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Gungahlin – Smoke Signals now required

By Growling Ferret - 30 October 2007 23

I understand why nobody else had posted this from Gungahlin, as the region has suffered a Comms blackout last night.

It seems a contractor may not have Dialled before he Dug, and the fibre optic cable to Gungahlin Exchange has meant that much of Gungahlin is home telephone and broadband free since about 2pm yesterday.

Does anyone have any more information? I have not found anything on line

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Gungahlin – Smoke Signals now required
Nemo 5:41 pm 30 Oct 07

Our house was affected by the outage yesterday.
Not knowing why our internet was down, I called bigpond support about 6.30pm.

I spent about 30 mins talking to the support person, who couldn’t understand why our internet was down. ABC news reported the outage at 7, which I was watching in the background.

I found it unbelievable that ABC news could know about the outage, yet the person manning the bigpond support desk didn’t have a clue.

hairy nosed wombat 12:57 pm 30 Oct 07

It was horrible, I could not spend time on Facebook, i had to (gasp) spend it with my family instead

captainwhorebags 11:02 am 30 Oct 07

Jazz – not through the same pits they don’t.

It’s not rocket science.

Thumper 10:58 am 30 Oct 07

Yeah, I know that Mr Ferret. Just making a comment on the apparent lack of services Gungahlin seems to get from the current government.

However, if I am wrong then I’m willing to admit it…

Growling Ferret 10:53 am 30 Oct 07

Nothing to do with Sonic this time Thumper – from what I have heard, it was a contracter in Civic who forgot to dial before a dig…

Lord Mælinar 10:48 am 30 Oct 07

The first shots fired by the GDE vengeance warriors perhaps ?

bourke 10:47 am 30 Oct 07

This sort of thing (though on a much smaller scale) has been happening near construction sites in civic for the last few months. Apparently (and I’m not making this up!) the construction crews do not have maps, or any idea, of where phone lines run underground, and so are finding out where they are by digging through them.

You’d think they’d know EXACTLY where the exchanges were though!! We all make mistakes, but that one’s pretty bloody monumental.

Jazz 10:27 am 30 Oct 07

Captainwhorebags , all good except at some point the routes have to converge to get into an exchange.

jase! 10:03 am 30 Oct 07

this message was posted from harrison. the fault was caused around 2. telstra didn’t let ISP’s know until around 3 which made troubleshooting with them quite difficult, my service was restored around midnight

Jonathon Reynolds 9:44 am 30 Oct 07

Gungahlin is back up… I can access my Linux server running at home.

captainwhorebags 9:38 am 30 Oct 07

I would have thought that someone in Telstra had heard of route diversity.

Thumper 9:29 am 30 Oct 07

Ahhh, Gungahlin, the land that time (and Stanhope) forgot…

S4anta 9:23 am 30 Oct 07

no lines in most of west belco for most of the evening too!
ATM’s, TAB and EFTPOS smashed accross the range too.

RAGD 9:21 am 30 Oct 07

You’re FIRED!!

Jazz 9:14 am 30 Oct 07

Not just one fibre cable growling ferret. From what i heard on the radio thismorning the clown in question cut through 8 fibre optic cables for telstra services. The resultant outage apparenlty affected 12,000 phone services and an estimated 14,000 internet services.


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