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Election Wrap – 30 September

By johnboy 30 September 2008 28


James Sizer doesn’t think yesterday’s Labor announcements on carers and disabilities do enough.

James also thinks the carer’s announcement in particular was just “catch-up”.


The Canberra Times has some thoughts by Messrs Mulcahy, Rattenbury and Churchill on what they’d do about parking in Civic.


The AMP’s shambolic website can be tricky to monitor. But I note that some time recently they’ve released their long awaited motorsport policy.

    The AMP will develop a comprehensive combined Driver Education Centre and Motor Sport park in the Majura Valley approximately 3 Klm north of the end of Canberra Airport. The facility will be named NADEC (National Automotive and Driver Education Centre)

Apparently it will fix the tourism woes too.


The JonKat gestalt/diarchy is promising a billion dollar panacea to all our health woes.

Mr Stanhope is asking Mr Seselja to come up with a formalised list of promises so the ACT Treasury can shoot them down (assuming Treasury gets its sums right this time).


Shane Rattenbury is stepping up the Greens campaign for a curfew on Canberra airport.

Shane is also vowing to subject all significant new legislation to a “Climate Change Analysis”.


Zed’s told the ABC that he’d like to give sporting clubs money which they can then choose to give to whomever they regard as “most in need of support”. As if that won’t be rorted to the back teeth.


Kalloo Kallay, Frank Pangallo has deigned to inform the public of his pointless third candidate in Molonglo, Dr Luciano Lombardo BSc, PhD.

In a tumultuous day for Frank’s website there’s also a plan for “Community Council Representatives” to have direct access to Frank’s office should he be elected. Because access to minor party MLA’s is so restricted?

What’s Your opinion?

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Election Wrap – 30 September
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jakez 10:51 am 01 Oct 08

PM said :

@ PeterH – Libs are promising to allow a dragway, but aren’t making a big song and dance about it.

Allow a dragway, or allow and fund a dragway?

peterh 10:47 am 01 Oct 08

PM said :

@ PeterH – Libs are promising to allow a dragway, but aren’t making a big song and dance about it.


given up. going to oran park for a V8 fix next week.

team building exercise…

PM 10:11 am 01 Oct 08

@ PeterH – Libs are promising to allow a dragway, but aren’t making a big song and dance about it.

peterh 9:44 am 01 Oct 08

my wife thought the ad on tv was for the Communist Alliance party. Good ad by norvan – but we didn’t really pay attention to it, it was an ad on tv.

Aurelius 9:28 am 01 Oct 08

I’d vote for you, but you’re hanging with the wrong crowd.
Your CAP colleagues are too screaming-batsh*t crazy for me to consider it.

Skidbladnir 9:11 am 01 Oct 08

Are you married? Otherwise, you have are ‘single’.
Maybe they’re describing you as ‘Norvan Vogt, CAP’s single, issues guy’?

Norvan.Vogt 8:30 am 01 Oct 08

Shane is a top bloke but you know Shane has not got the monopoly on environmental credentials, I’ve done my fair share as well, its just not my only claim to fame though. For example, I volunteered with the ACT/SE-NSW Conservation Council for 3 years in the mid 1990s. While I was there I established one of the first Environmentalist website in Australia as well as upgrading their IT infrastructure. I was involved in many campaigns in a support role. I was also heavily involved in the concept design and marketing of a environmentally friendly low cost housing solution for developing countries in the Pacific that used recycled materials called the EcoVilla. In Costa Rica I worked on turtle protection project. In Vanuatu I worked on an awareness campaign for 9 months for the endangered coconut crab. But this is beside the point I think that the people of Canberra are more interested in a candidate that has a broader experience than that. I agree strongly with Granny that the environment is a secondary issue in this campaign – Heath, Education and Security (ie Policing, Justice, Public Safety etc.) are the really the big issues – for me Poverty Reduction is a really big issue that is not getting any coverage.

Also people keep tagging me as a ‘single issue’ guy… could anyone tell me please what my single issue is? 🙂

Norvan Vogt
Community Alliance – Molonglo Candidate

peterh 5:45 pm 30 Sep 08

I was looking at the hansard from December 2004 – I was doing some research for a family member re the 2003 fires. The figure being bandied around was between $5 & $6 million – cost to the taxpayer.

Then I noticed stanhope’s comments re public works.

here is a C+P:
In our second term, we will resolve some of the issues that have confronted successive governments, issues that have not been resolved.
We will build a dragway.
We will carry out the much needed refurbishments to the National Convention Centre.
We will build a new Belconnen arts and cultural centre.
We will look towards Canberra’s centenary in 2013.
Even now, work is under way in planning the design of a new Supreme Court.
I am also of the opinion that a new Legislative Assembly would be a fitting 100th birthday present for Canberra, and a new building for this purpose will be designed.
We will also build a prison at Hume.

So… out of the promises, we got:
The prison
The new arts and cultural centre – being built
The National Convention Centre got its upgrade

but we did not get a dragway. voting again, and which party has a dragway on their policy lists?

motorists party.

none of the heavy hitters want to go there.

oh, and if you want to read Zed’s inaugural speech, here is the link. Gives a bit on insight into who he is….

oh, and I am not employed by the libs, I just found it interesting.

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