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Dickson College smart asses on the bus

By 1337Hax0r - 2 May 2012 43

I had the misfortune to once again encounter the rude,  abusive, offensive and smart ass behaviour of Dickson College  students who catch the 4:30pm Deanes bus to Queanbeyan. On numerous occasions I have had to put up with their offensive and abusive language.

Today, finally fed up with it I asked “Could you please stop swearing?” To which a blonde haired girl about 16-17 years of age gave me an idiot grin and said “It’s a public bus.” I pointed out the rules on the bus which state that swearing is not permitted.

During the rest of the trip the students continued to swear, and made smart ass comments about swearing. They reffered to me several times, making rude and abusive comments. In addition, they made repeated racist comments, repeating “If you don’t like our country then get the hell out.”

What can one do though? I would have loved to plant my fist deep within their skull, but that’s kind of illegal, and well, just sinking to their level. I have written to the college about the issue.

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Dickson College smart asses on the bus
MsDizzy 11:27 am 02 May 12

I experienced something similar (albeit a little scarier) to this one morning last year while travelling on a public bus from Belconnen to the City (via Canberra High School). The perpetrators were a bunch of (around 20) foul-mouthed Canberra High School students and the victim was the bus driver. The students threw fistfuls of large sized MM’s down the aisle toward the driver repeatedly over about 10 minutes. In addition to this they were swearing (very loudly) and making nasty comments about the bus driver and passengers on the bus. Apart from the high school students there was a large number of young primary school aged children on the bus at the time – one of them mine. After a number of requests were made by passengers asking the students to stop what they were doing, and the driver stopping the bus and threatening to throw them off, a female student made a very serious threat of violence toward the driver. By this time most passengers (especially the children) were quite frightened, myself included. With my heart pounding in fear I got my iPhone out and Googled the phone number for the school and called the Principal. I was fortunate to get straight through to the Deputy and he was equally horrified by the behaviour, so much so that he requested to know the estimated time of arrival at the stop nearest to the school. When the bus stopped there was the Deputy waiting, cranky face and all. He quickly commanded control of the group and let them have it. It was beautiful and the driver was very thankful! To this day I am amazed by what ACTION drivers put up with.

Holden Caulfield 11:26 am 02 May 12

Good on you for writing to the school. Hope you get a satisfactory response.

I think the allegations of racism would likely force the school’s hand into acting more than the swearing. So, in a way, it’s good thing that Little Miss Bogan and her mates appear to have been such deads***s.

Instant Mash 11:18 am 02 May 12

Best idea yet.

johnboy 10:45 am 02 May 12

hey make sure you give us first crack at the video!

FioBla 10:44 am 02 May 12

Video to identify the school, and audio seems to be the 21st century way. Bonus if done anonymously.

Even if the school has non-existent punishment, at least other viewers can laugh and point. And Today Tonight gets 1 minute of material.

Instant Mash 10:33 am 02 May 12

Threaten the school with a harassment suit. Better yet, the parents if you can get names.

PBO 10:15 am 02 May 12

This may seem a bit extreme, but it works. I gaurantee that you will be left alone for perpetuity and those pesky kids will never say peep in your presence again…..

1st, get a stanley knife and cut yourself (this will make sense later)

2nd, rush the main student offender and grab them in a firm yet pseudo-sexual fashion and secure them in such a way that you can whisper/kiss/lick them and they cannot do anything about it (Ensure that they are well over the age of 16 otherwise this will backfire quite badly for you and you will get a rep that you do not want).

3rdly, tell them that you remember what it was like when you were their age, 10 foot tall and bulletproof. Whisper to them how lonely you are and then suggestively whisper something really dirty/disgusting in their ear like that they are going to be violated with a plunger and a trombone while you pleasure yourself with their favorite childhood toy to the soundtrack of Clockwork Orange (although the connection would be lost on the students), they will be paralysed with fear and will not notice you putting the stanley knife handle in their hand and then jump back and scream that they have cut you.

and 4thly, the bus will stop and you will be there bleeding when the cops arrive. The stunned students will already have have a bad reputation for troublemaking and there will be one of them holding a stanley knife while you are bleeding. The kids will be taken away and not believed because it sounds silly and who would go to all that trouble anyway?

When you do see them they will be quite well behaved around you from then on with only you and they being the wiser. This when you smile at the and say what well behaved little pretties they are.

M0les 10:06 am 02 May 12

Gigantor said :

should have punched

That only works on bank managers, police officers, bailiffs and parole officers.

JazzyJess 10:02 am 02 May 12

Firstly, good for you for asking them to stop. I agree with other posters who’ve said you need to contact the school. Write to the Principal and follow it up with a phone call. Don’t forget to include dates, times etc.

Deref 9:33 am 02 May 12

Call Deans and the school.

Squidward 9:33 am 02 May 12

I feel your pain. I was on an ACTION bus holding my then 2 yr old son who was sleeping and a group of teenagers would not stop swearing and yelling. Turned around and asked them to please keep it down and stop swearing, they apologised but kept up the swearing and yelling and making smart ass comments about it. I was fuming but what was I to do while holding my son. I usually dont even mind the yelling but because my son was sleeping I would have thought a bit of courtesy for him wouldnt have been too hard. I thought wrong didnt I!

Thumper 9:31 am 02 May 12

Write a strongly worded letter to the school suggesting legal action for racial discrimination by the students.

But before you do that, ring the principal and let him know that you are considering the former option.

arescarti42 8:40 am 02 May 12

I’d call the school. I don’t know if public schools are the same, but the private one I went to took complaints from the public about students really seriously.

Gigantor 8:36 am 02 May 12

should have punched

AKT 8:26 am 02 May 12

Have you written to Deanes and complained about the behavior? If not would be worth a shot, you may also mention it to the bus driver as well.

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