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redrock 23 October 2015 8
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My son is in year 8 and currently attends Marist College, but because of bullying he wants to change schools. He’s also developed anxiety and depression because of the bullying so I think a co-ed environment might work better for him. We’re considering the local high school, however I’m not sure about the public school system and would appreciate some honest honest feedback on Alfred Deakin High school. Thank you.

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8 Responses to Ask RiotACT: Alfred Deakin High School?
cobelinn cobelinn 7:22 pm 18 Oct 17

I see this post is 2 years old but find myself in a similar situation with one of my sons. Can you please tell me how it turned out? Did you stay at Marist or move on? If moved on where did you go and was it the right decision? Sorry for all the questions and understanding everyone’s situation is different, but looking for options. One son thriving at Marist and another son really struggling with bullying.

cbr2602 cbr2602 9:37 am 12 Dec 15

I suggest you check out Canberra Grammar. I have a son at the school and he loves it. They’ve recently decided to go co-ed and deal with bullying very well. My son says that there is very little bullying to begin with,. When the bullying does occur, it is not tolerated at all and the school deals with very quickly.

sumarai sumarai 12:24 pm 22 Oct 15

My Daughter goes to ADHS. She is ‘different’, dosnt fit into the mainstream. She has never had any instances of bullying and is loving her time at this school. I am sure it goes on but the school seems to be proactive in its care of the students and has a strong policy on bullying from what I understand.

Joy Joy 10:13 am 21 Oct 15

I second what Padoof says. I have a daughter in year 10 and she loves going to school. We are very pleased with the strong leadership of ADHS. Coming from Marist you may feel the surrounds and oval look a bit drab in comparison. Certainly you may feel the need to arrange sport and music outside the school to broaden your son’s choices. Still, having such choices on hand still haven’t made your son’s time there happy. We couldn’t be happier with the education provided. There are also a lot of opportunities for interstate and overseas excursions. I hope you check it out. Tell us what you think!

Padoof Padoof 1:34 pm 20 Oct 15

First thing I’ll say is that no school is untouched by bullying, and well done to you for considering changing schools as an option.

My older daughter was bullied terribly and ended up with 3 primary schools, she attended Alfred Deakin (ADHS) from years 7 to 10 and had her fair share of bullying there. The school dealt with the issues raised very well, she is now 1st year Uni and is now doing well. She never quite found her niche or like minded friends, but that also has a lot to do with her and her personality.

I shopped around for my younger daughter (due to her hearing issues, public schools are certainly a bit unruly) and ended up sending her to ADHS where she is now in year 10. She has had a much better experience, but is also a very different personality to her sister. The school has been brilliant in dealing with her various challenges (hearing, dyslexia, giftedness) and she has loved every minute of being there and I have not once questioned my decision to send her there.

Honestly, I have nothing but praise for the school. They have a lot of great programs and cater to a range of ability and interests. The teachers are very passionate and have a great relationship with the students. The only downside is not having a school uniform, not even a colour code. Perhaps with a boy you won’t have the same dramas I’ve had with my younger daughter!

Is it possible for your son to have a one day ‘trial’ at the school? Let him get a sense of the feel of the school for himself?

Good luck!

Bajar Bajar 11:02 am 20 Oct 15

Public schools are hit and miss in their responses to bullying. I don’t know much about Alfred Deakin, but I know many families have had positive experiences with Brindabella Christian College in Lyneham.

Bajar Bajar 10:59 am 20 Oct 15

Public schools are hit and miss with responses to bullying. I don’t know much about Alfred Deakin, but I know a lot of people who have positive experiences with Brindabella Christian College when their child has experienced bullying at another school.

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