Chief Minister’s Office undermining Gungahlin jobs

Gungahlin Al 18 September 2007 30

CT has a lead story today on $2B worth of development happening in Canberra.

The article talks about DEST not having signed off on buying the $40M old QE2 hospital site in Civic, and the CMO’s “are concerned that federal Labor could abandon the site altogether and move the project to Gungahlin to fulfil a promise to Labor MP Bob McMullan for a large department in his electorate.”

And what exactly is wrong with that?

Ever since I’ve been with GCC, various ACT Labor Ministers have been telling us that there is nothing they can do to get Federal departments to relocate to Gungahlin. They have expressed support, and acknowledged that jobs are desperately needed in Gungahlin to reduce the need for everyone to commute out, and the resulting heavy financial demands placed on the ACT Government to fund road upgrades.

Yet here we have a major department that is not locked into moving into the City or elsewhere, and the CMO is actively trying to prevent it moving to Gungahlin???

Do they seriously think that the difference in price they’ll get for the land in Civic over land in Gungahlin will offset the extra road and public transport costs that would result?

I find the hypocrisy and short-sightedness of this strategy by Stanhope’s staff appalling. Stanhope himself is due to attend the GCC meeting on 10 October ( – I won’t be the only one interested in how he explains this…

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30 Responses to Chief Minister’s Office undermining Gungahlin jobs
Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 11:29 am 21 Sep 07

Sorry to burst your bubble Kramer, but ACTPLA are putting together designs for Flemington Road that they have told me preserves a potential light rail or PT corridor up the middle all the way to the Gungahlin town centre, and to connect into the already preserved corridor between the trees down Northbourne.

They will be presenting these plans at our 14 November meeting – see

Kramer Kramer 11:12 pm 20 Sep 07

Even if by some strange twist of fate, in a parallel universe Canberra implemented a light rail network, as if it would service Gungahlin. That’s just too much of a stretch of imagination.

barney barney 7:04 pm 19 Sep 07

Gungahlin is the chosen place for the terminally ill members of the community (I have seen a secret report that many of you may not have). I don’t know how that makes sense, but it does.

Now wasn’t that a “shot from the hip”.

Pandy Pandy 6:46 pm 19 Sep 07

@ jr
but not to the airport right?

random random 11:09 am 19 Sep 07

Try “Why is Gunghalin any different from Tidbinbilla?” and you’ve got a more apt comparison.

Come off it. It’s not just good for Gungahlin-dwellers; it’s more convenient than Woden for most of Belconnen, too, and better than Civic for half of it.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:41 am 19 Sep 07

If anyone wants to make it a story of the day thats fine, I just hate the inbox spam and have no idea how to disable it.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:40 am 19 Sep 07

Re: Airport traffic, see link: HERE.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 1:13 am 19 Sep 07

now if we had a decent light rail network… 😛

ant ant 10:24 pm 18 Sep 07

Every day, I see massive gridlock caused by heavy traffic going north and south. This is at the Moreshead Drive/Majura Road mess. In both directions, it’s at a standstill. If all those people weren’t criss-crossing the city every day, it would be A Good Thing. I think it’s good that there’s a few departments in Tuggeranong, and can’t see the disaster if there was one or more in Gungahlin. People on the northside (Belc, watson area, and of course Gunghalin) could be headed north, against the traffic heading towards Civic and Belconnen and that lot who go up Majura Road.

I’ve wondered, as I watch all those poor buggers at a standstill heading for the airport, why on earth they put up with it and work there. Interesting to hear that some have made the decision not to work there, for that reason. Being slugged for parking in what is effectively a developed paddock can’t feel good, either.

andy andy 10:12 pm 18 Sep 07

gungahlin Al, you’ll be out at Brindabella soon enough, don’t stress.

ephemerac ephemerac 9:57 pm 18 Sep 07

Agree with Ralph, there are no compelling arguments why any government department should be forced to move to Gungahlin.

Kramer’s right too. A lot of people want to work in Civic because it’s centrally located with all the amenities (apart from lack of car parking which the ACT Govt will need to do something about PDQ). It’s also closer to Parliament House and other major departments. And with the large number of PS jobs going begging across a whole range of departments and a whole lot of critical areas (IT, HR, finance, public affairs), departments would have to be nervous about relocating to far away destinations their employees really don’t want to go to.

I remember years ago working for a department in Civic which wanted to relocate some staff to Tuggeranong. The staff nearly rioted. And the move never happened.

Kramer Kramer 9:29 pm 18 Sep 07

Many govt agencies also like to have a presence in Civic so they can easily meet with ministers (or more likely their myrmidons) and other govt big wigs. If the employees think twice about commuting to Gungahlin, how can you expect your minister to think about visiting?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 8:33 pm 18 Sep 07

Why is Gungahlin any different than Tuggeranong?

Try “Why is Gunghalin any different from Tidbinbilla?” and you’ve got a more apt comparison.

Pandy Pandy 7:45 pm 18 Sep 07

Only DICA IT is moving to Gungahlin.

And the TC is crap in Gungahlin, what with its narrow, canyon roads. At least Belconnen has wide boulevards that makes it livable. So which DEP Sec would want to move several thousand people to Gungahlin?

bigred bigred 7:20 pm 18 Sep 07

Give us a break here. Those Gungahlinites seem to think they are Canberra’s poorer cousins. The place was established as a dormitory for the rest of Canberra and that is what it will remain. Its got its road (well almost) it so desperately “needed” so the locals could go to work elsewhere, now they want to have work to come to them. What next, a public holiday for G Day?

sepi sepi 6:23 pm 18 Sep 07

I know several Gungahlin people that are hanging out for Immigration to move to Gungahlin, and will be taking any job they can there, ASAP.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:00 pm 18 Sep 07

FacSIA is in Tuggeranong -and- Woden, thesedays.

Multi-campus Departments seem to be the trnd of Canberra, even the police, Defence, and our spooks are doing it.

flyingblind flyingblind 4:21 pm 18 Sep 07

I left my last employer after they moved to the airport, at least i tried it! but dealing with the crap roads and congestion day after day there left (pun intended) a lot to be desired.

This is Canberra not Sydney, i do not want to sit in traffic snarls for the best part of 2 hours a day!

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 3:50 pm 18 Sep 07

Seems appropriate that Centrelink and FACS are in Tuggeranong to me 🙂

Heavs Heavs 3:29 pm 18 Sep 07

Why is Gungahlin any different than Tuggeranong? They are both ‘the end of the line’. Why should Tuggeranong be blessed with Centrelink and FACS and whatever else is out there. It seems entirely reasonable that government departments should move out to Gungahlin – especially if the price is right.

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