Canberra region to ‘eclipse’ the week of rain with a Friday night lunar show

Max O'Driscoll 19 November 2021 31
Blood moon

Canberrans can look to the night sky on Friday, 19 November, to see a magnificent blood moon. Photo: File.

On Friday, 19 November, from approximately 7:45 pm to 9:30 pm, the Canberra region will be treated to its second lunar eclipse of 2021.

Dr Brad Tucker, from Mount Stromlo Observatory, explained the phenomenon of the partial lunar eclipse and what Canberrans can expect to witness as the moon goes around the Earth and into its shadow.

“What actually happens is there’s a little bit of red light that skims the Earth’s atmosphere so what you’re essentially getting is a little bit of sunrise and sunset light skimming the Earth’s atmosphere and going off into space,” he said.

“As the moon goes around, it goes into this light so the moon will turn dark and then it will go into this red light and the moon will turn red.

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“It’s not going to be 100 per cent dark or red because it’s not the exact perfect alignment. It’s going to be 97-98 per cent so no-one will really notice.”

The common phrase is a ‘blood moon (as pictured above), but what is particularly interesting is the eclipse will begin before the moon rises above the horizon.

“What that means is as the moon is rising it will actually rise dark and red so it will look fantastic,” said Dr Tucker. “Instead of just being up in the sky and going through this change, it will rise red so it will be a very spectacular sight.

“My recommendation is to do whatever you can to have as clear a view to the east as possible – maybe go to Mount Ainslie or somewhere like that.”

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Lunar eclipses are perfectly safe to look at. Dr Tucker said the most important thing is finding an unobstructed view.

There was a lunar eclipse just six lunar cycles ago, at the end of May, but the expectation is there won’t be a lunar eclipse at all in 2022.

For people not wanting to spend two hours watching the night sky, Dr Tucker said the main action will be on display from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

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31 Responses to Canberra region to ‘eclipse’ the week of rain with a Friday night lunar show
Malinda Cole Malinda Cole 4:53 pm 18 Nov 21

Maria Mastoris

Cassie Grening

Monica Singh

Nat San 🌕

Gillian Lahiff Gillian Lahiff 2:26 pm 18 Nov 21

Goodie! Hope it isn’t overcast…

Anna Karla Anna Karla 1:00 pm 18 Nov 21

Billy Collins Kanon Mollik it’s no super blue blood moon 😂

Joyce Yeoh Joyce Yeoh 8:57 pm 17 Nov 21

Ceilidh Armer

Tammy Mackenzie Tammy Mackenzie 7:45 pm 17 Nov 21

Is that this Friday night?

Mel Mel Sullivan Mel Mel Sullivan 7:27 pm 17 Nov 21

Olympia Muir-Williams so very wrong

Emily Corker Emily Corker 7:23 pm 17 Nov 21

Bec Lamb Courtney Walker Rhiannon Toohey star gazing?

Krysta Lea Krysta Lea 7:16 pm 17 Nov 21

Joe Harper !!!! Dinner outside ? Hopefully it’s a clear night

Jamelle Boettcher Jamelle Boettcher 7:03 pm 17 Nov 21

Mel Waterson fingers crossed for a clear night here 🤞🤞🤞

Kelli Schluter Kelli Schluter 4:58 pm 17 Nov 21

Elena King THE MOON!! 😍

    Elena King Elena King 7:49 pm 18 Nov 21

    Kelli Schluter it will be magnificent from my balcony as long as I get out on time 🙄🙄 you’re welcome to come over ❤️

Catty Alexis Catty Alexis 2:24 pm 17 Nov 21

Ash Citizen another camp chair on the front lawn night 🤓

Shannon Blakeden Shannon Blakeden 11:52 am 17 Nov 21

Luna eclipse this Friday!!! Tanya Michelle Kayla La Kate Blakeney Will Blakeden... who's keen for a drink on the roof to watch the moon rise from 745

Scott Dziubinski Scott Dziubinski 11:41 am 17 Nov 21

Emily Dziubinski Will occur early. Maybe take the girls somewhere.

Rebecca Gallacher Rebecca Gallacher 11:25 am 17 Nov 21

Stephen Gallacher for Eliza?

Natasha Adele Natasha Adele 11:01 am 17 Nov 21

Loretta Branigan we're gonna go chase the moon on Friday night.. you coming?

Jan Fazey Jan Fazey 10:47 am 17 Nov 21

Shame it will be raining and overcast ☹

Jayne Diehm Jayne Diehm 9:40 am 17 Nov 21

Jaycee Byers we should definitely watch this one....if we aren’t too crazy

Meg Houghton Meg Houghton 11:24 pm 16 Nov 21

Stephanie something else to do on Friday?!

Karli World Karli World 10:49 pm 16 Nov 21

Celia to show Riley!

Sarah Valentine Foley Sarah Valentine Foley 9:58 pm 16 Nov 21

Kelly Bruce for Hamish x

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