons’ or words to that effect. Very convincing, hope the Dear Leader was tuned into 2CC

Absent Diane 3:36 pm 17 Nov 05

I wanna know how the needles get in there in the first place…. does that seem odd to anyone else or am i just being naive…

Indi 3:30 pm 17 Nov 05

areaman, I didn’t know that they have moved towards a ‘swap meet’ in prison.

Line them up for rehab – why would any government want to encourage drug use?

areaman 3:10 pm 17 Nov 05

No one’s would be offfered needles if they didn’t already have them, it would just be a swap, so it shouldn’t add to the total number of sharps in the prison population.

screamingmonkey 3:00 pm 17 Nov 05

the point is though smacking one, why the fark should they be encouraged to take drugs illegally by providing assistance to do so – they get enough luxuries as it is

colsim 2:54 pm 17 Nov 05

I think Stan the Man is a little off track this time around – people in prison aren’t going to use drugs just because they have access to clean needles, they’ll use drugs with dirty needles because that’s all they have access to.

A prison sentence isn’t a HepC or HIV sentence – as much as some posters might think prisoners deserve.

Of course the prison authorities try to stop access to drugs – but you are dealing with people with a range of experience in getting around security and laws, so what guarantee this will succeed.

Another option I guess is those single-use syringes.

Maelinar 2:50 pm 17 Nov 05

Smackbang, your argument holds… Kind of…

At the moment, if a security guard finds a needle, they can confiscate it, thereby eliminating the risk of it being filled with AIDS blood and stabbed into them.

When you are legally allowed to inject within the prison, they won’t be able to confiscate the item.

Whilst they already get paid danger pay because of the very real risk that this situation could happen, by upping the ante their danger money will begin to seem all the more insignificant.

ssanta 2:21 pm 17 Nov 05

Beat them with Black Pudding Ecky Thump style i say.

Smackbang 2:14 pm 17 Nov 05

Surely if these people are injecting drugs then the risk to the security guards is there anyway? So I don’t see the whole security argument as being very convincing – if they have needles anyway (I don’t know how) then they could use thos needles as weapons. So to the extent there is already a risk, I don’t see that this makes it worse.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:10 pm 17 Nov 05

I wasn’t listening yesterday morning, but I would imagine regular breakfast presenter brought hippie woman on for some laughs. I can’t imagine him agreeing with her.

Thumper 1:58 pm 17 Nov 05

Mr Stanhope certainly has reservations about this which I think is a very good thing. He may come up with some odd statements but in this case he’s looking at the cold hard facts and seemingly doing the right thing.

Foskey and her aging hippie crew can get stuffed.

screamingmonkey 1:50 pm 17 Nov 05

heard some hippie on talkback samuels radio station yesterday morning praising this idea because it’ll stop the great unwashed from contracting HepC when the felons are released

funny, I always thought that a custodial sentence was a punishment but hey, if they can use drugs illegally, let’s aid and abet by helping them inject and giving out free needles – don’t try and stop the access to drugs

this hippie idea seems too much even for the mayor who has softly poo-pooed it

good to see him back on earth thinking local and not trying to change the world on our behalf – now to get him to focus on those pot holes

Maelinar 1:32 pm 17 Nov 05

For people without access to drugs, they seem to be making the system that has been put in place to keep them from such items look a lot like swiss cheese.

By providing needles, you are acknowledging that you have a security problem in your prison system, I don’t know which is worse.

I certainly know that having worked as a prison guard (when the NZDF took over the prisons cause the guards went on strike when the IR legislation was introduced in NZ), if a prisoner took you hostage with a needle, it would most likely end up with you contracting AIDS.

Giving junkies needles is one thing, but giving prisoners weapons is another.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 1:28 pm 17 Nov 05

That’s funny, I could have been certain that just the other day it was a Stanhope/Foskey alliance on this issue with a Smyth opposition…and I’m ever so certain that I wasn’t dreaming.

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