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jay 18 December 2009 10

Re-connecting with my roots and returning to the ACT has been a bit of an eye opener for the family on the petrol price front.

Even Goulburn saves me up to 10 cents a litre on fuel compared to ACT prices that I’ve found around Civic.

Can Rioters please let me know where the cheapest ACT petrol is hiding? I prefer Shell – if that makes any difference – because work has me on a Shell fleet card.

But what is it with these ACT fuel prices? The same trucks that deliver the fuel from the refinery pass through to Melb and Syd!

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10 Responses to Gotta tell me: ACT petrol prices
dvaey dvaey 9:46 am 24 Dec 09

jay said :

I drove down from Sydney and went to the Shell in the main street of Goulburn. E10 at that Shell was $1.09 without a discount voucher.

To be fair, that servo is always cheap. Try comparing that servo price to the price at the service centre near maccas in Goulburn. The price in the town is often 10c or more cheaper than elsewhere. I can only guess that due to the much lower traffic, that the head company is subsidising the fuel costs or there is some other subsidy from elsewhere. You will also find the same thing in Yass, Gundagai and Albury. The fuel in those locations can often be 10+ cheaper than on the highway only a couple of km away.

Mordd Mordd 12:01 am 20 Dec 09

My car takes water as fuel and its free! I walk/ride/jog/etc…! 😛

jay jay 8:27 pm 19 Dec 09

Thanks everyone for the replies: I can appreciate that 2 – 4 cents (without discount vouchers) isn’t much in the greater scheme of things, however I can tell our learned audience that last Sunday (13th Dec), I drove down from Sydney and went to the Shell in the main street of Goulburn. E10 at that Shell was $1.09 without a discount voucher. Arriving in Canberra no more than an hour later, of the six petrol stations I passed on my way to Braddon, the cheapest was $1.19 for E10 – honest. Clearly I need to look at Kippax, Charnwood and all the other suggestions you’ve made.

Competition drives the prices, that’s for sure.

Grail Grail 6:52 pm 19 Dec 09

Wednesday night/early Thursday is cheap petrol time. Running around to find the cheapest station will cost you more in petrol than you’ll save on the tank of fuel. On a couple of occasions that I can remember, the fuel in Dickson went up about 5-8c/L between 11am and 3pm.

IrishPete IrishPete 11:51 am 19 Dec 09

In my experience the cheapest is the United petrol station at Michelago!

United on Canberra avenue at Fyshwick is usually cheaper than surrounding petrol stations too, and that might be why Manuka is a little cheaper than everywhere else – competition!


bethybobs bethybobs 9:03 am 19 Dec 09

From my experience petrol is strangely cheaper in Manuka than it is in Dickson. But regardless you will definitely get the cheapest price early Thursday morning.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 8:59 pm 18 Dec 09

For the week ending 13 December the weekly average retail ULP price for Canberra was 125.8. The NSW average was 124.4. For Goulburn it was 123.8. That’s 2 whole cents difference between Canberra and Goulburn. The only way you’d get anything like a 10c gap would be if you bought in Canberra on its most expensive day (129.3) and in Goulburn on its cheapest (120.4) – a difference of 8.9c. Even if you compare with Sydney, the mean difference with Canberra is a whopping 5.3c – a whole 4% on a liter of our most expensive fuel.

caf caf 8:00 pm 18 Dec 09

The servos on Melrose Drive seem to be consistently cheaper than most of the other places I drive past. One of them’s a Shell.

beh1972 beh1972 7:49 pm 18 Dec 09

Not Kippax or Charnwood

Yep, love how it can be 5c less than diesel on a Thursday morning, by lunchtime it is 5c more – and the diesel price hasn’t changed.

But what about the price of LPG? It’s gone up 9 cents per litre in the last two weeks from 50.9 to 59.9. This is equivalent to ULP going from $1.20 to $1.44, but squat all is said about that.

Chop71 Chop71 7:44 pm 18 Dec 09

Civic/Braddon dearest fuel in Canberra
Dickson – I used to fill here just never go on cheap fuel day as you will wait 20 mins
Belconnen – Cheaper again and best times are early Thursday morning before the price goes up.

and amazingly the cheapests fuel I have found (north of the city) is the Caltex/Woolworths Kippax and the Shell Charnwood. Not worth a special trip but if your nearby 4-6 cents saves you a few dollars.

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