Building an extension in Canberra?

Madam Cholet 2 August 2011 9

I know this has been asked many times on RA before, but we are thinking of adding an extension to our house – one room that will be about 32 square metres.

Having some differences with Mr Cholet on how much we each think we will need to spend.

I note that in a previous post that someone quoted approximate costs of additional space to be about $1500 per square metre – and that will get you basic finishes.

Can anyone confirm this as near enough fact in the ACT?

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9 Responses to Building an extension in Canberra?
zllauh zllauh 8:43 pm 18 Aug 15

Hi Madam Cholet,

We recently got some work done by

Not a big company but surely a good mob with true customer service which possibly only a small business can offer.

Would surely recommend giving them a quick call, If they cant help they will atleast point you in the right direction.

My 2 cents.

Captain RAAF Captain RAAF 12:07 pm 03 Aug 11

RandomPoster said :

$1400 to $1500 is about right for a new build, for an extension it will be closer to $2500. Some of this depends on how much the existing structure needs to change.

Thats stupid money really, when you think about it, $12,000 in painting an extension, who was the painter, Monet?

RandomPoster RandomPoster 10:24 am 03 Aug 11

$1400 to $1500 is about right for a new build, for an extension it will be closer to $2500. Some of this depends on how much the existing structure needs to change.

Jethro Jethro 9:05 pm 02 Aug 11

At those prices it might just be cheaper to move

xyro xyro 8:14 pm 02 Aug 11

2500/m2 should build u a second floor extension. 1500/m2 should be adequate… but if u have expensive taste in the extras adjust accordingly – cheaper pre-fab type construction will give you what you pay for! i have built both.. and would never use pre fab on my own house. But each to their own! Good luck!

aidan aidan 3:53 pm 02 Aug 11

We added about that (bed + ensuite, half a bedroom and enclosed a porch under the roofile) but also did some internal rearrangements to improve solar access to living areas. Cost $120K near enough. We painted it ourselves which “saved” $12K. Carpets $5K. Curtains from $400 -> $3K.

dpm dpm 3:28 pm 02 Aug 11

I think $2,500p/m2 is closer to the mark now. That’s for a basic room – no plumbing etc (i.e. laundry/ensuite/kitchen). No rude shocks then!
You’ll then need to add floorings, curtains etc….

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:03 pm 02 Aug 11

One room, is that: Bedroom and en suite? Living room? Rumpus room?

I’d be surprised if 50K would cut the mustard, just on economies of scale, but it might do.

We’re spending roughly double what we hoped our renos/extensions would cost. Which is probably as accurate a guide as expecting $1500p/m to be near enough as fact.

shirty_bear shirty_bear 2:53 pm 02 Aug 11

Depends on whether you’re talking a prefab-insulated-colourbond-sheet “sunroom” (e.g. Spanline) or an actual extension. We had a spanline done by Design Additions about 4 years back and it came in nearer $1,100/sq.m (about the same size you’re talking; basic fittings, no internal plumbing).
A proper extension will probably run 3 or 4 times that. No idea how the numbers how changed since then.

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