Beer and BBQ’d Meats of the World

che 8 February 2010 29

[First filed: Feb 6, 2010 @ 19:53]

The Beer and BBQ’d Meats of the World day (also know as the Multicultural Festival) was another grand success when I left the scene after imbibing as many continents as I could find, both food and beer wise.

Hope everyone else had as good a day/night as I did.

See you next year.
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29 Responses to Beer and BBQ’d Meats of the World
Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 2:48 pm 11 Feb 10

Rochefort 8° for $10 a bottle!

And the Spanish pork/blood sausages were fantastic.

Ronnie Ronnie 2:16 pm 11 Feb 10

What a wonderful festival for Civic and Canberra!

Our City centre really came alive and I too completely disagree with the suggestion to move this event to Epic. Garema Place, City Walk and Petrie Plaza (and Glebe Park) are perfect for the event – easy access for public transport and also for the increasing number of people living in the city and surrounds who can just wander in on foot. This is what a cosmopolitan city centre should be – vibrant, busy, accessible and safe. The multicultural festival really hits the nail on the head!

Would be great to get Glebe Park back on the scene next year.

Vonbare Vonbare 12:57 pm 10 Feb 10

Had a fab time – but please, please bring it back to Glebe Park also. The option of sitting on the grass, eating and drinking while watching a stage show is awesome!!!!

nexus6 nexus6 10:17 am 09 Feb 10

Is the food festival only on saturday? it would seem that having it over 2 days would mean less crowding possibly? i was told only a few places were open on sunday.

deye deye 6:41 pm 08 Feb 10

It’s the same area as there was the year before last, the layout of the stalls was a little different along city walk as they were in the middle instead of the sides.

The only thing that was missing was the area where the Fringe used to be held.
Last year they did have the experiment to extend it to Glebe park, but I don’t think that worked all that well.

I don’t agree with moving it to EPIC, it is good to have something like this in Civic, but perhaps it could be spread out to more areas within Civic. Maybe even make use of some of the hidden alleys and areas behind shops (like Petrie Plaza), definitely put a stage back into Civic square. You could go as far as to close off the part of London circuit that fronts it and put stalls there as well.

They also need to bring back the Fringe festival.

TheVirulentOne TheVirulentOne 6:26 pm 08 Feb 10

As always, had a great day, and was very glad the horrid heat of last year wasn’t repeated. This is the one day of the year that Canberra feels like a vibrant city.

I thought the size was perfect. Even in the heat last year the crowds were appalling, but this is really a reflection of a popular event. Sure, the crowds are annoying, so get there early and it’s less of a problem.

I completely disagree with the suggestion to move this event to Epic. Civic is the transport hub from all suburbs and there is ample parking for those who can find a designated driver. I’ve been to the last 6-7 events, but will never go to anything at Epic, it’s simply not convenient unless you live on the NorthSide. As for Commonwealth Park, sorry, but it’s simply too far away from public transport or parking.

ricci ricci 5:30 pm 08 Feb 10

Compressing it into a smaller area was a bad move. It was far too crowded for me.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 4:57 pm 08 Feb 10

Are you referring to poffertjes? I saw them being sold from vans all over the Netherlands

Yup it would seem so. My Dutch friends swear they had never seen such vans before – yet they would seem to be commonplace throughout the Netherlands. Strange but true.

MsCheeky MsCheeky 2:29 pm 08 Feb 10

I’m part of a group that has a stall there for the last seven years. We also ran out of our food at about 3.00pm, and drinks about 9.00pm, disappointing many. But, it was the same amount of both that we had there last year, and last year, we were giving the food away by the middle of the evening to save throwing it away, and got left with loads of drinks to otherwise dispose of. My point is that its very difficult to assess the number of people and their consumption – it varies greatly every year, so don’t bag the vendors for running out. And Blingerific, no, we don’t necessarily know how many people to expect. As an outdoor event, it’s very weather dependent.

