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Don’t try and get anything done if you’re not one of Simon Corbell’s mates

By johnboy 15 May 2005 8

Following on from the story, about our bi-polar Minister for Planning bypassing planning approval to the benefit of the Queensland Labor Government-owned Queensland Investment Corporation, the Canberra Times now has a lengthy report on what it’s like to try and get planning approvals if you haven’t cultivated a friend in high places.

The idea that lobbyists are being hired is very troubling, it’s a very short step to outright graft and corruption from there.

On the bright side a four-storey bar/nightclub in the old ANZ Building sounds pretty exciting. Also sounds exactly what Simon is supposed to want to achieve with his Civic West plan? Or do business have to be friends of Simon to get that work?

What’s Your opinion?

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8 Responses to
Don’t try and get anything done if you’re not one of Simon Corbell’s mates
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johnboy 1:08 am 17 May 05

Smackbang – If it’s that serious then is he capable of holding this position? being a minister is not an entitlement.

Is he mad or is he bad? It’s a serious question.

Areaman – Without any justification of the call in power I would say the beneficiaries are his mates now even if they weren’t before.

In general though, government should never request our trust, they should be above suspicion through transparency at all times.

To use an analogy; If I see someone dealing from the bottom of the deck I don’t ask questions and I don’t wait to see actual proof of cheating. I walk away from the table and I warn everyone who’ll listen not to sit down at that table.

Simon Corbell is continuously opaque, both in his twisted language (which one allways wonders as to whether it is the product of incompetence or obfuscation) and in his observed actions and justifications.

As I mentioned above, he begged the question “mad or bad”, and he did it long before his mental illness became public knowledge.

But neither QIC’s relationship to the Labor govt of Qld, nor Simon’s mental illness were central to the story. They were however both factual detail which raise doubt given the shadiness of the proceeding.

A detailed (and coherent) explanation of the call-in would have avoided all this.

Judges write dozens of pages explaining their decisions, I really don’t see why this sort of ministerial intervention should be less well explained.

As for the previous Liberal government? I hope that has not become the benchmark for probity.

But if it has then can we set it as a benchmark for actual results?

Because this current government is underperforming on either measure.

bonfire 3:02 pm 16 May 05

if you knew the factional hatreds that run deep in the ALP you wouldnt have made that last post.

areaman 11:48 am 16 May 05

So the QIC, an independent company from Queensland who got plenty of favourable treatment the Libs are “Labor Mates” but (from a previous RA story) the ACT CFMEU a local affiliated union from the planning minister’s own faction aren’t? If he wanted to show favouritism he it wouldn’t be for the QIC. Obviously there are issues with the planning bureaucracy but any claim that Corbell is using his call in powers to advance his mates is entirely fanciful, without any evidence to back it up.

Smackbang 10:34 am 16 May 05

Johnboy I really can’t believe you are making fun or an issue out of the Ministers bipolar condition. It’s not a joke, it’s a serious condition. By all means criticise him for what he does as a Minister, but I think you should leave out the mental health jibes.

bonfire 10:25 am 16 May 05

iirc didnt stanhope and co ride into power on a wave of ‘liberals bad planning’ rhetoric ?

Thumper 8:10 am 16 May 05

It takes 12 months to get approval for a garage and yet ear ring boy can approve something like this in a flash?

Sometimes I think this government is getting just a tad arrogant in how it treats its constituents.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6:30 pm 15 May 05

I wonder if QIC will be hiring Delta Demolitions to build City West…Delta Demolitions being the people who built most of the new part of the Canberra Centre, and while doing so, broke a gas main, flooded shops, and demolished car park downramps at lunch time.


seepi 2:57 pm 15 May 05

Palm told my mother simultaneously that:
1. She had to sell her property before her rural lease ran out, in order to avoid making a windfall gain, and having to pay 90% of the money back to them. and
2. They wouldn’t agree before sale on the clause for use of the land that the new owner would be under (eg – resindential/rural/business/green paddocks only etc). They said the new owner could negotiate that with them AFter purchase.
Now who in their right mind would buy a large property, for a substantial amount of money, without knowing what they are allowed to do with it. And knowing that finding out would involve dealing with palm.
It is insane that they are allowed to operate like this is a feudal society.

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