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Ever wondered what witches get up to on a night out?

By johnboy - 30 October 2005 43

Exodus 22-18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live..

Or, on the other hand, you can join the 116 witches on the Canberra Witches Meetup and head to the back room of the pub on 08-NOV-05.

Which pub you ask? Better sign up to the group.

UPDATED: If you can’t make the 8th they’ve got another night planned for the 22nd.

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43 Responses to
Ever wondered what witches get up to on a night out?
Ralph 2:29 pm 31 Oct 05

Let me know next time you’re going sky clad under the full moon….

LurkerGal 1:13 pm 31 Oct 05

Wicca isn’t about materialism, so anyone who tells you it can help you get rich doesn’t quite know what they are doing…. (not necessarily through their own fault).

Mael: I understand where you are coming from. My friend’s Dad thinks I make patio furniture. lol.

Maelinar 12:49 pm 31 Oct 05

For everybody else;

The ‘magic rocks’ were a collection of pebbles from my back yard that I brought in to tease a witch after accompanying her to a shop to buy some ‘special stones’ (or whatever they’re called).

The theory went along the lines of; They were magic because I said they were magic and since they were purchasing the rocks off somebody who was unqualified (or didn’t show me any qualifications to the contrary) who was saying they were magical, who were they to judge that my pebbles weren’t magical.

They were freeer at least, having come from my back yard.

Thumper 12:19 pm 31 Oct 05


She’s a pretty good looking witch I’ll grant you so you can’t complain too much.

And besides, I know you just love ‘magic rocks’.


Maelinar 11:55 am 31 Oct 05

I agree with bonfire. The day they told me there was a crystal that would make you rich just by having it in your possession, I began to think it was a little on the eccentric side of the house.

Maelinar 11:51 am 31 Oct 05

I know as much about wicca in that I thought it was spelt wicker. I’ve teased all the witches I’ve ever met and have not yet had any unsightly defects or broken bones despite all the bad karma I’ve had projected at me.

Then again, as Thumper will confirm, I’m sitting right behind a witch at my desk.

It’s all made-up… The only wicker is the type used in basket creation.

bonfire 11:48 am 31 Oct 05

au contraire mon frere, i dated a witch many years ago. she sold advertising by day, held circles by night and practised as a psychic on was what id call a challenging relationship. i recall the discussions we had over crystals and the power they allegedly held. she gave me a book PROVING how various crystals affected things, and it was pseudoscientific gobbledygook written in an incomprehensible style. despite her oddball beliefs, she was OK.

Thumper 11:27 am 31 Oct 05



Actually I do know a bit about Wicca. Not much, but probably a little more than your average person.

LurkerGal 11:23 am 31 Oct 05

Thumper: But you’ll get better!

LurkerGal 11:21 am 31 Oct 05

You really don’t know anything about Wicca, do you bonfire? Mind you, that’s never stopped you from having an opinion before…..

bonfire 10:41 am 31 Oct 05

watch all the amethyst and cat food disappear from canberra store shelves.

yet more deranged people.

LurkerGal 9:56 am 31 Oct 05

As a Wiccan I think that…. Oh who am I kidding. No one cares what I think. Leave it here.

Thumper 6:48 am 31 Oct 05

Nope, you’ll probably get turned into a newt…

Nik_the_Pig 12:28 pm 30 Oct 05

If they met at a pub, maybe?

If it was the Catholics, definitely (I’m going to get sued for that aren’t I?)

loadedog 11:07 am 30 Oct 05

Category: Seedier side of the city? Would a meeting of Presbyterian clergy be put in that category?

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