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Al Grassby finally unveiled

By Kerces - 19 May 2007 32

The infamous Al Grassby statue was finally unveiled yesterday amid yet more controversy, as the ABC reported (PM also had a story on the Mackay family’s complaints but it wasn’t on their site at the time of writing).

Inspired to see what all the fuss (most of which I’ve actually missed out on) was about, I went in search of the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre and said statue.

Al Grassby statue

The multicultural centre turns out to be on the second floor of the North Building, above the Canberra Museum and Gallery and presumably not inhabiting the same space as Craft ACT since they’re still advertising as being there.

Theo Notaras centre

And lastly, to give you some context of the artwork, Mr Grassby welcomes visitors to the multicultural centre up the stairs in the fairly sterile foyer.

Al Grassby statue

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32 Responses to
Al Grassby finally unveiled
captainwhorebags 9:15 pm 20 May 07

I see that statue and I think of Buddy Christ.

Pandy 6:01 pm 20 May 07

I dare you too!

nyssa76 5:44 pm 20 May 07

I wonder how much you’d get fined if you finished it off with a clown face…

He looks like he’s inviting people to enter the “Big Top”.

VicePope 4:50 pm 20 May 07

It’s a shocker. The mood of joviality reflects (a) Al’s unconcern about those left behind by his actions (notably the McKays), (b) the ACT pollies’ utter lack of respect for the Canberra community and (c) the artist’s disbelief that he was being paid for this.

Someone should tell the Prattmeister.

shauno 11:15 am 20 May 07

The artist must have been laughing non stop when he charged what was it 75,000 for it lol how do you get a job like that.

jemmy 9:10 am 20 May 07

He looks like he’s trying to leap out of a bucket of cement, doesn’t he. We could hang a sign around his neck, “The Riverina Mafia welcomes you to Canberra.”

Thumper 6:36 am 20 May 07

Your hard earned tax dollars at work….

Thank you Mssrs Stanhope and Hargraves for this great monument to nothing.

utah 1:06 am 20 May 07

jemmy: perhaps a two part epoxy that can be rapidly coloured like concrete, although I don’t know any off the top of my head.

jemmy 7:57 pm 19 May 07

I reckon we could get some formwork and a few buckets of cement around those legs in about 5 minutes. Someone can distract security by doing burnouts in the carpark. A team of five people and we’re done.

DavidM 7:24 pm 19 May 07

He looks like Grandpa Simpson in a hat-and-cane routine.

Hasdrubahl 6:04 pm 19 May 07

Where’s the surfboard?

Pandy 5:51 pm 19 May 07

wait for the flower tributes: from the mob.

nyssa76 5:33 pm 19 May 07

What a waste of money…

swamiOFswank 5:23 pm 19 May 07

I feel a pressing need to get some Bugs Bunny ears, a carrot and a speech balloon saying “nyeer, what’s up doc?” for that statue. Something about the teeth…

Avacry 4:20 pm 19 May 07

At the very least it should scare the birds away.

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