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Horrible ferret cruelty caught on video – good or bad thing?

By Lilli - 16 September 2008 123

[First filed: September 16, 2008 @ 09:13]

Did anyone else hear on Sunrise this morning about one/two* Canberran men who I believe are being prosecuted over a video found of them committing various acts of violence against two ferrets, some acts mentioned including sticking them with syringes and bashing them against walls.

At this point in time I can’t find an online news reference but I am still slightly in shock about which is more horrendous – the fact that the man/men committed these acts, or that they taped (and I presumed, uploaded) such disgusting things? What do you all think – is it better that people seem to be uploading videos of this vein (ie. bashings, cruelty) in an almost bid to want to be caught or not? I believe I’m of the opinion that stupid enough to commit the crime then stupid enough to get caught, but what makes these people think it’s a good idea to make footage like this publicly available, or in the first place, film it?!

*I apologise for the vague details but I just caught the story as I woke up and it got me thinking..

UPDATED: Thanks to MissB for pointing us to the RSPCA media release on this issue.

    The two pet ferrets named Trigger and Cooch were stabbed with syringes, locked in a freezer and smashed against walls. To make matters worse these acts were video taped.

    “Sadly only enough evidence exists to lay charges against two of the four alleged culprits, and I am pleading with the magistrate to hand out the harshest penalty possible.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: The ABC reports that Thomas Sorahan and Adriano Larobina, both 28, from Canberra, have been found guilty.

They will be sentenced next month but readers should take some satisfaction from the fact the men will forever have prospective employers and girlfriends googling their names, and finding this story.

What’s Your opinion?

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123 Responses to
Horrible ferret cruelty caught on video – good or bad thing?
The Brad 12:47 pm 16 Sep 08

>with a bamboo cane for 3 hours

Why the limit?

Mr Evil 12:44 pm 16 Sep 08

Tie them up and smack their scrotums with a bamboo cane for 3 hours.

DarkLadyWolfMother 12:24 pm 16 Sep 08

I’m glad idiots like this film their acts and release them. That way there’s more chance of catching them.

I’m hoping once they’re caught something ‘appropriate’ is done to…cough…for them.

The Brad 11:59 am 16 Sep 08

This makes me ultra-angry. Poor animals are defenceless. Pick on a human next time, you scum.
Time for a good old fashioned lynch mob?

This is when we really need A Thousand Fists.

Loquaciousness 11:35 am 16 Sep 08

tylersmayhem said :

I’m talking goal time, not just a fine, community service or some other light punishment.

Is that when we line them up against a wall and use them as goals by throwing (preferably hard and pointy) objects at them?

If so, sounds like a suitable punishment to me!


toriness 11:33 am 16 Sep 08

absolutely disgusting and sickening. while obviously the committing of the crime itself is beyond most people’s comprehension including my own – i cannot also not comprehend the people who witness these sorts of crimes and do not try and stop the perpetrators or do not report them. i view those people with almost as much disgust as the people who commit the crime itself.

tylersmayhem 11:29 am 16 Sep 08

Full resources need to be spent finding these f**kers and making and example out of them. I’m talking goal time, not just a fine, community service or some other light punishment. I also believe offenders should go on a cruelty to animals register so people can know if such people live in close proximity to their pets. My wife had a cat before I met her years ago, ad they found it dead one day with a piece of tanbark shoved down it’s throat. Odd;y enough, the neighbor used to beat his dog. Coincidence?!

Just as importantly, be able to keep track of if they are continuing to offend and look for more serious behavior as mentioned earlier in the post.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:21 am 16 Sep 08

I’m opposed to the death penalty. I am not, however, opposed to stabbing these yokel pigf.ckers with syringes, locking them in a freezer, smashing them against walls and doing other things to them too horrific for a press release.

MissB 11:10 am 16 Sep 08

There is a media release in the rspca act website about it. Not much detail (which might be a good thing?)

Loquaciousness 10:39 am 16 Sep 08

Beserk Keyboard Warrior said :

You would be hard pressed to find a serial killer who didn’t cut their teeth torturing animals. It is a real worry.

Not just serial killers – from stuff I’ve read, most sociopaths start out by torturing and murdering animals – they start small with mice and rats (and ferrets?) and gradually, as they pursue a bigger thrill, they start killing bigger animals. Of course, humans are a natural progression.

I’m with Thumper – lock ’em up now before they start seeking those ‘bigger’ thrills …


hairy nosed wombat 10:28 am 16 Sep 08

The only other place i could find anything about this case was on the Animal Liberation Website.

Beserk Keyboard Warr 10:07 am 16 Sep 08

You would be hard pressed to find a serial killer who didn’t cut their teeth torturing animals. It is a real worry.

Thumper 10:00 am 16 Sep 08

I agree with ant on this.

If these people show no remorse or sympathy to torturing and killing a small defenceless animal then it’s doubtful that they would show any remorse or sympathy to doing the same to a person.

Sick, horrible, beyond belief.

Put them away. For a long time. This is beyond words. Seriously, do you want these types of people free in society? Do people really think that anyone capable of such an act can be rehabilitated?

hairy nosed wombat 9:55 am 16 Sep 08

They were talking about it on Sunrise as the case is bing heard today (Tuesday) in a Queenbeyan court.

On Tuesday 16 September at 9am, Queanbeyan court will hear a case, including video evidence against two individuals charged with torturing to death two ferrets owned by their housemate. The disturbing incident was recorded on a camera phone. In a violent rage, the two pet ferrets, ‘Trigger’ and ‘Cooch’ were stabbed with syringes, locked in a freezer, smashed against walls and had other things done to them too horrific for this press release. All who have seen the video evidence are dumbfounded at the heinous nature of these crimes. It is alleged that on the video four distinct voices can be heard, but due to the lack of evidence, only two people have been charged.

From Margo Kingstons web diary

ant 9:50 am 16 Sep 08

People who do this sort of thing, filmed or not, are psycopaths and won’t stop at animals. The law needs to be made much tougher in animal cruelty cases, in recognition of its inherent evilness, and what it leads to (cruelty against people, especially kids).

As for filming acts of cruelty, a psychologist could probably explain what that’s about. Exhibitionism, desire to relive the cruelty, I do not know.

I don’t think they do it to get caught, but let’s hope that’s what happens.

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