Breakfast Review: Cafe Injoy At Gold Creek ***

johnboy 20 July 2008 14

Weekend breakfast at Cafe Injoy is not for the faint hearted. Breakfasting barns seem to be increasingly popular in this town and Injoy have honed the art.

After navigating hordes of screaming kids and ducking past the constantly scurrying staff you will, if lucky, get into a long queue which will, eventually, allow you to place an order.

The breakfast menu is refreshingly sparse, but does have vegetarian options. In my group we all ordered the all-day breakfast as well as coffees and juices.

Big breakfast, juice and a coffee each came to a smidge under $40 for two of us. Taking our number-on-a-stick we set off the find a table.

Despite the cavernous scale of the operation it was full so we had to sit outside.

Which was where the strengths of the place came to the fore. Snappy service.

We were barely seated before our coffees arrived and the breakfast was not far behind.

For my money I got a huge plate dripping with eggs (fried in an egg ring but done to perfection), hash browns, bacon, buttered toast, and fried tomatoes.

Nothing stellar, but all put together competently, and delivered with lightning speed. The advantage of the large crowd and limited menu being they can just keep turning them out.

And then for the best part, with toast left over we crossed the road to the carp pond and fed the fish.

Money can’t buy the happiness of feeding the fish.

Three stars.

It’s at 1 O’Hanlon Pl, Nicholls. (inside the Gold Creek complex)

Booking ahead means you don’t have to sit in the cold and you can do that on 6255 5550.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure here’s some video of our fish feeding:

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14 Responses to Breakfast Review: Cafe Injoy At Gold Creek ***
Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 12:26 am 27 Jul 08

I kinda like enjoy. The food is big and quick. However, when my wife tried to reserve a table last year, the woman from Injoy told her that they didn’t do reservations ( although we always have to fight for a table because empty ones have “reserved” signs on them). When my wife pointed out that we always see reserved signs and that she wanted to talk to the manager we could hear the woman referring to my wife as a bitch before she handed the phone over.
So, the food is alright, the service is completely crap.

Nosey Nosey 12:49 am 22 Jul 08

Too many poor experiences at Cafe(didn’t)Injoy. 3 in a month.

My wife kept getting what looked like sponge in her food.

We never complained which was stupid of us as people need to know of faults before attempting to correct them.

Prior to that, it was worth the hassle to get a table.

I will return soon as I’m sure it was just bad luck.

starry starry 10:28 pm 21 Jul 08

In the old takeaway i heard a steakhous is going in, my source told me it was the owners of jasmine house.

Danman Danman 9:30 pm 21 Jul 08

Vittoria coffee is crap – support local roasters and get a cup of Kaffe Grande Gusto from Wagonga Coffee any Saturday in the local producers shed at Capital Region Farmers Markets any saturday. Why Canberra Cafe’s dont stock and brew this brand is beyond me. Happy to support local industry (Wamboin) when their products kick much needed arse.

If all those tags work, Ill be damned 😛

[ED – Almost]

ant ant 9:13 pm 21 Jul 08

Nice room, too, I like the way they’ve opened it up. Weird, I had my first job in Qbn almost next to Walshes, yet we never went there, we’d go to the tourist. Food at Walshes is tons nicer.

gun street girl gun street girl 9:01 pm 21 Jul 08

I second Walshes Hotel. It’s pricey for pub food, but good eating.

ant ant 8:59 pm 21 Jul 08

Is that the Central Cafe in Qbn’s main street? Although I must say, massive serves are a feature of many Qbn cafes, and pubs. If you like abundant food with some interest, try Walshes Hotel.

Pesty Pesty 7:49 am 21 Jul 08

minime2 said :

The Qbyn Cafe is opening soon in Gunghalin where Billy Baxters failed recently. They intend to bring the same menu and abundant food with them across the border. Aussie food in Gunghalin … very diverse tastes!

Thats interesting, I thought that was going in the old gungahlin takeaway & fresh caught seafood place? gees I miss those fish & chips! Gunners is desperate for a proper Aussie style takeaway.Billy baxters was over priced crap. BTW we need Vitoria coffee too!!!

minime2 minime2 1:43 am 21 Jul 08

The Qbyn Cafe is opening soon in Gunghalin where Billy Baxters failed recently. They intend to bring the same menu and abundant food with them across the border. Aussie food in Gunghalin … very diverse tastes!

ant ant 10:16 pm 20 Jul 08

Noisy, full of kids… ye gods. Which circle of hell is that again?

Rodney’s (at Harley) cafe is run by members of the family, and by all accounts they do a really good job. I wonder if Podfood do weekend breakkies? that could be a go-er for the one of many Riot Act breakfasts. Or Rodneys.

harley harley 7:07 pm 20 Jul 08

Wouldn’t spit on the place myself.

Wife and I had a bit of a blue cos she organised a breakfast out there for us and out 4 kids one day. We found the staff non-existant, the booking we’d made irrelevant and the place was so noisy we couldn’t argue with one another.

We took off and went somewhere that was actually nice to be. Actually, that last part is a lie, I can’t remember where we went. A different day we went to Rodney’s Garden Cafe in Pialligo. That was a good morning. I’m going downstairs right now to suggest we go back next week…

Thumper Thumper 3:38 pm 20 Jul 08

I had the pleasure of feeding metre long (and bigger) eels a loaf of bread in Queensland recently.

It was fun watching these pea brained fish with girths the size of my calf popping out the weeds. They even ended up taking bread from my hand.

As for Cafe Injoy, yep, their breakfasts really are big…

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 3:18 pm 20 Jul 08

I love Cafe injoy.

I have had breakfast and lunch there and I couldn’t complain either time.
The food is great and I quite like the atmosphere.

sepi sepi 2:00 pm 20 Jul 08

Yep – good food, reasonable prices, crappy atmosphere.

And always packed at mealtimes.

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