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Election Wrap – 30 September

By johnboy - 30 September 2008 28


James Sizer doesn’t think yesterday’s Labor announcements on carers and disabilities do enough.

James also thinks the carer’s announcement in particular was just “catch-up”.


The Canberra Times has some thoughts by Messrs Mulcahy, Rattenbury and Churchill on what they’d do about parking in Civic.


The AMP’s shambolic website can be tricky to monitor. But I note that some time recently they’ve released their long awaited motorsport policy.

    The AMP will develop a comprehensive combined Driver Education Centre and Motor Sport park in the Majura Valley approximately 3 Klm north of the end of Canberra Airport. The facility will be named NADEC (National Automotive and Driver Education Centre)

Apparently it will fix the tourism woes too.


The JonKat gestalt/diarchy is promising a billion dollar panacea to all our health woes.

Mr Stanhope is asking Mr Seselja to come up with a formalised list of promises so the ACT Treasury can shoot them down (assuming Treasury gets its sums right this time).


Shane Rattenbury is stepping up the Greens campaign for a curfew on Canberra airport.

Shane is also vowing to subject all significant new legislation to a “Climate Change Analysis”.


Zed’s told the ABC that he’d like to give sporting clubs money which they can then choose to give to whomever they regard as “most in need of support”. As if that won’t be rorted to the back teeth.


Kalloo Kallay, Frank Pangallo has deigned to inform the public of his pointless third candidate in Molonglo, Dr Luciano Lombardo BSc, PhD.

In a tumultuous day for Frank’s website there’s also a plan for “Community Council Representatives” to have direct access to Frank’s office should he be elected. Because access to minor party MLA’s is so restricted?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Election Wrap – 30 September
tabascoted 4:18 pm 30 Sep 08

P.S – Mulcahy – not sure of his past (i thought that he was on the take or something thats why he got kicked out of the libs???) but he comes across on TV about as well as jabba the hut. anyone notice that slight tilt of the head and greasy smile … eeekkk ah well better than that wing-nut look old rattenbury has got going for himself

jakez 4:15 pm 30 Sep 08

S4anta said :

Jake doesn’t need a hug. Just the occasional kick up the jatzie from time to time!

I humbly submit that I need both in high doses.

tabascoted 4:13 pm 30 Sep 08

Can anyone confirm the Pangallo asbestos stuff? it would be a real shock to the system if old frankie did dump the stuff – he was a real fighter for qbn houses getting the same help with removal of asbestos as cbr at the time

Granny 4:08 pm 30 Sep 08

Everybody needs hugs, S4anta!

S4anta 4:06 pm 30 Sep 08

Jake doesn’t need a hug. Just the occasional kick up the jatzie from time to time!

jakez 3:47 pm 30 Sep 08

Wow narragreenie, way to stand up for freedom.

You almost convinced me to vote FOR Mulcahy.


As for Dollar Sweets; assault and battery, arson and bomb threats, trespassing, and other physical violence are the rights of nobody, let alone ‘workers’.

Even the ACTU disowned them.

DollarSweets aside, this is what really shits me about the Greens. When you look at their policies and people, they are more authoritarian than the authoritarians in the ALP AND the Libs.

Hug the trees by all means, but sometimes Jake needs a hug as well.

peterh 3:17 pm 30 Sep 08

and who else saw the people by the side of the road this morning near the form one lane on the parkway, creating a bottleneck as they stood there with their signs, waving at everyone?

amazed as to why they were there. more sign protection going on…

I am waiting for the candidates to strap a very large speaker to their car and troll the streets bellowing their slogans, blues brothers style.

Granny 2:44 pm 30 Sep 08

I don’t think everybody will necessarily agree with you about the environment being the number one issue in this election.

I think most people are very supportive of environmental initiatives, but much more concerned with health and education and basic services and infrastructure within the community.

NarraGreenie 2:40 pm 30 Sep 08

All I have to say is that it is slim pickings in Molonglo!
Richard Mulcahy – The man without values
I find it very hypocritical for Richard Mulcahy to say that he has values, generally his past shows that he will back the money over the destruction of peoples lives. You just need to look at his past.

