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Compliment to Canberra Drivers

By ThatGuy 15 January 2010 26

I almost don’t want to say it for fear of jinxing myself, but I must say that Canberra drivers have been doing something right recently. 

Several months ago I moved from North to mid-south-central (not quite ready to call myself a southsider yet).  My girlfriend and I take advantage of the T2 lanes  from Woden to our places of work in the city.  When we first started utilising these lanes we ran into several issues:

  • Drivers going extreeeemley slow in the T2 lane
  • Drivers (with no passenger) getting pissy with us for getting ahead and attempting to block us
  • Drivers with no passenger using the T2 lane illegaly
  • I don’t want to generalise but young male drivers in gargantuan utes flying up our butts and getting angry at us for not going 20kph over the limit.  For some reason it’s always young males in built up utes, I’m actually not generalising for once!

But recently, it seems that Canberra drivers are getting it.  They’re getting that they need to have 2 people in their car, they’re getting that it isn’t necessarily the fast lane while still understanding that they need to go the speed limit, they’re getting that the lanes are aimed at benefiting those who car pool so it isn’t necessary to block me just because I’m getting in front of you.  Canberra you’re getting it!

Undoubtedly, I’ll now be rear-ended by an angry ute driving maniac with no passenger on the way home.  But until that time, credit where credit is due.

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Compliment to Canberra Drivers
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TP 3000 10:58 pm 22 Jan 10

One lovely member of the public has spun all the T2 signs around the wrong way. I suspect that the T2 part of the lane will be removed once the GDE is complete. I say this as where Adelaide Avenue was recently resealed, the T2 sign was removed & only “Bus Lane” was painted on the road.

In my mind, there should be cement wall in between the bus lane & normal traffic lanes. The barrier could end around Hopetourn Circuit turn off. This would allow buses enough room to move over to exit onto State Circle & to get from State Circle to bus lane of an afternoon. The T2 part would be removed as I see too many slow cars in the T2 at the moment

Prospector 6:39 pm 22 Jan 10

Time it went back to a bus-only lane (but with access for taxis and motor cycles); at the time it was converted to a T2 lane, government said it was only a temporary measure.

Funky1 1:44 pm 22 Jan 10


Single occupant turkey in a red Mazda MX6 this morning decides that the traffic is travelling too slow for him in the right lane, so uses the T2 as an overtaking lane then proceeds to stay in that lane for the rest of the length of Adelaide Ave. Must have saved all of about 20 seconds of his trip.

Expect more of the same in the coming weeks as more of these people return from holidays.

P Taker 2:31 pm 19 Jan 10

I dont find its P-platers or tradies in utes, of a morning i find the tailgaters are the middle aged businessmen and women in their la di da flashy cars who i am guessing have left the house late!

molongloid 1:40 am 19 Jan 10

trevar said :

molongloid said :

trevar said :

You may then have to wait until October for the annual westerly migration of the utes for another reprieve

What happens in/from October to the West?

The Deni Ute Muster (click the link)

The link looked like a link but didn’t contain anything. Thanks for the extra info.

sloppery 2:14 pm 18 Jan 10

sepi said :

I use the T2 lanes when Adelaide Ave is busy, but I don’t bother when there’s not much traffic. I may look like only one person too, but I do have little kids in the back.

I tend to do the same.

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