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Are you ready for Radio Kate

By johnboy 14 August 2006 19

The ACT’s ALP, Senator Kate Lundy, has been relatively quiet of late.

But I had a tip today I thought I’d share.

For many years Kate was very proud of her frontpage-generated personal website. But now it seems she’s branched out to an ugly blogspot called “radio KATE” where you can go to hear Kate’s dulcet tones on a range of issues.

Perhaps mercifuly the Atom/RSS doesn’t recognise the audio as enclosures so it won’t podcast. (trialled in iTunes and NetNewsWire).

What’s Your opinion?

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Are you ready for Radio Kate
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simto 9:20 am 18 Aug 06

Additional to the “who’s hot in parliament” debate – from checking Concat today, Cory Bernardi does have a certain “rugby player who’s had his nose rearranged a few too many times” charm to him.

Thumper 8:40 am 15 Aug 06

Oh, I don’t think she’s that bad, in fact, she’s not too bad.

Think Amanda Vanstone for comparison. Although the Hon Sen Amanda would eat anyone here for brerakfast and then ask for more.

simto 8:34 am 15 Aug 06

Hm, half of Steve’s face is obscured by his hand in the shot on Concat.

I think you’re confusing “attractive bloke” with “has a nice shirt and tie combo”, myself…

VYBerlinaV8 8:24 am 15 Aug 06

So as an ALP supporter, she’ll fit right in.

VYBerlinaV8 8:21 am 15 Aug 06

I think she looks like a deformed, midget Brazilian Tapir with a dog’s butt glued to her shoulders.
That’s why I’d giggle…

Thumper 8:17 am 15 Aug 06

And she has been quieter than a mute church mouse in the cone of silence for quite a while now.

Last photo I saw of Kate I thought she had porked up a bit…

johnboy 11:21 pm 14 Aug 06

you gotta give em credit for making an effort to keep in touch with their electorate.

You’ve really gotta look hard to find much mention of her electorate on any of her sites.

boomacat 11:17 pm 14 Aug 06

Re: thats gotta be a contender for bogan statement of the week…

Yes it is a good comment, but if we’re looking for bogan statement of the week I’m sure RA’ers can come up with something more boonarific than that.

boomacat 11:14 pm 14 Aug 06

Hey you gotta give brownie points to any pollie that bothers to get off their fat (I think we’re all in agreement that most of em are fat and unattractive right?) arses and put together a website, ie you gotta give em credit for making an effort to keep in touch with their electorate.

johnboy 4:56 pm 14 Aug 06

Ciobo’s website doesn’t do him justice Simto, try down the page on this one

snahon 4:42 pm 14 Aug 06

I can see parliaments hotest 100 with kate lundy in there and the comment against the reason :

“I’d still throw her one. I’d giggle a bit, but it wouldn’t stop me… “

simto 4:33 pm 14 Aug 06

Having just checked out his website – If Steve’s the best looking bloke Parliament has to offer, then the rule’s looking fine to me. Okay, not actively ugly, but I don’t think modelling agencies will be knocking down his door any time soon.

Kate and Marise I leave to the hetro-inclined to judge.

johnboy 3:41 pm 14 Aug 06

Kate Ellis, Marise Payne, Steve Ciobo?

Or are they exceptions that prove the rule?

simto 3:35 pm 14 Aug 06

Well, I certainly wouldn’t do him. Or … well, most of the senate, really. From Concat’s recent photos from parliament, Latham’s dicture runs supreme – Politics really is showbiz for ugly people.

johnboy 3:19 pm 14 Aug 06

Now people, where is the comparative discussion of Gary Humphries’ sexual allure?

VYBerlinaV8 2:41 pm 14 Aug 06

I’d still throw her one. I’d giggle a bit, but it wouldn’t stop me…

Mr Evil 2:32 pm 14 Aug 06

Yep, she a bitch alright.

Absent Diane 2:05 pm 14 Aug 06

you’re not serious are you??? I wouldn’t touch it with my best mates wang… (thats gotta be a contender for bogan statement of the week)

VYBerlinaV8 1:59 pm 14 Aug 06

Good thing that she’s a babe, eh?

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