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Loose Brown 3 March 2008 71

I attended the Corinbank Music and Arts Festival over the weekend. I am now back at work but in my head I am still reclining on the grassy ampitheatre, relaxing with a beer with my mates and watching band after band after band.

For a first time festival – it was absolutely fantastic. There was no line up for drinks, campsites were flat and free of sticks and rocks. There were little places hidden away featuring different activities – you could be walking along a grassy corridor one minute and then come across a sculpture garden with an informal acoustic gig going on the next.

High points:

The pair of naked streakers totally putting one performer off. Try and segway into a song about your mum after that!
The volunteers everywhere. They were always smiling and helpful.
The rat patrol freakbikes were fantastic. The pedal powered dodgems kept the kids amused for hours.
The shower truck!!! Just the ticket to find that one morning.
The 300+ people conga line on Sunday arvo.

The only thing that sucked was how cold it got on Friday night. I was kept awake by the sound of my teeth chattering and couldn’t wait for the sun to come up. Should have brought a li-lo – those thin mat things are useless.

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71 Responses to Corinbank Review
justbands justbands 11:01 am 13 Mar 08

Just Bands has posted some pics of Corinbank…

More to come soon.

Riot Records Riot Records 8:47 am 06 Mar 08

The music at my show was part hardcore, part screamo and part tech metal.

Shinigami-Gus Shinigami-Gus 7:33 pm 05 Mar 08

I did read that post “riot records” what sort music was at that gig anyway? yes my grammar isn’t perfect but it’s not like I’m an editor, or trying to write a novel or something… geez, pedantic much people?

Shinigami-Gus Shinigami-Gus 7:30 pm 05 Mar 08

none of you are interesting at all accept loose brown, pippymoo and barney. The rest of you (the libs hehe) have just attacked me obviously have some severe insecurities as you feel it’s necessary to pick on faceless entities… and i did mean redundant you redundant fool maelinar… who say’s tard anyway? and who likes Cortina’s for that matter your obviously very bored and hopeless individuals and may god (or the omnipotent being of some other name) have mercy on you… I know he/she pity’s you already, it’s hard not to with some of the diarrhea you guys are dribbling…

Riot Records Riot Records 7:25 pm 05 Mar 08

Ahahaha… and I thought I copped shit for supposedly putting on an ‘Anti-corinbank’ event!

Shinigami-Gus Shinigami-Gus 7:22 pm 05 Mar 08

your just upset cause your you El cortina… and how exactly did maelinar do that anyway? explain?

el ......TECortina 250 Deathtrap el ......TECortina 250 Deathtrap 7:15 pm 05 Mar 08

Shinigami-Gus = PWNED by Mælinar. Completely.

Shinigami-Gus Shinigami-Gus 7:09 pm 05 Mar 08

barney seems to be the only one with any logic or common sense.. and yes maelinar this is my third post in a row so shoot me you lifeless joke… and who exactly is this comment aimed at “Thumper”: And that’s coming from someone who has contributed 28 comments to one thread. And still makes no sense.

Maybe get your thoughts together sunshine, before you post. Then people may take you a little more seriously.

Oh, and learn some grammar and how to spell.
’cause your openly liberal so nothing i say can pay you out any more than that… hehe.. fool.
P.S. barney, the herd went off like a frog in a sock, everyone was into it…

Shinigami-Gus Shinigami-Gus 7:01 pm 05 Mar 08

and dalryk… little needs to be said about you, as you obviously have very little in the way of mental prowess… nuff said

Shinigami-Gus Shinigami-Gus 6:58 pm 05 Mar 08

girlsonfilm… you’re a tool.. no girl would ever let you near them let alone sexually… You also don’t have a life obviously so fifteen minutes out of your life is far from a loss… only retards retarted you twat… the tard brush… he he you no hoper

girlsonfilm girlsonfilm 6:51 pm 05 Mar 08

loose brown, read a little closer – it’s 3 actual comments about corinbank and about 50 comments of tripe and wankery. i want the last 15 mins back of my life you spammin’ bitches!

if anyone makes a better fest i’ll come over and eat yr girlfriend out while you’re gone.

barney barney 4:01 pm 05 Mar 08

Should hang yourself.

dalryk dalryk 3:51 pm 05 Mar 08

Shinigami-Gus = wacko. I vote for a public lynching.

toriness toriness 2:26 pm 05 Mar 08

wow – i was kind of bummed about missing out on corinbank before (i was up in syd for the mardi gras parade instead) – but if shini-whatever indicates the calibre of those in attendance at the festival….


Mælinar Mælinar 2:20 pm 05 Mar 08

haha @ Thumper, mentally redundant.

hehe haha hooooo…

While redundant is a novel way of putting it, I think the word you were after was retarded, tard.

Yes thats right, I still have the tard brush, and you just got painted.

Thumper Thumper 2:12 pm 05 Mar 08

And I’ll add that, if I didn’t have other things on, I would have liked to have gone as well…

barney barney 1:55 pm 05 Mar 08

?? huh ??

I think that both the Federal and local ALP governments are doing a bloody good job. In regard to political riotact posting’s, the only whinging right now, is coming from the die-hard Fascists.

I appreciate the offer of posting Anti-Liberal threads, but I prefer not to. For I am interested in talking about non-politically related topics of the Canberra region. But, I do have an opinion, and I quite regularly voice it. Albeit, as a reaction, as apposed to a provocation. Sorry. :S

For the record. I think I have posted 2 topics on here. One was about the traffic lights on Adelaide Ave (whilst Floriade is on), and the other was about local international cricket matches.

I must admit that I do get a laugh when people refer to the Liberal Party as “The Libs”.

Anyway. Perhaps this is the wrong thread to be saying all this.

PS: I didn’t go to the Corin Bank thingy, as I never had enough money. It sounds like a great festival though. If I would have had transport and some dollars, I would probably have gone.

PSS: The Herd are a great mob!

Loose Brown Loose Brown 1:45 pm 05 Mar 08

Hey Shini – easy on the masses – they are quite amusing in time and you grow to love them.

RiotACT does have a particular style which is first off to knock whatever the original post is. Don’t take is to heart buddy. People tend to steer (kind of) clear of personal attacks and mindless ranting. If you are after conversation – check out MSN.

Thumper Thumper 1:39 pm 05 Mar 08

And that’s coming from someone who has contributed 28 comments to one thread. And still makes no sense.

Maybe get your thoughts together sunshine, before you post. Then people may take you a little more seriously.

Oh, and learn some grammar and how to spell.

Ralph Ralph 1:37 pm 05 Mar 08


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