Coastal hazards

johnboy 4 January 2013 8


For those seeking to escape the scorching heatwave about to pound down on us by going to the coast, a couple of words of warning:

    1. The bluebottles are in biblical proportions if the wind is coming in right. I took the above shot on North Broulee on New Year’s Day.

    2. The reason I couldn’t share it with you until today is that world+dog taking their new ipads to the coast has carked out the cellular data networks something rotten. You’d think given the number of major decision makers on IT contracts who will be holidaying down there the networks would get this right, but no.

Having said that there are worse things than bluebottles on some beaches at some times and having to actually talk to your fellow humans.

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8 Responses to Coastal hazards
vg vg 5:36 pm 06 Jan 13

Spent another weekend there and not a bluebottle seen.

Its Australia FFS, bluebottles appear

MissChief MissChief 11:47 am 05 Jan 13

Just spent the last hour in the water. Only blue bottles high up on the beach. None in the water.

trickyxr trickyxr 9:38 am 05 Jan 13

Yes they are still there in huge numbers I have a van at South Durras and have never seen as many there as i have this year, My Nephew got stung around the arm after going swimming when we couldnt see any on the beach or in the water. It took about 40 minutes running it under warm water before it started to settle down

hotwaterservice hotwaterservice 10:43 pm 04 Jan 13

At Jervis (Jar-vis) Bay for the last four days … no real sign of hordes of bluebottles from Huskisson to Vincentia … the occasional titchy one yes … but harden up folks … they’re not sea wasps!

Had them (bigger bugger versions!) routinely around my neck and legs on other days at other beaches … provides some stimulation to make sure you are alive!

Harden up!

Ozi Ozi 6:43 pm 04 Jan 13

Jervis Bay had them over new years until 2 January, probably still there now.

It was an on-shore breeze pushing them into the surf in huge numbers, similar to the JB photo. They were on Murphys and Collingwood beach, and with the easterly breezes probably on most of the other beaches on the stretch.

Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 2:34 pm 04 Jan 13

Last time I was at Merimbula, which was about a month a go now, they were quite evident although nothing like that photo.

My poor little boy trod on one in about September down there as well. Not nice although the pain did abate after about 20 mins. Although 20 minutes of me carrying an unhappy 18 kilo lump along the street! He now calls it ‘the stingy beach’.

Golden-Alpine Golden-Alpine 1:23 pm 04 Jan 13

Can anyone advise if these guys are still an issue? I want to take a day trip to the Bay tomorrow.

bundah bundah 12:13 pm 04 Jan 13

That’s a sight for sore eyes,they’re like unfriendly aliens and i’d prefer to deal with the hordes of humans than have those little buggers latching on with their stingers

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