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ACT Prisoners to have access to a needle exchange

By S4anta 17 November 2005 49

ABC online is reporting here that our benevolent government will allowing prisoners who are locked in the Hyatt Regency Hume, to have access to a needle exchangwe program, in case the knitting needle they were using to make woollens for their mum gets turned into a shiv by an enterprising cell mate.

Deb Foskey is saying it is fantastic idea to protect the prisoners from Hep and HIV. Who is going to protect the rest of the ACT from Deb Foskey?

Bring on a shovel, the call to dig your hole and a shot gun I say.

[ED – The ABC Also has Mr. Stanhope hosing this idea down]

What’s Your opinion?

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ACT Prisoners to have access to a needle exchange
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Thumper 1:51 pm 25 Nov 05


Good one Ari….

Ari 12:04 pm 25 Nov 05

The ACCC would probably quash Maelinar’s idea, since it would provide prison officers with a total monopoly in the prison drug market.

Maelinar 11:05 am 25 Nov 05

Simto, that is my personal opinion, and I belive that you could get away with reduced time sentences if you were truly locked away with no access to anybody.

The fact of the matter being that prisoners are getting out with reduced sentences simply because the prisons are too full to contain any more, but that’s an assett issue.

I guess my only salvation is that the chappie who slaughtered half of condoblin would get his sentence of isolation, whereas the custodial sentence chap would not be there so long.

All prisoners ARE created equal. They are being detained by the state. As soon as you grant them differing rights by virtue of their crime, you enter shark-infested waters.

The extent of the crime should match the extent of the sentence, not the way they are treated while inside.

simto 10:55 am 25 Nov 05

ALL prisoners should be in total isolation? Everyone from “I slaughtered half of Condoblin” down to the pissiest crime that still requires a custodial sentance should be stuck in their cell all the time?

Not all prisoners are created equal, and not all prisoners are equally scummy. SOME rights should be removed from them, sure (right to free and open movement, for a start), but the range of rights restriction HAS to be at least a little bit flexible if you’re going to have a system that works.

Eventually, some of these people are going to get released again. If you’ve stripped them of any contact with regular society during that time, it’s going to be nigh-well impossible for them to integrate in any useful way with the real world again. Which means that any custodial sentance effectively doubles in harshness, and you’ll see judges even less inclined to hand them out at all.

Maelinar 10:19 am 25 Nov 05

Let me get this straight:

Drugs are illegal, however since they can be ‘obtained’ (I won’t go into details) in prison, they should be legally allowed to do the drugs, in the very place that they have been sent to learn their lesson ?

I know that prisons are a deprivation of rights, but we’re taking it a bit too far to insinuate that it would be a good thing to sanctify drug use within prisons.

Yes JB, I know the system doesn’t work, no need to comment, your solutions aren’t practical, nor do they address the problem.

What needs to occur is an alternative solution, that is practical, and falls within the confines of the law.

Since last time I checked, doing drugs was still on the list of ‘illegal’ things to do, the answer remains that drugs must be seperated from inmates.

And yes we will continue to try to do that.

*disclaimer* I no longer work within any capacity to affect the conduct of a prison, but am talking as a supporter of exclusion from drugs.

There have been numerous advances in the fields of drug detection, yet these advances haven’t made it down to prison level yet.

What if the money which was earmarked towards constructing a shooting gallery was instead used to purchase a drug sniffer ?

What if prisoners were rotated through cells on a regular basis (deprivation of hiding places) ?

What if prisoners were kept in total isolation like they bloody well should be ? – including no access to visitors ?

What I’m trying to portray is there are more options avaliable than just throwing our hands in the air and saying, ‘here take the needles’.

Mark my words; Prisoners DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS. They have been forcibly taken away from them by the state, and they are not entitled to be treated in the same way as a non-prisoner. The reason for this is because they have been proven guilty by a court of law, for being a nasty ju-ju.

To imply that they have rights – other than the basic set of human rights, which are applicable to all humans, is bullshit.

LurkerGal 9:40 am 25 Nov 05

Ralph: Coffee just came out of my nose.

I know, I know, I’m a classy dame.

Ralph 9:38 am 25 Nov 05

We should all feel very honoured that VG has taken the time to express his views to us. It’s quite obvious that he knows everything, and he’s a far superior specimen of the gene pool than the rest of us…. I’m so pleased to hear that he’s breeding.

LurkerGal 9:26 am 25 Nov 05

Now JB, be nice. VG admits he voted liberal. So he’s obviously not very bright. He should be treated like ALL our “special friends”. Be nice to him, and maybe buy him a bus.

Also, he appears to have worked in every occupation known to man, and was bloody good at every single one of them (he must, of course, be about 150 years old to have accomplished all he says he has) so OF COURSE EVERYONE ELSE IS AN INFERIOR HUMAN BEING.

For God’s sake JB, I thought you were smarter than that.

simto 8:45 am 25 Nov 05

It does kinda raise the question of how VG can go on being a cop if he believes his job is dealing with people who are worthless, to achieve outcomes which are worthless, within a system that is worthless. Surely that’s got to be somewhat soul destroying?

