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Govt contemplating Fireworks Ban

By Jazz - 29 October 2007 62

Fireworks on the Queens Birthday long weekend is one of those issues that always gets Canberran’s going. You either love them, or spend long hours afterwards trying to find your dog who’s run away. ABC Online have a brief snippet this morning on two public meetings that will be held shortly on the subject of a ban for private use of Fireworks next year. IMO this would be a radical change for Canberra who has long been held in envy by the rest of the country for allowing us to blow stuff up over that weekend. Sure we take a few liberties with when they get let off and the odd letterbox gets exploded but its all harmless fun isn’t it?

The review panel will be made up of representatives from the RSPCA, fireworks industry and police.

No idea where the hearings will be held so if anyone knows, please share it with the rest of us.

[Ed. eh_steve has come through with the following information about the consultation. also in the comments]

More Information:

Copied and pasted from


Minister for Industrial Relations Andrew Barr today announced the details of two public meetings to be held on consumer fireworks, saying the meetings are an important part of the ACT Government’s review of the Dangerous Substances Act 2004.

Mr Barr said a panel of experts, with a variety of perspectives on the use of fireworks over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend, will be present at the meetings.

“The ACT Government has previously announced we will be reviewing the Dangerous Substances Act 2004, which includes the regulation of consumer fireworks,” Mr Barr said.

“Two public meetings are being held to provide members of the community with the opportunity to comment on the current and future regulation of consumer fireworks.

“I encourage all members of the community to attend a meeting. The community’s response at the public meetings will assist the Government to determine whether there is a need to further regulate or deregulate the use of consumer fireworks.”

“The meetings reflect the Government’s commitment to a comprehensive and transparent consultation process on the future of fireworks in the ACT,” Mr Barr concluded.

The panellists include Michael Linke, CEO of the RSPCA; Martin Brady, Director of Fireworks Australia; Senior Constable Maxim Mokrij, Australian Federal Police; and a staff member from the Office of Regulatory Services. The panel members will participate in discussions and respond to any questions posed by members of the public.

The meetings are open to all members of the public.

The meetings will be held at:

· 6.30-8.30pm, Monday 12 November 2007 at Lake Tuggeranong College, Cowlishaw Street, Tuggeranong; and

· 6.30-8.30pm, Tuesday 13 November 2007 at Lake Ginninderra College, Emu Bank, Belconnen.

Pre-registration is preferred. In order to register, please email or telephone (02) 6205 0338

Mr Barr said that the community consultation process for consumer fireworks also includes public submissions and an online survey which can be accessed The closing date for both the survey and submissions is 30 November 2007.]

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62 Responses to
Govt contemplating Fireworks Ban
GregW 12:00 pm 29 Oct 07

Inevitably they will be banned..

Fireworks all the time would be a disaster, so would caving in to kill-joys all the time.

I think this setup is a good balance. The problem is (obviously) the people letting them off outside the allowed time. The panel should be focusing on fixing that problem, instead of spoiling the party.

S4anta 11:50 am 29 Oct 07

not i. but i know whom it is, look for the young pup at the shops @ 3.30-4.30pm with a bandaged hand.

Lord Mælinar 11:44 am 29 Oct 07

There’s already enough legislation without more to worry about (read. disregard). If anybody wants a demonstration of what will happen when fireworks are completely banned – go play golf at magpies golf course, Holt. No doubt you will see somewhere on the course one of many oranges that have been fired over the suburb by somebody living in the vicinity of Holt IGA.

You still haven’t managed to hit my house yet S4anta if its you…

Pandy 11:35 am 29 Oct 07

A yankee up your arse.

Or you can move to WA

justbands 11:22 am 29 Oct 07

> I guess small things amuse small minds though.

& small children perhaps?

My son loves them, all the kids on our street love them, I loved them when I was a kid.

We have a dog, he doesn’t like the fireworkds. Mind you, he dislikes thunderstorms considerably more & we can’t ban them. We keep him inside for a few nights, no big deal. Cat owners can do the same, and if you can’t…well, you shouldn’t be a cat owner. Don’t get me started on the perils of domestic cats in the Australian environment. I’d sooner ban cats than fireworks.

Let the kids have their fun you boring, boring, pathetic old farts.

MrMagoo 11:11 am 29 Oct 07

Ban them, it’s not seomthing I want me kids doing as they get older playing with fireworks. And besides that, for one week leading up and two weeks after they still are being let off by morons who think its hilarious to blow up letterboes etc. Despite what you here in the lead up about crack downs on illigal usage, its never ever happens nad we spend three weeks with out dog in the loungeroom scared out of its head.

barney 10:45 am 29 Oct 07

When I had a dog, we took it inside whilst we had our fireworks thingy. I’d hate to see them banned, or restricted to a designated area because of a bunch of kill-joy NIMBY’s. Having said that. This is the riotact, and there are plenty of kill-joy’s about. I expect a great deal of anti-everything comments to follow …

S4anta 9:54 am 29 Oct 07

I think banning fireworks on the Queens Weekend, because of a few pelicans I think is a bit of travisty. Granted pets are extremely important members of families/society, but i think the use of animals as a break is a bit of a soft option.

IMHO i would like to firm data, on illegal types, criminal damage, underage useage and injuries. Then i think we might want to ban skateboards as i have seen dogs got through windows on them, and fish hooks, chook wire fences and hire powered hoses.

there are times when i wish we really back in the time of moses, because issues such as this would be sorted by fight to the deaths. And i can tell you my money wouldn’t be the bleeding hearts in this case.

FC 9:48 am 29 Oct 07

Sweet. Ban them.
I don’t really get what the big deal is about fireworks anyway. Not that interesting.
I guess small things amuse small minds though.

Pandy 9:18 am 29 Oct 07

Ban ’em.

For all those who support ’em, i’ll shove ’em up our arse and light the fuse.

RandomGit 9:13 am 29 Oct 07

That a 2 against 1 for soft of panel isn’t it.

blingblingbears 8:56 am 29 Oct 07

“The review panel will be made up of representatives from the RSPCA, fireworks industry and police.”

So no general members of the community get to have their say?

Thumper 8:42 am 29 Oct 07

My dog is scared witless by fireworks, however, I see no reason to ban them if they used correctly and during the time the are supposed to be used.

I have a feeling that this is all a set up to ban them in the ACT.

Lord Mælinar 8:38 am 29 Oct 07

Have the meeting under Parliament House…

Cameron 8:35 am 29 Oct 07

As a long time pet owner, I hate fireworks with a passion.

BUT, I know when it’s on and I simply take the right precautions – i.e. when I had a dog we let it stay inside over that weekend, keep the cats in etc etc

It’s the people who detonate them before or long after the weekend that irritate me the most.

In any event, I remember getting a thrill out of the weekend when I was a kid, and I don’t think that should be taken away from the current generation of kiddies who like bright things that go bang.

Punish those who use them outside of the weekend itself, but otherwise, I say keep it.

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