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Fireworks sadly missed

By Damien Haas - 14 June 2011 77

Am I the only person thats missed the glorious displays of suburban fireworks this weekend?

Now that the Grinchlike Hargreaves no longer has his wowserish fun killing hands on the levers of power, maybe we could ask the Gallagher government to bring them back? Even for only one weekend a year?

What’s Your opinion?

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77 Responses to
Fireworks sadly missed
shadow boxer 11:28 am 14 Jun 11

Just because you don’t like something is not reason to ban it. I don’t like dogs but some people do, good luck to them. I wish I could ban the neighbours dog from barking all night but that would be wrong.

It is a legal requirement to restrain your dog on your property. It’s really not that hard, turn the tv or music up a bit if you must.

chewy14 11:28 am 14 Jun 11

I’m so glad they’re gone.

It allowed me to fully enjoy the neighbourhood dogs barking at 2 am.

Ah, the serenity.

Watson 11:21 am 14 Jun 11

It was bloody awesome! I’m so happy for my dog. And for myself, as I really can’t see why you would get that childishly excited about a loud noise and a flash of light.

2.0 11:17 am 14 Jun 11

Jim Jones said :

shadow boxer said :

They are dogs guys……they’ll get over it..

Except for the ones that freak out and break out of the house and get run over and die.

Gee your house sounds secure if a ‘dog’ can break out!

excession 11:00 am 14 Jun 11

I noticed that they were gone. Sadly, I cheered. 🙂

Too many fools, idiots, morons, retards, and firebugs. Fireworks were expensive, incredibly noisy, and GREAT FUN. My fortune at being able to buy as many fireworks as I liked, back in the 70’s and 80’s, have ‘roman candle’ fights with youths (even buying the fireworks for them when they ran out), and tying crackers to the tops of bottle-rockets … it was very much happy times for me.

The downside being the mistreatment of our pets, the loud noises, whistles, bangs, flashes, all set most animals brains into ‘flee’ mode, with nowhere to go. Fireworks would be lit constantly over the long weekend, not just the few hours of Saturday evening. It made life for pets and pet-owners a living hell.

Having lived through South Australia’s firework ban in the mid 70’s, it was nice to move to the ACT and get to play with them again, but idiots ruin the fun aspect for everyone (yes, even myself, conducting firework exchanges with kids), and the banning of the devices was inevitable.

We get a -great- fireworks display each year with the Skyfire thing. Those that attend and watch (instead of bleating on their mobile phones “hi, I’m at the fireworks” …) have a pretty good time, and see way more pyrotechnical ‘oomph’ than the little roman candles, Catherine wheels, or even the old bottle rockets from days gone by.

Vale personal fireworks.

I’m glad they’re gone.

Jim Jones 10:49 am 14 Jun 11

shadow boxer said :

They are dogs guys……they’ll get over it..

Except for the ones that freak out and break out of the house and get run over and die.

I certainly didn’t miss the lack of fireworks.

Even I can manage to have fun without blowing sh1t up.

Classified 10:47 am 14 Jun 11

Living in a nanny state is the price we pay for believing that someone else is responsible for our actions, and can be blamed when something goes wrong.

shadow boxer 10:40 am 14 Jun 11

Dog owners are funny, when they walk without leads or leave excrement all over the place they are all “it’s not hurting anyone” but when we ask them to put up with a bit of inconvenience they are too inconsiderate to take their dogs inside for one weekend a year.

They are dogs guys……they’ll get over it.

I have banned donating to the RSPCA until we get them back.

Tooks 10:35 am 14 Jun 11

It’s a shame for the kiddies, but you can blame the cretins in our society for them being banned.

djk 10:33 am 14 Jun 11


Having sat through numerous Queen’s Bday long weekends having to literally hold my dogs to stop them barking every 5 minutes at the next bang and being completely stressed out for the whole weekend (them and us), I can say it was definitely not missed at our household. Nor were the inevitable explosions going off for the weeks before and after the legal fireworks weekend.

On a side note, there seems to have been a lot less of the “illegal” fireworks (bungers, etc) going off now that the (formerly) legal fireworks have been removed for sale here.

KB1971 10:26 am 14 Jun 11

Yup, it was one of our last bastions of years gone by, all we have left is porn………..

qbngeek 10:22 am 14 Jun 11

I can’t say I really noticed the lack of fireworks. If anything I am happy that the bogans won’t be lighting them up every Saturday night at 11pm for weeks to come, waking up my children in the process.

Holden Caulfield 10:21 am 14 Jun 11

I forgot all about it. I’m also thankful that no miscreants in my neighbourhood seemed to remember either.

Kayellar 10:12 am 14 Jun 11

Having had the pleasure of looking after someones dogs while they were away this long weekend, I was very glad not to have to worry about them suffering and becoming distressed just so some of the more feebly minded in the community can get their rocks off by lighting fireworks.

As much as it might annoy some people to hear, being able to light fireworks over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend isn’t a human right… and too many people broke the rules at the time and for weeks afterwards. Those playing by the rules are the collatoral damage… pets, other animals and mailboxes around Canberra had a safe and peaceful long weekend.

shirty_bear 10:12 am 14 Jun 11

I concur. Such a bland nanny-state we make for ourselves, and for our kids to grow up in.

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