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Beyond the expected

Breathless coverage of dog death

By Gungahlin Al 21 March 2007 14

Well if people were surprised at the 4 pages of coverage the CT recently gave to the Garuda plane crash and local victims, they must be stunned at the exposure CT gives today to a dog that died of heat exhaustion in the cargo hold of a plane.

The story is that the plane was carrying a dog owned by a local going o/s. Said plane was stuck on the tarmac for several hours with temps at 30 degrees outside, and the dog died of heat stress. Bad news to be sure. Incompetent and uncaring airline sure.

But a front page column, a full front page photo on the liftout, articles covering two full pages of the liftout?

Regular browsers would know I think the CT is generally a good regional newspaper.

But for this story to get the coverage it has is just absurd.

What’s Your opinion?

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Breathless coverage of dog death
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Hasdrubahl 11:11 am 23 Mar 07

Maybe, Sammy, it should have appeared in the Sports pages too – bloodsports.

Sammy 9:25 am 23 Mar 07

For a lot of people, the family pet holds as much importance in their lives as a child does to others. I think this story deserves all the coverage it has received.

seepi 9:18 am 22 Mar 07

The articles did have a more general theme of the safety of animal transportation in planes.

I’ll be thinking twice about it now.

Thumper 8:27 am 22 Mar 07

Second what Mael and DarkLadyWolfMother said…

DarkLadyWolfMother 8:04 am 22 Mar 07

If that happened to my dog I’d certainly want a media feeding frenzy, if for no other reason than to make others aware; and perhaps to make sure it’s less likely to happen again.

Of course, I’d have to do it from a jail cell because I’d be in there for murdering the bastards responsible..

Maelinar 7:46 am 22 Mar 07

I think it’s reasonable.

Who are we to judge ourselves any better than any other animal with obviously so much more serious agenda ?

The facts I gather from this story is that a dog was travelling in an animal transporter cage, which meant that it was in a cramped position and not a pleasant way to pass away.

While said airplane was stuck on the tarmac, it can be certain that the air conditioning was on for the passengers, so is it wrong to point out that no such privelege was passed onto the other living cargo ?

Nobody, nae, Nothing should ever have to suffer a tortuous death.

Go down to the RSPCA for all of your sins and look after an abandoned animal.

Vic Bitterman 10:00 pm 21 Mar 07

Poor dog

andy 2:47 pm 21 Mar 07

canberra times. what else do we need to say ?

Hasdrubahl 2:40 pm 21 Mar 07

Having now read the CT’s voluminous column inches surrounding the case of the deceased dog, it certainly seems like overkill to me.

Well, overcooked anyway.

louise 2:09 pm 21 Mar 07

But would you want national media coverage to advertise your plight, or would you just settle for the money?

schmerica_ 1:46 pm 21 Mar 07

This was old news… didn’t this happen like a week or two ago? If that happened to my dog there would be hell to pay.

Hasdrubahl 1:12 pm 21 Mar 07

I have had to go buy a CT to check this out.

justbands 1:03 pm 21 Mar 07

I’ve seen a story on a cat being stuck in a tree on the TV national news once. That was a great one.

louise 11:50 am 21 Mar 07

This has got to almost be up there with a Saturday front page story of many years ago: ducks crossing a road.

CT has interesting priorities sometimes.

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