Undermined workers rights during the Dollar Sweets Dispute – as Doug Cameron put it “It became a cause celebre for the big end of town and lawyers started to realise they could make money ripping off the pay and conditions of workers.”

Heavy supporter of the Tobacco industry – as Chief Cxecutive of the Tobacco Institute of Australia, the main lobby group for the cigarette industry. He was heavily involved in opposing limits on tobacco advertising.

Supporter of the Alcohol Industry – as National Executive Director of the Australian Hotels Association, saw him become the chief spokesperson for the hotel industry in Australia, becoming involved in political campaigns over smoking in pubs and clubs, drink-driving, gambling, taxation and industrial relations, among others.

Frank Pangallo is even worse – On the 3rd September 2008 at an Ordinary Meeting at the Queanbeyan City Council Chambers on Crawford St Queanbeyan, Frank was asked the following questions;

1. Can Cr. Pangallo confirm that he purchased a Property in Gilmore Place Queanbeyan with his wife as a co-owner some time in 1994?

2. In early 1995 a Development application was lodged to refurbish the property. The modifications applied for were; “brick Veneer walls in lieu of hardiplank. Amended bathroom/laundry layout.” As the original building was built before 1987, can Cr Pangello inform Council was any action taken to test the material for asbestos.

3. Can Cr. Pangallo provide details how the “Hardiplank” was removed from the property?

4. Can Cr. Pangallo provide details of how the “Hardiplank” was disposed of?

5. Can Cr. Pangallo whether he is aware of any building material being buried in a rubble pit to the rear of the property in the location as indicated on the attached plan, during the period of refurbishment?

He has not answered any of them, I think that he should come clean about what he may or may not have done in Queanbeyan before the people of Canberra go to the polls! The People of Canberra have a Right to know what went on at his property in Queanbeyan.

Motorist Party – Are the next best thing to the One Nation Party
Community Alliance – well they are just a bunch of angry single issue ‘save our schools’ and ‘bushfire victims’ activists. And Norvan Vogt’s ads are stupid
The Greens – Basically Shane Rattenbury is the only guy you can vote for in Molonglo, the only one that has got conviction and values. The Environment is the number one issue in this election and Shane is the only candidate with environmental credentials. Shane is the only Candidate that will do what is best fro the people of Molonglo. I urge the readers of the Riot Act to vote for the Greens on Saturday 18th October

Granny 12:37 pm 30 Sep 08

Having said that, I would also like to thank ACT Labor for those other initiatives. Obviously they are trying to help, and it was ungracious of me to express my first post in those terms.

Sometimes I forget that I am dealing with real flesh and blood people with all their strengths and weaknesses and complexities and vulnerabilities.

Granny 12:11 pm 30 Sep 08

The advocacy service is good and help with wheelchairs, but throwing extra therapists into Therapy ACT will not solve the problems with that system at all. It’s like if your kid’s principal only had reponsibility for the sciences and humanities while phys ed, home ec, metalwork and technology were run by a different department.

The system is stupid beyond belief.

MrMagoo 12:01 pm 30 Sep 08

Interesting that the advertising being undertaken by ACT Labor yesterday turned a notch towards sleding of the Liberals. So far they had been fairly low key tooting their own horn while the Liberals had a crack at Labor. Seems mr Cossey and the Labor heavweights have thought it time for a bit of payback.

tom-tom 11:34 am 30 Sep 08

ABC agrees with that assessment aswell

tom-tom 11:29 am 30 Sep 08

canberra times yesterday seemed to think carers ACT where pretty happy with labors plan

Granny 10:45 am 30 Sep 08

It’s nice to know that candidates capable of listening do really exist. Thank you so much, James, for being perceptive enough to understand a message communicated by a group of people.

If Labor believes they will achieve anything other than a big waste of money by throwing it at a system that is already despised for being unworkable and incompetent, then I am not surprised, as they seem to have made a habit of thinking they know best and implementing whatever the hell they want.

I feel really sorry for Andrew Barr, as I’m pretty sure he was smart enough to actually get the problems we were raising in relation to Therapy ACT and agreed with us in principle that a school should be able to employ its own therapists as we would nurses or counselors.

This policy is probably another Stanhopeless brain-child that he will be forced to implement and oversee in all its popularity.

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