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Gary Humphries to lobby Sister City Nara on behalf of whales

By johnboy 26 May 2005 17

Liberal Senator Gary Humphries is joining in the whale hysteria (which may also be a cunning ruse to convert the Australian Antarctic Territories into an exclusive economic zone, a land grab of monumental proportions).

Gary is going to write to the Mayor of Nara, our Japanese Sister City, to set him right on his erroneous whale murdering ways.

I wonder how our politicians will feel about getting similar letters from their Japanese collegaues about our brutal and inhuman kangaroo trade?

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Gary Humphries to lobby Sister City Nara on behalf of whales
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johnboy 9:33 am 28 May 05

if australia were to be on the losing end of a war with china in the future i imagine visits to our own war memorial would take on a similar flavour.

As for the whales, I like whales, i also like dogs, but I’m not advocating we start a war against korea, china, or vietnam over the issue (also the cute bears in china, or any of the exotic animals you’ll see being sold live for food in a real chinese market). And what GreenPeace and the Humane Society are advocating we do could well be the sort of thing to spark a war.

I’ve got a friend in Iceland. She’s a student, likes all the cool bands, basically your standard post-modern girl like you’d find on any university campus in the western world.

She’s also a mother and the only red meat in iceland she can afford to feed her child is whale.

Try telling her that whales are sacred.

She’ll tell you (as she told me) “They eat all the fish”.

Canberra_unsung_hero 8:17 am 28 May 05

That should be the “Yasukuni” Shrine (not Yakusuni) –

Canberra_unsung_hero 12:25 am 28 May 05

I must point out that the Yakusuni Shrine does not only honour the “Kami”(deities) of Japanese soldiers, but also civilians who died in the service of their country, including 57,000 women and a large number of students.(Particularly during the Second World War).

Approximately 2,500,000 Kami are enshrined there, including 1068 “Martyrs of the Showa” who were ‘unjustly tried by the Allies as war criminals’ following the Pacific War.
This last statement ( found on the Yakusuni Official Website ) speaks volumes about the attitude of the Japanese Government to criticism from other countries about the Shrine, and this mindset can also be found in their policy towards whaling.

Canberra_unsung_hero 1:44 pm 27 May 05

Whether we like it or not, Japan is still run by the so-called “traditionalists” who can be traced back to early Japanese society when the country was run by Clans ( such as the Taira, Minamoto, Fujiwara, etc.). These traditionalists don’t see anything wrong with whale hunting, just as they can’t understand why the rest of the world got upset just because the Prime Minister visited the Yakusuni Shrine (a Shinto Shrine to the Japanese war dead ).

wooly 1:03 pm 27 May 05

Correction in last sentence: Otherwise it is up to anti-whaling groups to put forward a convincing argument as to why whales should be exempt to the exploitation that all other life on the planet suffers from humans.

wooly 1:01 pm 27 May 05

I do not doubt that the reason why Japan pressed so hard for scientific whaling lies in the political lobbying of far right traditionalists that are so responsible for Japan’s political stagnation. There are some valid reasons such as anaysing fish consumption and mineral content. I do think it is wrong to dress up the desire to eat whale meat in a purely scientific argument.

So you do not support eating fish either? Anything that is not breed especially for food? There is no reason to eat any meat really.

How many extinct species and currently endagered species owe there problems to sheep and beef farming? Why not prohibit cow farming in australia and swtich to higher levels of grain consumption?

If Australia wants to ban whaling from it’s waters I support sending in the RAN when it is legally entitled to it. No problem about that.

As for cultural norms, what is the logic behind associating whaling with cannibalism and rape? If you want to promote the universal right of all animals to be free from human exploitation, then I might support that within reason, but why specifically exempt whales? Why whales that are now (supposedly) at population levels higher than pre-industrial whaling?

If whaling is sustainable, then it should be allowed to occur sustainably. Otherwise it is up to anti-whaling groups as to why whales should be exempt to the exploitation that all other life on the planet suffers from humans.

Thumper 11:38 am 27 May 05

Whales, of all sorts, not so long ago, were getting close to being classes endangered. That means they were being killed at a rate faster than they could breed.

Japansese reseach, is without doubt, so they can eat them. What other research could there be? And why kill them to research them.

Put simply, there is no real reason to kill whales, after all, there are quite a few cows and sheep in the world which have been bred specifically for eating.