Yes, I’m aware this is hitting well below the belt. But considering that VG’s not advserse to the same tactics, hey, who gives a damn?

terubo 7:54 am 25 Nov 05

I look forward to the pics of you two socialising politely at the Nun tomorrow night.

johnboy 11:21 pm 24 Nov 05

Incidentally VG have I ever mentioned how impressed I am that you’ve never yet made a point without assuming that everyone holding a contrary view is in someway an inferior human being to yourself?


Yes I know, you go off and i retaliate and give up the high ground to have a row.

but you’re very special in the invariable way you assume that everyone with a different view is some sort of criminal scum.

i suppose it goes with the tenuous grip on logic and causality.

johnboy 11:07 pm 24 Nov 05

So how did the drugs get in then VG?

vg 9:07 pm 24 Nov 05

Nice try champ, but shallow invective will get you nowhere. 5 years as a ‘screw’ in the NSW Corrections system means I just happened to have trumped you there as well.

The white flag is at the bottom of your pole, time to shimmy it on up there.

You ‘lived’ with a nurse? I lived with a goldfish bowl once, doesnt mean I can hold my breath infinitely.

‘Harm minimisation’ is a buzz phrase for those who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to confront reality.

And, as a married man with a new born, I am far from sad and lonely, unlike yourself who’s own romantic tomes on this site leave a lot to be desired.

Game, set and match

johnboy 7:06 pm 24 Nov 05

Do efforts to reduce speed minimise harm? Yes! Do you apply this pathetic level of logic to policing VG?

If there are no needles in the prisons then a needle exchange will do nothing.

Where’s the problem? Oh wait VG doesn’t get to swing his big balls.

So you’re a prison guard too VG?

I’ve lived with nurses and spent a lot of time with financial services bods.

I must have been hallucinating the experience because it doesn’t accord with your sad and lonely world view.

vg 6:06 pm 24 Nov 05

Idle sarcasm to attempt to draw a rise, nice try JB but the adults are talking now.

It is naive to think we can eradicate speeding. Using your logic we should then make it open slather on the roads?

Again you seem to have an experts in depth knowledge of my occupation without actually being involved. You are either telepathic or a know it all. I’d suggest the latter. Either that or, beaing in mind your comment regarding the financial sector and nurses, a very paranoid individual

Thumper 8:25 am 24 Nov 05

It’s all quite simple really. If a siad prisioner is found with smack or with a needle then he/ she no longer has any physical contact with anyone for a period of, oh, say one month.

is this a deprivation of rights? Sure is. But so is stealing a car, bashing an old granny, breaking into a house, etc.

Of course, the prisoner would still be allowed to speak to people.

If it happens again, the time goes up.

Harsh, yes. Practical, yes.

Smack is not good stuff. drill that into your heads kiddies. It really fucks up your life and that of everyone else around you. I’ve had one mate shoot himself and another die from an OD.

As such I have no time for smackheads, and no time for those who wish to pander to them.

No access to needles, no access to smack, then no blood bourne disease.

And as a by product, some of these smackheads may just get over their habit because they no longer can get it.

*rant over, waiting for flames now*

johnboy 8:22 pm 23 Nov 05

VG, the only drug users you deal with are the disfunctional ones, those scum you’re describing include almost the whole financial services industry and a huge chunk of the nurses.

getting back to the point at hand….

The day you can eradicate the drugs from the prisons I’ll be 100% behind your approach.

In the meantime you’re suggesting we watch the guards get stabbed with re-used, ground down needles.

You seem to be the sort of person who keeps doing things they know won’t work.

That’s a definition of insanity isn’t it?

vg 5:31 pm 23 Nov 05


Your solution suggests the judicial system collectively throws their hands in the air and just let it happen.

There are people on this forum who have had more interaction with drug users, and the associasted hazards, than people like JB have had hot breakfasts so yes, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject.

Perhaps you’ll volunteer to drive the van down the Standope Memorial Rehab and Love In Centre? You seem to be the sort of person who has spent a life giving up things because they are too hard. Best leave the tough stuff to those with the fortitude to deal with it

johnboy 7:35 am 21 Nov 05

my suggestion is that we minimise the harm.

not the harm to the felons, the harm they can do to the rest of the community.

DVD 1:02 am 21 Nov 05


They wont die inside because no one does any decent time when sentenced in the ACT. Jails are already loaded with junkies who lack education and motivation to to anything at all, let alone worry about passing on whatever they are carrying to other people.

You can’t educate those who don’t want to be educated, and you certainly can’t motivate someone who’s reason for living is a needle in the arm.

Whats your suggestion then, that we throw more money at ‘support’ and ‘education’ programs for crooks to take advantage of so they can go back before a Magistrate and say how well behaved they have been and get bailed. All the while people who are genuinely unwell have to get 2nd rate care in a public hospital because the money for their care has been spent on some piece of shit who has self induced mental illness and the alphabet of STD’S from using drugs.

You hold these people in far too high esteem.

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