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Hamburgers: The G Spot vs the greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club

By Maelinar - 11 June 2008 72

A while ago Danman recommended I check out the burgers at the G Spot, so here’s a blow by blow comparison between them and that greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club (apologies, but I forgot the name of the place). The BLC greasy is a 10/10/10 for comparitive purposes – in advance disclaimer, its not exactly my opinion of a perfect burger, but suitable to compare to.

The G Spot

Taste (Flavour) = 14
Size = 9
Ingredients = 12
Decor/Cutlery = Not Rated
Waiting Staff = 12
Cost = Not Rated

The G Spot burger I had was the wrap version, which while at first was quite novel, became relevant in a drunken capacity to hold the entire thing together a lot better than a conventional 2 bun arrangement. Naturally, this is at the expense of ingredients, so it is a smaller burger. The G Spot burger pattie is a well-spiced, hand-made pattie, although again due to size, quite thin. I quite liked the egg, which was done to just cooked, with the yolk looking like it might fall apart, but not quite managing it.

I’ve not ranked the price or the decor/cutlery, and in another general disclaimer, I write this having received the G Spot burger for free, and delivered to me, in the course of an unrelated agenda I was involved with today.

 Overall Rating:
I give it a 12, it’s a damn good burger. I like what he’s done with the wrap, and getting home drunk is hard enough, getting home drunk and with clean hands is now a possibility with this burger. Gunners isn’t that far away that I’d go out of my way to pick up one of these babies if I was hunting for a feed, although naturally of course if I was a little under the weather from adverse alcohol exposure, I’d not drive to get there.

 So… next time I’m on the fair weather in Gungahlin, I’d probably stop in for a quick chat and a follow-up review.

What’s Your opinion?

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72 Responses to
Hamburgers: The G Spot vs the greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club
hk0reduck 10:01 am 12 Jun 08

But does it have beetroot?

H1NG0 9:49 am 12 Jun 08

FB said :

I have been told about Cafe MoMo in Bruce numerous times, none good, but I decided to brave it.

[Ed. (Jazz) – edited so that you dont have to read the entire post again]

Yep. Cafe Momo sucks balls.

Loquaciousness 9:36 am 12 Jun 08

tap said :

I ate a crazy bastard the other day from the G-Spot the other day, two patties of meat, double bacon, two eggs.

My heart seized with pleasure.

That wasn’t pleasure seizing your heart, tap, it was your arteries hardening.


Jonathon Reynolds 9:31 am 12 Jun 08

Andrew Dale who owns the G-Spot also runs a restaurant in one of the clubs in town and a catering business. The food at the G-Spot has always been exceptional and is far more gourmet in nature than any other food vans around. Which other food van offers garlic prawns?

FB 9:30 am 12 Jun 08

Mælinar, as a burger connoisseur I appreciate your review so I will offer one of mine!

I recently had the displeasure of being in Bruce at lunch time when the burger need struck. We all know that when the need strikes you can not deny the body its burger.

I have been told about Cafe MoMo in Bruce numerous times, none good, but I decided to brave it. The Cafe was quite busy and the sandwich bar and seating area seemed quite pleasing. The take away area was a little on the down side. I ordered a burger with the lot only to find that the meat pattie, bacon & worse, egg, are all pre cooked and sitting in the bain-marie! There is nothing and I repeat nothing worse than rubberised pre cooked egg. I was truly shocked that an establishment could openly get away with that. What’s so hard about cooking it fresh? It only takes a few minutes! Another gentleman had ordered a burger just before me. They had just made his burger including the egg when a fresh batch of fried eggs arrived, the staff just piled the fresh stuff on top of the old ones, not that I’m complaining because I got fresh egg but why wouldn’t they put the older stuff on top? It makes me wonder how many cycles of fresh eggs do the ones on the bottom stay for?

The staff seemed OK but were not very engaging, at first glance it seemed quite clean. The staff all wore a latex glove on one hand but they didn’t take it off when exchanging the money, which I find disgusting. Money is the filthiest thing ever yet they handle it with the same hand they make the food with YECH!

The burger itself was surprisingly quite tasty, the pattie was thick and nicely spiced. The egg, being a fresh one was good and the bacon was thickly cut. The other odd thing I noticed was that it was backwards! Not that it’s a big thing but because all the ingredients were pre cooked they put the pattie on the bottom with the bacon, onion, egg & salad in that order.

The scores out of 10

Burger as a whole 7
Pattie 8
Flavour 8
Size 7
Cost 5*
Staff 5
Cleanliness 5#

* The price was a reasonable $6.50 but for the quality of the burger I don’t consider it fair.

# If the staff removed or changed the glove when handling money the score would be a lot higher.

In summery, the burger was quite tasty and reasonable priced but the fact that it was not fresh was the real let down. Would I eat it again? Only If I was very hungry.

Over all score 6.5

H1NG0 9:12 am 12 Jun 08

They have a website somewhere with their menu listed. What a site it is! I’m not going to search for the webiste at work due to the name, but I have never seen so much heart-attack, artery clogging food in all my life. I only live around the corner. I should give it a go one night.

Thumper 9:06 am 12 Jun 08

My cholesterol shot through the roof just looking at one of these babies…

Danman 8:53 am 12 Jun 08

Good work Mael

Deep fried mars bars in a flour tortilla…. mmm

Mælinar 8:37 am 12 Jun 08

@ Canberra Cafe dot com – feel free to rip my food review posts with appropriate references, but I’m more interested in persuading the admins of this site to add ‘food’ to the category list again.

[Ed. (Jazz) – Aren’t bugers a lifestyle choice?]

utah 11:00 pm 11 Jun 08

Have the G-spot changed ownership? Because when I was there in November, the burger was that weird meat-jelly stuff they use in cheap sausage rolls – kind of like seafood extender, but brown.

On the other hand, the one near Corinna Chambers in Woden do proper burgers that actually have a meat texture.

bighead 10:17 pm 11 Jun 08

I’ve had both on many occasions. I have to say it’s the G Spot. The temptation of a deep fried mars bar is just too good. The G Spot burgers are bigger in my opinion anyway.

tap 10:16 pm 11 Jun 08

I ate a crazy bastard the other day from the G-Spot the other day, two patties of meat, double bacon, two eggs.

My heart seized with pleasure. 10:15 pm 11 Jun 08

We have a ‘eating out’ section in the Canberra Cafe website – feel free to join up and start posting reviews if you like.

ant 9:27 pm 11 Jun 08

If they used proper bread buns nowadays, and not those things that crumble to bits in yer mitts, you’d have clean (ish) hands. I’m still very happy with the Alpine Hotel hamburger I had in Cooma a while back. Bloody impressive. The one with the lot (called the Alpine Burger) was scary-looking and I’m glad I didn’t have that.

Deadmandrinking 9:03 pm 11 Jun 08

Checkers – Belconnen Labor Club.

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