Send in the RAN whenever a Japanese whaler gets anywhere near Australian Territorial waters.

As cultural practices? In lowland PNG it is a cultural practice for men of a certain tribe to take the boys overnight in a great big hut and rape them. That is a fact. It is also a cultural norm. But it still doesn’t make it right.

(Wow, I actually remembered something from my cultural heritage degree….)

wooly 10:48 am 27 May 05

Hi all, long time reader, and occasional ACC now forced to register. Hi to John and the other riot act memebers who I quite possibly have meet.


The response from the Japanese embassy seems reasonable: it is up to the scientific research and the IWC to determine the levels of permitted whaling. If whale species are not endangered and sustainable whaling can be acheieved then why not?

Of course there must be protocols in place for ensuring only non-endangered species are killed but I would be suprised if this is not the case already.

I am a little surprised that Australia cannot determine what economic ativity happens within its waters, but then again, whithout reading up on it I would assume that either Australia’s claims to the waters in question are not internationally recognised or that there are legal differences between economic zones and national water limits again determined by international accord.

Part of Japan’s argument is that whaling, but more importantly, the eating of whale meat is a cultural practice. The other more substantial part is that if whales can be killed sustainably why shouldn’t you kill them for food.

The Australian argument? They are cute and we like watching them. Now let us get back to watching cute animals and BBQ’ing the not so cute ones.

Are the arguments on this board that whales cannot be killed in a sustainable manner or that no whales should be killed at all?

che 4:31 pm 26 May 05

just becuase something is cultural or traditional does not make it acceptable

hands up anyone who thinks cannabalism is acceptable? but it is still a cultural and traditional practice

Growling Ferret 2:27 pm 26 May 05

As Japans’ argument is about the tradition of eating whale meat, lets permit them to fish whales using traditional techniques of 200 or so years ago.

How ’bout any international permitting of whaling can only occur when the hunters depart Japan in traditional vessels such as row boats/sail boats (without GPS, fish sensors and all the modern goodies) and use traditional fishing methods such as spears and harpoons, they can return to chasing whales in International/Antarctic waters.

Maelinar 12:28 pm 26 May 05

I hear Pitcairn Island needs a few new bloodlines over there…

bonfire 11:34 am 26 May 05

i think the ran should board and scuttle the whaler ships.

leave all the whalers on heard island until they see the error of their ways.

Thumper 8:27 am 26 May 05

Fair enough…


Ralph 8:23 am 26 May 05

I wasn’t knocking muelsing, just noting that other (misinformed) people are.

Thumper 8:20 am 26 May 05


mulesing is an absolute necessity in Australia. My old man runs a sheep property. He has lots of sheep. It is hot and dry and has lots of flys, big ones at that.

Its really not nice what happens to a sheep that gets fly blown. They die a quite horrible death unless you get to them early.

And its really revolting to have to fix it…

The mulesing may look really barbaric when done but it really doesn’t seem to worry them for more than about 10 seconds. Then the little lambs take off, find their mums, and start eating.

Anyway, I’ll say good one ya Bearded One for writing the letter, it may be a cheap political stunt, and it will not help one bit, but at least he’s done something, which is kind of rare for Humphries….

And I’ll add, at least he is Commonwealth and not State or Local government so he can at least speak on behalf of the government.

(Disclaimer) My God, I’m sounding like I actually like the man, which I don’t, I can’t stand him…)


Thumper 8:12 am 26 May 05

A point to consider. There are a hell of a lot more kangaroos than there are whales. When whales get to the point that bays and estuaries are getting overcrowded then we may have a valid argument in killing them.

Remember, through whaling, whales were nearly wiped out. Its only been the last 10-20 years that their populations have stabilised again.

It would take one hell of a serious kangaroo cull to drive the skippys to the brink of extention, or to even get them on an endangered list.

BTW, I don’t particularly agree with roo culls either. However, they were becoming somewhat a pest and you know that there has to be large populations of them when you find them hopping happily along a Charnwood residential street.

Ralph 7:52 am 26 May 05

Gary’s going to write a letter. WOOOOOOOOOO!

Australia getting all sanctimonious about whales is a bit hypocritical when other countries (Euro trash) are always screeching about our Kangaroo ‘slaughter’ – and sheep muelsing.

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