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Another Cup of Tea, Dear Criminal?

By S4anta 11 May 2006 9

The Canbera Times has this mind-fcuking ramble about a ‘new-breed’ of criminals being developed Darwinian style, by people who drive their vehicles whilst suspended, after not paying infringements.

Although I whole heartedly agree with the sentiment behind this argument (giving those on the economic margins a leg-up), I do not think that the jerry mandering of laws is such a wise move. The chance to enter into a court agreed payback of fines is already in place, so is the chance for drivers to gain work permits. But deliberately oweing a couple of grand, is a move that is a deliberate well thought ‘plan’, believe me.

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But first, let me clarify a few things. I am not one of these pious wankers who have never broken these laws. Through my own process of taking a selective interpretation of the laws of this great nation, I fully realise that the decision to park in one area, as opposed to another where one is not allowed is a deliberate choice. As the decision to speed, whilst giving the bird to speed camera, not pay 3rd Party insurance and chosing not to pay a parking/speeding fine when the second notice lobs itself on your doorstep.

Giving the lazy, stupid and ineffective a chance to perfect their techniques to eliminate themselves (and ourselves) from the gene pool is a joke.

Yes, this is Ssanta speaking, not JB. I had to take a leaf out of hos book today.

What’s Your opinion?

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Another Cup of Tea, Dear Criminal?
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Thumper 2:29 pm 12 May 06

An then a hoedown.


reminds me of the winter of 75, 1875 that is…

Actually, I’ve forgotten….

Mr_Shab 2:19 pm 12 May 06

U’ll brang the moonshine, Cleitus.

Thumper 1:41 pm 12 May 06

Ah feel an ole fashun a lynchin comin on a here Jeb. Git the ute and the rope an backer up to a tree.

Mr_Shab 1:35 pm 12 May 06

Better yet, burn their car, with them in it.

Thumper 11:09 am 12 May 06

I agree. Take away their fucking car….

bonfire 11:04 am 12 May 06

I think taking a persons license away for not paying a parking fine is ridiculous.

caf 6:34 pm 11 May 06

Five words for recidivist traffic offenders – discover the pluses of buses.

vg 5:28 pm 11 May 06

Don’t commit traffic offences = not getting fines. It’s not rocket science. The recidivist traffic offenders in this town are people who just can’t help but drive like morons. A far easier solution is to start throwing recidivist driving offenders into the clink for a month or 2 at a stretch so they can contemplate what the rest of us do daily and not get fines.

My parents don’t drive like nannas but both have held unblemished licences for over 40 years. It ain’t hard Ron, you should know better

Les Whinin 5:26 pm 11 May 06

Sounds to me like someone took Ron Cahill’s stapler. Be carefull he doesn’t start a fire!

Seriously though, this is a rediculous idea. If you choose to ignore/disobey the law and you get caught – thats tough. I don’t care if a person has accumulated $10,000 worth of fines so long as they are kept off the road. Justify to me the worth of outstanding fines after an irresponsible person gets back on the road with a “work permit” licence and mows down some kids, whilst drunk and talking on his mobile phone at 30km over the speed limit.

Sheer mind-blowing idiocy.

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