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Canberra Cabs offers helpline for phone service

By johnboy 11 September 2006 18

The ABC has the happy news that Canberra Cabs have set up a helpline for those of us struggling to get anything useful out of their automated phone booking line.

The monopolist taxi company also claims that they have been meeting their targets for the last two months, which could just be that people have figured out they can get the taxi driver to take them anywhere as long as they can hammer their departure point into the system.

Listening to ABC radio it seems the company is claiming the problem is an inconsiderate public using mobile phones to call taxis from noisy places. How dare we!

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Canberra Cabs offers helpline for phone service
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shauno 12:13 pm 12 Sep 06

Yep like the shonky radio cabs in London. A lot of people have bad words to say about those operators in London. But I tell they have helped me out a few times. Its great coming out of a dodgy night club at 3am and paying some of these guys a fare in advance to go home. I havnt had any trouble with them.

Thumper 12:06 pm 12 Sep 06

Someone should start up a pirate taxi business.

No questions asked….

shauno 12:03 pm 12 Sep 06

I actually enjoyed my little bus ride.

Im back in Canberra for a little while in October missing out on the bike ride pub crawl again. Oh well. If I get a cab Ill use a couple of mate’s in the Industry and pay them cash off the system.

seepi 10:38 am 12 Sep 06

This would be the perfect time for action busses to pick up a few mini-busses and re-start that after hours system they had where you ring a bus.
pity they’ve chosen to downsize right now too.

Thumper 10:32 am 12 Sep 06

Yeah, had to drinks lites all night!

Or I could have gone to Qbyn…

Mr Evil 10:29 am 12 Sep 06

Well Thumper, it’s obvious that you will have to change your drinking habits to suit Canberra Cabs. 🙂

Thumper 10:14 am 12 Sep 06

I did it the other night.

Somehow West Belconnen Leagues Club became Queanbeyan Leagues club and after many attempts at saying WBLC and the machine telling me Qbyn LC, I thought, stuff you, if thats where you want to go, then so be it.

I reckon its probably a good way to get the message across that the system is useless. No worse than useless…

bonfire 10:11 am 12 Sep 06

thumper that is genius.

Thumper 10:08 am 12 Sep 06


you should have said yes, sent the stupid cab on its merry way to pick up no-one, and then caught the bus…

shauno 9:56 am 12 Sep 06

The upside of all this was I actually caught a bus for the first time in ages. I was at Canberra Uni and couldn’t for the life of me get a cab. The machine kept asking me if I was in an embassy in Yarralumla. So I strolled up the road and caught on a bus.

johnboy 9:12 am 12 Sep 06

It’s bog standard for a monopoly.

seepi 9:10 am 12 Sep 06

This is an interesting new slant on marketing that they are pursuing. If the product doesn’t suit the customer – try to make the customer change!

Absent Diane 9:03 am 12 Sep 06

will the help line be automated?

anyway never fear I have a plan….. Lets call a boycott canberra cabs night….. and we get as many people as we can involved and then we all drive home off our chops in protest…. that will disrupt the system… almost ghandi-ish in its perfection…

la mente torbida 8:38 am 12 Sep 06

A help line that you can call? What are the odds that this will be outsourced to an overseas call centre? 🙂

LIC 7:51 pm 11 Sep 06

I thought the comment about customers being inconsiderate enough to use mobile phones to book taxis was a gem. What sort of IVR software developer doesn’t anticipate that a large number of customers will want to use their mobiles? What does Canberra Cabs expect us to do – carry around a portable cone of silence for when we’re out and need to book a taxi.

shauno 5:09 pm 11 Sep 06

When I was back in Canberra first half of August I gave up after 3 or 4 attempts and they lost probably 20 plus cab rides out of me. Why this bloody government insists on a bloody monopoly is beyond me.

bonfire 3:35 pm 11 Sep 06

i email them ahead of time since the idiot sytstem was introduced. no probs so far.

guess i’ll be screwed when im pissed up after a night out at mooseheads with lurkergal.

“yer honor, i had to drive home pissed as i was unable to book a taxi..”

Geoffco 3:08 pm 11 Sep 06

I tried really hard to get it to recognise Manuka. It just didn’t happen.

Thank you to whoever said “Press 9” in the previous thread. I would have gone nuts (or called the disabled taxi service line) without that.

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