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Ex-Spy Charged for Leaks to Paper

By sl - 16 November 2006 34

FOR the first time in the history of Australia’s domestic spy agency ASIO, one of its officers is to be charged under a section of its own act for allegedly leaking top-secret intelligence information.

A 28-year-old man has been summonsed to appear in court to face allegations that he released to The Australian “nationally classified” intelligence reports warning the Australian Government about the potential danger of bomb attacks in Indonesia in the months before the 2002 Bali bomb, which killed 88 Australians.

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34 Responses to
Ex-Spy Charged for Leaks to Paper
seepi 12:16 pm 17 Nov 06

I’m sure there are times when leaking is justified. If the powers that be have gone right off the rails, then people need to know what really happened eg – children overboard.

Absent Diane 12:10 pm 17 Nov 06

yeah I know its roots are tribal – pretty much like most of our behaviour, its not something I am actually that passionate about… I have just always found indentifying myself with the bit of land I live on silly.. is all.

Mr_Shab 12:07 pm 17 Nov 06

bonfire’s right simto – when you’re a public servant, you are bound not to release any information without permission.

If your moral objection to what is going on is strong enough; resign, take it to the media and face the consequences. That said, I hope I never find myself in the situation where I have to put my money where my mouth is…

Maelinar 11:59 am 17 Nov 06

The problem with being patriotic in this day and age is that the whim of big brother seems to be followed with the same reverence as a faithful dog with its tongue hanging out of its head lovingly.

Anybody remember the cattle protest and how quickly it was silenced because it was directed at America ? (I’m sure there’s more recent examples as well).

Until Australia starts looking after Australian interests, patriotism is an American word for substitute American values here.

On the flipside, I decided to quit my profession because I had moral qualms about what I was doing, and will continue to abide by my agreed duty to not disclose classified information until the day I die.

I merely disagree that patriotism is the correct word to use in this current socio-politico environment.

bonfire 11:45 am 17 Nov 06

and absent diane, im sorry the international soviet brotherhood thing didnt work out, but im happy being a patriot.

bonfire 11:44 am 17 Nov 06

simto you are a softhead.

when you work in certain professions you are bound by ethics.

one of them is not to disclose classified and sensitive information.

if you have moral qualms – you get another job. it happens.

you are not elected by anyone to represent anyone. you are not to decide who gets to see what (unless that in your duty statement, and i doubt ‘leak to press’ is in there).

leaking is just plain wrong, and unethical.

wilkie may be a tool, but at least he quit and entered the public arena with his concerns.

Thumper 11:07 am 17 Nov 06

AD, it
s just a form of tribalism. Humans have banded together in clan groups, tribes, etc since the dawn habilus walked the earth, in fact, probably as far back as A.Afarensis.

Which is why there are borders.

snahon 10:39 am 17 Nov 06

Whilst patriotism and borders may well be among the silliest things man created I would rather live in this part of the world and enjoy the benefits of how this geographic space operates then many other places around the world…

snahon 10:35 am 17 Nov 06

On the flip-side simto – by informing the population of his nation he is also informing other nations as well, being what media is today.

simto 10:22 am 17 Nov 06

He didn’t betray his country – he informed the population of his country what his government was doing.

There is a difference between betraying your country and betraying your government. That’s something politicians and those who defend the particular party in power often have difficulties understanding…

Absent Diane 10:22 am 17 Nov 06

patriotism and borders are amongst the silliest things humans ever came up with, right up there with religion.

bonfire 10:03 am 17 Nov 06

if you have moral qualms walk away.

never betray your country.

hope eh rots – but no doubt he will get off.

maybe it would have been better for him to fly to say bangkok or singapore via the US…

aich jay 5:31 pm 16 Nov 06

“We choose which information will be leaked to the media and the manner in which it will be leaked.”

seepi 4:46 pm 16 Nov 06

i guess if you want to whistle-blow in defence you have to resign ala andrew wilkie.

che 4:44 pm 16 Nov 06

at least he wasn’t giving them as payment to his hooker (hi SL)
and who decides what is a good leak (good budget reports) and what is a bad leak(whistleblowing on the govt)?

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