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Aussie Junk Underpaid Employees $280,000

By realitycheck 11 June 2009 30

The Workplace Ombudsman has published a media release saying they are prosecuting Aussie Junk Pty Ltd and the Company Director Dennis Richter for allegedly underpaying staff at the Mitchell site $280,000.

Aussie Junk’s conduct has been an issue for years and finally the truth is starting to emerge. This must make ACT Nowaste feel a bit nervous since they removed Revolve from Mugga Lane in 2007.

Chris Horsey issued a media release at the time stating that “Aussie Junk’s tenderers obviously represented a better service to the ACT Community” – the employee’s owed all that money might not agree!

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Aussie Junk Underpaid Employees $280,000
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imhotep 10:47 pm 12 Aug 09

housebound said :

2. This is karma (or reaping what you sow) – TaMS should be feeling seriuosly scared because this happened with their tacit approval (even if by failure to act)
3. Bring back Revolve – it would be the best revenge ever.

True Karma would be to invite Revolve back, and to force John Hargreaves to make the invitation. That would be a conversation I would pay to hear.

housebound 8:22 pm 12 Aug 09

1. Don’t pick on someone because their writtenEnglish isn;t as god as yours (that makes you a snob)
2. This is karma (or reaping what you sow) – TaMS should be feeling seriuosly scared because this happened with their tacit approval (even if by failure to act)
3. Bring back Revolve – it would be the best revenge ever.

TRASHPACK 5:59 pm 12 Aug 09

What a pitty the Government can’t find someone to run our recycling on an honest basis; the Canberra community might support an operator who does not resort to the practices engaged in by the two previous operators. Why they think they could continue to dupe Canberrans into dropping off goods simply so that they could re-sell on E-bay is beyond me. Both have engaged the services of Chad BigSlither to do their dirty work and by doing so have destroyed the community aspect of what could and was a great Canberra initiative. Take from the public and sell back to your own community in an honest way and recycling in the ACT would get the support of the community. I understand Canberrans who would rather dump their goods than drop them off. It is the lure of the bargin that gets customers through the doors. Take away the possibility/expectation of finding a treaure and you loose customers who may spend their money on other goods. They simply stop comming. If only they had stuck to selling what came in through the site instead of lining the pockets of Chad and other hangers on. The public noted the local antique dealer and priviliged others who seemed to have had first pickings at AJs in recent months. Greed, stupidity and extremely poor management has lead to this fiasco.

Thumper 10:36 pm 13 Jun 09

Geez, do we have to put up with this crap again?

Can these tools be moderated please for crimes against grammar?

el 10:30 pm 13 Jun 09

Hi Dennis. Welcome back.

I thought your id was Bushpig last time?

Yeah, it was.

realitycheck 9:14 pm 13 Jun 09

That’s a lovely story and all but it isn’t a defence for not paying 10 employee’s almost $300,000 in entitlements.I think it is quite obvious who the thieves are!
I don’t think Aussie Junk really do want the truth to come out as they are in enough trouble as it is.
It’s not the employees fault that Aussie Junk didn’t pay their staff entitlements and now haven’t paid their tax bill, and as a result the ATO has applied to wind up the company.
That fistful of straws they’re clutching is getting thinner every day.

SpellingAndGrammar 8:33 pm 13 Jun 09

LOL – ooops – Ombudsman.

SpellingAndGrammar 8:23 pm 13 Jun 09

theterminated – Several things for you to ponder:
1. You couldn’t buy dropped-off goods immediately, because the rule – imposed by the owner of the company – was that all goods had to be priced before they were put out on the floor;
2. Proceeds from resale on Ebay of goods from Aussie Junk were still paid into the owner’s account. This was because the owner sold the goods on Ebay – and still does (over and over again allegedly) – evidence, I hear you ask?? Well, where is the so-called good stuff now?;
3. These guys sleeping at night? Hmmmm – well what about the poor buggers that are still working there and still being underpaid and victimised for sticking up for their LEGAL entitlements. How happy would you be if your superannuation wasn’t being paid?
4. As for the Ombudsmen, how about you just wait and see…I can hardly see a Commonwealth body taking on a case where their legal advisers have said the case is weak – I think that the Government would want a better set of odds on that before they committed a lot of money to prosecuting a company.

And for the record, I do not work there and have never worked there. For some reason, white trash seem to think they can walk all over people less fortunate than they are.

theterminated 2:30 am 13 Jun 09

Sorry but i cant sit back and let the media walk all over Aussie Junk this is trial by Media since the so called alleged allegation went to air Aussie Junk has not been able to defend it’s self. If you went there as often as I was, you would no what really happened with these ex employees and what they got up to as I knew then and still know now.
As soon as any items of value came in they would keep them out of view in a room at the drop off area, this was happing all the time. One day i was in the shop and a truck pulled up it had two crates of vintage car parts, I said to the old guy that I would like to buy the two crates he then said in a stern voise “It’s not for sale” I said “Why is all the good gear not for sale” he told me that it all has to be inspected. A week later i was walking through a swap-meeting when I came across the old guy from mitchell. He had a good selection of parts that I had seen at Aussie Junk and the two crates with old vintage car parts I asked him if Aussie Junk knew that he was selling them there,he then replied that Aussie Junk did not own them, I told him I had seen them get dropped off at mitchell, he yelled at me “THEY DIDN’T” I told him that they were from mitchell because I was there when they were dropped off I then left it at that as I didn’t want to argue with the pig anymore.They were also doing the weekend markets on the side aswell as selling on ebay all the time these guys just couldn’t help themselves, they took all the valuables and alot of people that went to mitchell knew what they were doing.The so called manager was never at work if you asked where he was they would say he was on a job,i new all about him as I had a friend that used to work with him at woolworths.I had to drive past the mitchell site every day on my way home from work, I would often see them leaving with the truck loaded around 6pm at night I dont think he was doing deliveries at night. i was there when a deceased estate came in, they loaded it on a truck and moved it out straight away.I wonder where did it go! I dont no how these guys can sleep at night, knowing that thay ripped of aussie junk for a shit load of money. Now they have lost there jobs and lifestyle they are squeeling like the pigs they are.In the end I think they got to greedy and wanted it all but carmer caught up with them and now they are trying to play the blame game.I wonder if the work place ombudsman really does know what was going on while they were managing the mitchell site

realitycheck 7:20 am 12 Jun 09

Dennis that is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen!
I cannot believe you used your dying wife as an excuse for your behaviour.Your wife died years before Judy & Col left for QLD and the so called trouble makers took over the Mitchell site.
You are right about one thing though, you will get your chance in court!

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