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Illegal speed testing

By aa - 4 January 2009 25

A couple of years ago they had a report about where police were allowed to test speeding drivers.

The report stated that it’s illegal for police to test for speed going down a hill or at the bottom of a hill.

After driving down the park way the other day, I noticed that the camera (the one under the bridge) is located going down a hill.

I also noticed that a speed camera was parked on the side of erindale drive (just before the fadden round-a-about) at a bottom of a hill.

Does anyone know if the report I read was correct and if so, have they changed the laws or are they illegally testing for speed?

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Illegal speed testing
ricketyclik 8:27 pm 04 Jan 09


What a load of bollocks.

el 7:56 pm 04 Jan 09


I generally agree with this.

Clown Killer 6:09 pm 04 Jan 09

Speed detection on a downhill grade is justified on the basis that serious accidents
have occurred at that location and there are no other means of preventing vehicles
from speeding

Well that would explain the speed camera on the Tuggeranong Parkway at Cotter Road. If you hear a radio report any given peak hour about traffic delays on the parkway caused by an accident, the sentence invariably finishes with … at the Cotter Road on ramp.

Naturally, if people could grasp the need to temporarily move into the right-hand lane to give merging traffic some room (and refrain from staying in the left hand land and speeding up to make sure merging traffic dosen’t get in front of them in ‘their’ lane then we could probably live without the speed camera … ce la vie

paperboy 3:18 pm 04 Jan 09

There’s also the camera on the Barton Highway, city bound, just after the speed limit drops from 100 to 80, and also in a downhill strip.

This is from the Queensland Police Service. It may explain the confusion, and the reason they’re in those positions.

Downhill grades are classified as ‘restricted site locations’. It is important to
understand that this does not prohibit the use of a speed detection device on
a downhill grade, but it does mean that such use will be limited.

Speed detection on a downhill grade is justified on the basis that serious accidents
have occurred at that location and there are no other means of preventing vehicles
from speeding (i.e. through publicity or road engineering solutions).

ricketyclik 1:47 pm 04 Jan 09

Nosey said :

Why doesn’t common sense prevail these days?????

It’s because the Guvmint ain’t made a law enforcing it.

Nosey 1:31 pm 04 Jan 09

Some people need any excuse to get off a ticket don’t they?

If the radar/laser hits your car and detects an excessive speed then tough chest puppies.

Wear it and pay it.

Cars speed up hills and down hills.

Why doesn’t common sense prevail these days?????

deye 1:20 pm 04 Jan 09

I do remember hearing that, but I was in QLD at the time. It depends on each state as to where and how they are sited.

gomer 1:20 pm 04 Jan 09

it’s something to do with the way radar type cameras detect car speed. they can’t determine the difference between a car and a reflection from the ground. obviously at the bottom of the hill the camera is basically aimed at the hill therefore there is an increase in this reflection problem. The fixed camera on the parkway hopefully is one designed to measure using some sort of non-radar timing method. Otherwise all the tickets it produces are doubtful.

poptop 11:01 am 04 Jan 09

Sounds like wishful thinking. I couldn’t spot anything supporting this wish in the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999

I wasn’t speeding, officer – it was downhill and my brakes don’t work

farnarkler 10:43 am 04 Jan 09

Surely it shouldn’t matter where a speed camera is positioned??

Thumper 10:28 am 04 Jan 09

A lot more detail would help.

Clown Killer 10:26 am 04 Jan 09

Some more detail would probably help.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some form of official guidelines for speed camera placement but I doubt that failure to conform to the guidelines would render the speed camera illegal.

farnarkler 10:16 am 04 Jan 09

Sounds like an April fools joke.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:01 am 04 Jan 09

*rolls eyes*

You know. THEM. They write REPORTS.


grundy 8:47 am 04 Jan 09

What report?
Who are ‘they’?

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