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Hamburgers: The G Spot vs the greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club

By Maelinar 11 June 2008 72

A while ago Danman recommended I check out the burgers at the G Spot, so here’s a blow by blow comparison between them and that greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club (apologies, but I forgot the name of the place). The BLC greasy is a 10/10/10 for comparitive purposes – in advance disclaimer, its not exactly my opinion of a perfect burger, but suitable to compare to.

The G Spot

Taste (Flavour) = 14
Size = 9
Ingredients = 12
Decor/Cutlery = Not Rated
Waiting Staff = 12
Cost = Not Rated

The G Spot burger I had was the wrap version, which while at first was quite novel, became relevant in a drunken capacity to hold the entire thing together a lot better than a conventional 2 bun arrangement. Naturally, this is at the expense of ingredients, so it is a smaller burger. The G Spot burger pattie is a well-spiced, hand-made pattie, although again due to size, quite thin. I quite liked the egg, which was done to just cooked, with the yolk looking like it might fall apart, but not quite managing it.

I’ve not ranked the price or the decor/cutlery, and in another general disclaimer, I write this having received the G Spot burger for free, and delivered to me, in the course of an unrelated agenda I was involved with today.

 Overall Rating:
I give it a 12, it’s a damn good burger. I like what he’s done with the wrap, and getting home drunk is hard enough, getting home drunk and with clean hands is now a possibility with this burger. Gunners isn’t that far away that I’d go out of my way to pick up one of these babies if I was hunting for a feed, although naturally of course if I was a little under the weather from adverse alcohol exposure, I’d not drive to get there.

 So… next time I’m on the fair weather in Gungahlin, I’d probably stop in for a quick chat and a follow-up review.

What’s Your opinion?

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72 Responses to
Hamburgers: The G Spot vs the greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club
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canyoucount 2:02 pm 15 Jun 08

The Glasshouse cafe in the city make an awesome beef burger.

Danman 5:26 pm 14 Jun 08

CR – nice to see you networking without my help…

el 2:14 pm 14 Jun 08

I consider the way you turn each and every thread that you decide to post to into a p!ssing match poor form, that’s all. That’s all you do – every time. Likewise with that idiot tap.

CanberraResident 12:40 pm 14 Jun 08

tap – thanks, I will, and as I walk away from this “discussion”, I hold my head up high.
el – if you consider posting in only FOUR threads in the past week excessive, then you are right.

tap 12:14 pm 14 Jun 08

CR: Let it go, its really not worth the bother. This is what these people do.

el 12:11 pm 14 Jun 08

Yet you _still_ post like an arrogant tool. In every thread.


CanberraResident 11:10 am 14 Jun 08

T/M, you have both made this personal, something that I avoided. I merely urged M to start his own food critic blog. He responds with some hoo-ha about a contract. I tell him “contract negotiation” is not your strong point then. Next I get a nasty response from the both of you. T, you choose to see what you want to see. Hundreds of rioters do not start new posts, unlike you, who seems to be somewhat addicted to posting every article under the sun, no matter how irrelevant it may be. On the other personal note you made, yes, I have done plenty in my life. Sad person? No. That is a reflection of the accuser, nothing more. M, the fact that you have “painted” DMD and tap as you put it, just reflects poorly on your personality, not theirs. I am who I am, if I have a question, I will ask it. If I get a nasty response as you have so kindly offered to me above, then I can take it, believe me. The truth hurts the guilty. I am not hurting.

Oh, and do try to inject some humour into your posts; you’ll find it will make you a happier person all around.

Have a pleasant day.


ant 9:27 pm 13 Jun 08

Huh. I’m not going to gunghalin for a hamburger, no matter how good. bring back Dollys! that was so handy, between teh workies and Toad Hall. Their food wasn’t brilliant, although the squeeze bottle of chilli sauce did wonders for most things.

Mælinar 8:17 pm 13 Jun 08

Happy for you to tell the world how you negotiated your ‘I agree to be a policeman under the following conditions’ contract.

Blubbering idiot. Don’t make me paint you with the WMD/Tap brush, you are better than that.

Thumper 7:30 pm 13 Jun 08

Um, I’m just wondering what your major problem is?

You don’t post any stories yourself but you are happy to tell everyone that whatever they do, they are either wrong, or lying.

Maybe you have done nothing in your life? I don’t know. However lots of people I know have done an incredible amount of things and have an incredible amount of experience in a vast array of things.

You, it appears, don’t. And as such appear to be a really sad, sad person.

Apart from that you’re just an arrogant tool….

Flame away sunshine….

CanberraResident 5:18 pm 13 Jun 08

Mælinar said :

I am employed by an overseas agency. I have signed a contract with them, and they have examined my role on RA, and have given me their permission to post private stories here. Starting a food review blog is expressly forbidden while I am associated with that agency.

If the owner of the GFV is offended by my terminology, then – well, tough.

Contract negotiation is not your strong point then, eh.

As for your second sentence ^^^, that’s what I’d expect from an amateur critic, not the almighty and “professional” Maelinar …


Thumper 3:02 pm 13 Jun 08

I’ll be in Brisneyland in a few weeks. I’ll look out for their greasy spoon places whilst i am there….

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