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“I am not a criminal” says alleged slumlord

By johnboy - 19 July 2010 45

The Canberra Times is hoping to tease you into buying their dead-tree paper with a teaser of an interview with alleged slum lord Jason Fan:

Jason Fan admitted at least 50 people were living in four houses and being charged $100 to $110 a week in rent, but said they were better off than being at the mercy of the private rental market in Canberra.

An emotional Mr Fan said he was shocked at the allegations levelled against him.

”I’m not a criminal … I want to be the good person,” he said.

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45 Responses to
“I am not a criminal” says alleged slumlord
Diggety 2:16 pm 19 Jul 10

The overpriced housing problem in Canberra will not be fixed until public servants get the salary they deserve.

p1 2:10 pm 19 Jul 10

georgesgenitals said :

Very interesting. I wonder which laws, if any, this ‘slumlord’ has actually broken?

As someone above has suggested banks probably wouldn’t finance all the houses at one. I wonder if he has been building his portfolio for some time, or has financed it from less reputable lenders?

Jivrashia 1:52 pm 19 Jul 10

georgesgenitals said :

Very interesting. I wonder which laws, if any, this ‘slumlord’ has actually broken?

Spent about 15 minutes googling this, and I have to admit I couldn’t find anything.

But I am sure it has to do with the well-being of the tenants, and that they’re better off out in the Canberra’s bitter winter… (The authorities know what’s right for them).

Ivan76 1:45 pm 19 Jul 10

+1 to all the negative comments about Mr Fan.


georgesgenitals 1:18 pm 19 Jul 10

Very interesting. I wonder which laws, if any, this ‘slumlord’ has actually broken?

Special G 12:50 pm 19 Jul 10

Only four that we know of at the moment and that’s just in Canberra.

I wonder the pitch to the bank for the investment loan.

Slum Lord ‘Hi i need 2 mil for investment properties’
Bank ‘How you affording the repayments’
SL ‘3br house – 20 tenants – $100/wk – no problems’
Bank ‘sure sign here.’

l33t h4x0r 84r8i3 12:18 pm 19 Jul 10

I have a large bedroom I rent out to a couple of nice Chinese girls @ $70/pw each. It includes all utilities, internet etc.

Clearly I am not charging enough! ROFL

busgirl 12:05 pm 19 Jul 10

Grrrr…you need to get your calculator fixed.

Grrrr 11:25 am 19 Jul 10

$100-110 pw in a “slum house” (apparently sharing with about ten others) is better than being at the mercy of the private rental market? .. If it includes all expenses other than food, maybe!

Obviously his tenants don’t have a clue and are being preyed upon or they’d quickly realise that $120 per person per week gets your own bedroom in a share house in the private rental market. Possibly less than $100 per week if you look hard or a couple take the master bedroom etc.

Holy crap though – 50 people at $100 per week is quarter of a million a year, which would pay rates, tax and $2.5 million of mortgages. The big suprise is that he only owns 4 houses!

dtc 11:23 am 19 Jul 10

Does Canberra have any official long term ‘dormitory’ or boarding house type accom? Particularly housing for family groups. I know there are various guest houses around the place, but I think they are more short stay/tourist types.

Its an interesting issue – if someone chooses to pay $100 for a very basic and crowded house presumably its because they couldn’t find somewhere else they could afford (or chose not to) – ignoring (for the moment) the issue of having 10 people living next door to you, is there any reason why the govt should stick its head in? People living crappy conditions all the time – my uni days comprised living in a concrete box (B&G) and in old fibro uni housing, including a house that where someone had kicked a hole thru the exterior wall, which created something of a winddraft (the hole was covered by that useful material, cardboard, since the uni refused to do anything). I was a student and I knew it was only for a few years and I didnt have kids, so it was bearable.

Although it does seem a bit strange – for $100 per week there are plenty of houses people could afford in groups of 4 or 5. Admittedly, that only works for single people and doesnt help families (5 adults plus a few kids and you end up with the numbers in this case). And admittedly the tight rental market is such that a group of (for example) 5 male african migrants is unlikely to get the nod.

In any event, it seems to me that there is clearly a demand for very cheap housing and that people are willing to/prepared to/have to accept crowded conditions.

astrojax 11:18 am 19 Jul 10

i want to vote for both options!

p1 11:17 am 19 Jul 10

johnboy said :

…but said they were better off than being at the mercy of the private rental market in Canberra.

Actually, they were at the mercy of the private rental market.

Unless Mr Fan is working for ACT Housing?

Thumper 11:15 am 19 Jul 10

Maybe flogging off all those govie houses to make a quick buck was not the way to go hey?

But seriously, Stanhope can feign indignation and anger or whatever, but until he seriously starts to take a stand against homelessness and lack of housing in the Territory then it’s all just lip service.

Let’s see some serious bipartisan work by those in power to ensure that people in this great place actually can find somewhere to live, and not be forced into appalling situations like this.

weeziepops 10:54 am 19 Jul 10

I wonder what the impact of housing these people has now had on other vulnerable Canberrans waiting for somewhere to live. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be placed somewhere suitable, just that the problem goes beyond this group.

JessP 9:41 am 19 Jul 10

This guy was undoubtedly out to make a fast buck (and lots of them if you do the maths) but it does raise the question – where would these people have gone if they couldnt find affordable accomodation?

Your Stanhopliness are you listening?

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