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ACT sentencing gone to the dogs

By weeziepops - 3 December 2009 24

I was disappointed to see yet another piss-weak “sentence” in relation to a conviction for animal cruelty. 

The CT reports (here: man-deserved-harsher-penalty-rspca) that Saron Youn has got off with community service and a good behaviour bond for neglecting his two dogs to a point where they were attempting to eat dirt in order to survive.  

Mr Youn should be banned from owning another pet and given a custodial sentence.  The idea that he should spend those hours of community service in an animal shelter is an insult to the staff and volunteers who work there.

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24 Responses to
ACT sentencing gone to the dogs
qwerty00 10:36 pm 04 Dec 09

You people focus too much on what the media tells you. You people know nothing of the real story behind this. Did you people never think that fact that this man may of had problems and he just couldn’t take care of his dogs properly? The world isn’t always going to happy and unfortunately things happen and we can’t control that fact. All you people read is “This man neglected his dogs” That’s it, you don’t see the reason why. You people make think, “That’s no excuse for what he did.” If you had to choose between your family or your pets, ultimately, you know you would have to choose your family. You people don’t take into account circumstances that might occur, like financial issues or other personal circumstances.

Learn to be more open minded about situations and circumstances. Don’t judge someone because of something that’s been portayed by the media, the media doesn’t get their facts straight all the time. You people are blinded by your own biased jugdement and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. All these comments make me sick, there is no regard for what it takes to be a human being, to say all these things and not taking into account any situations outside the box.

SmarterThanYou 10:15 pm 04 Dec 09

All of you are idiots, the guy arranged with a friend to look after the dogs while the owner was in sydney because of relationship problems. Do the world a favour and **** yourself.

Honest to God, you only look at one side of the story and not the other, try thinking for once instead of being blinded by one side of the story.

RickFish 4:14 pm 04 Dec 09

been reading riot act for a while now have kept quiet on most items however i am 24 and my family jus lost a dog that has been with me since i was 7 that was sad and made me realize that animals truly are just as important a companion as a human can b theyre lives shouldent be valued under anyones and how people can let this happen is beyond me.. i hope to god this jerk never has kids..

prhhcd 3:50 pm 04 Dec 09

deezagood – you’re probably right. Animals are generally too nice …

Tooks 2:43 pm 04 Dec 09

It’s difficult enough getting a custodial sentence for harming another human, let alone an animal.

deezagood 10:57 am 04 Dec 09

unfortunately the dogs would probably be too nice to serve justice prhhcd. Most animals are so trusting and loyal – and this is how they are repayed by their f’ing owner. Bastard. These dogs were starved for WAY longer than 6 days.

Buzz2600 10:55 am 04 Dec 09

*IF* the guy turns up and actually performs his community service sentence, the staff and other volunteers at the animal shelter will probably embrace the chance to imbrue him with an overhelmingly different perspective on the care and treatment of animals. I’m guessing his days will start with shoveling piles of dog and cat $h*t from morning to night … very appropriate.

The Brad 9:59 am 04 Dec 09

Piratemonkey said :

Hold on folks, there might be a glimer of light here.

At least those keen on mob justice now know exactly were to find him.

While I would in no way support such actions, there are those that do and I hope this prick is sweating because of it.

good point.
And most people working in animal shelters would probably be the type to not like psychopaths like this. If I was working in that animal shelter, I’d be watching him like a hawk. I doubt he’d do a very good job.
let’s hope they read the Riotact, or google Saron Youn

prhhcd 9:36 am 04 Dec 09

Very angry! This just follows on from the ferret sentencing last year – the guys are also out, walking the streets. I’m all for mob justice.
The sentence for neglect here is just ludicrous. Can’t we throw him to the dogs?

toriness 9:33 am 04 Dec 09

bloody disgusting.

Friska 9:31 am 04 Dec 09


deezagood 7:59 am 04 Dec 09

This makes me sick to my stomach. Why do people like this even have dogs in the first place? I really don’t understand how this sentencing could be so light. ANGRY.

cleo 12:02 am 04 Dec 09

I think he should be locked up and only given bread, maybe some water, the selfish prick!

Piratemonkey 11:04 pm 03 Dec 09

Hold on folks, there might be a glimer of light here.

At least those keen on mob justice now know exactly were to find him.

While I would in no way support such actions, there are those that do and I hope this prick is sweating because of it.

Pommy bastard 3:53 pm 03 Dec 09

Utterly shambolic.

My daugher has been trying to volunteer for animal work for some time, but keeps geting told there’s a surfiet of volunteers.

This dispicable P-o-S gets “sentenced” to working in one.

Maybe if he had to do the 160 hours consecutively, without food, then he may learn something.

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