Glad you all had a good time, I thought it was a great day, though I miss the Fringe contribution. Also thought compressing it into the smaller area wasn’t so great.

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 12:08 pm 08 Feb 10

I wouldnt mind them moving the event out to EPIC..
there is enough space there to fit the crowds and would allow for better/larger stands to enable them to (securely)display art/artefacts etc etc from the cultures represented in the festival

Beer halls for the Germans of course

Clown Killer Clown Killer 11:39 am 08 Feb 10

WMC – not the bloody pancakes you dill – the idea of selling them from a van.

deye deye 10:46 am 08 Feb 10

what was it with people bringing along little dogs to a crowded event like that ?
It’s a wonder they didn’t get stood on by accident.

Genie Genie 9:38 am 08 Feb 10

Had a great time- but like the OP with the slideshow you have to wonder about the people that still went to the Australian pub.

Have to admit I ended up at the Aussie Pub, By 9pm most stalls had run out of food and we were over waiting 30mins + for food or drink at the ones that were still serving.. All the quieter stalls with no queues we had already sampled and still wanted more variety.

Alas the Aussie Pub made a great haven to getaway from the crowds and sit down for some food.

I actually ended up at the Hall Markets the next day to continue my multicultural quest, I enjoyed dutch pancakes, corn on a cob, golzumi (or however its spelt) and yummy kettle corn. Sadly no beer and I was too full to enjoy a nice spud.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 4:33 pm 07 Feb 10

very very busy, and yes it was difficult to get the pram through with a 4 year old in tow as well, but we had fun. The merry go round was very busy! As for having kids out that late, we left at around 8:30ish and it was starting to get quieter actually than when we arrived at 7. the drunken yobbos were few and far between or had gone into the pubs cos many of the stalls had run out of grog.

Had some yummy south african boerworst and a few different beers. I would have thought a better location would be commonwealth park, then people can sit and enjoy the music etc and have space to walk round. We were sitting behind the tents near sizzle bento to eat, and my 4 year old was dancing up a storm. it would have been nice to see what she was actually dancing to.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:52 pm 07 Feb 10

a Dutch couple who…had never seen anything like that in their lives back home in Holland.

They mustn’t get out much.

Mimiboo Mimiboo 1:21 pm 07 Feb 10

I made a bee line for the russian pelminis – just awesome! I went there when it started, so the crowd wasn’t too bad and plus all the german beers were available. Beer before lunch always goes down a treat.

mcs mcs 12:48 pm 07 Feb 10

Clown Killer, it doesn’t matter to me if they are really Dutch pancakes or not, they still taste damn good. Great event and so much fun- after being in Europe last year it was nice to be able to have some Polish Zwyiec (Or however you spell it) and some Czech beers as well. Then there is the German beers as well. Had a great time- but like the OP with the slideshow you have to wonder about the people that still went to the Australian pub.

TheDJPea TheDJPea 12:18 pm 07 Feb 10

Didn’t make it out yesterday, is it on today as well?

Clown Killer Clown Killer 11:15 am 07 Feb 10

Danish pancakes ….. yummm

Danish or Dutch? A couple of years ago we went with a Dutch couple who were visiting at the time. They were very curious about the extremely popular Dutch Pancake van given that they had never seen anything like that in their lives back home in Holland.

Ryoma Ryoma 11:14 am 07 Feb 10

I enjoyed the food and beer (oh,my aching head :)!) but I was thinking part of the problem yesterday was that as the crowds get bigger each year, it becomes less and less comfortable.

One solution to this might be to close off part of Northbourne Avenue for the Saturday – it would allow much more space to be used, bring the Sydeny and Melbourne buildings into play, and bring some much needed life into City West. I’d be interested to know what other people think of this idea…

Another thing – I felt very sorry for any infants or young kids still there at 8pm or so last night. It’s bad enough trying to push a pram through a crowd like that, or to encourage a small child to hold one’s hand through a sea of adult legs….but to keep the little tackers out so late is a bit much, I think…especially when the crowd is pumped up with booze by that stage.

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