Images of Canberra: O’Connor gang-gangs

Kerces 22 February 2007 19

A short while ago I was walking near the O’Connor ovals and noticed a flock of about eight gang-gangs busily eating all the berries off a street tree. Some people who lived nearby said the birds come to these particular trees all the time, even though they’re not that common around the rest of Canberra.

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19 Responses to Images of Canberra: O’Connor gang-gangs
fabforty fabforty 6:19 pm 22 Jul 09

Sorry, got my cockys mixed up. We have black cockatoos here – not Major Mitchells.

Granny Granny 9:54 pm 21 Jul 09

They are gorgeous birds and lovely photographs.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 8:16 pm 21 Jul 09

big boobs for stromlo, oconnor gang bangs
another let down

fabforty fabforty 8:12 pm 21 Jul 09

These guys are so cool. We have a large flock (30 or so) of the yellow and black Major Mitchell Cockatoos around the Watson/Downer/EPIC area. They are great to watch – but bloody noisy buggers ! They can be especially vocal around 6am on Sunday mornings.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 5:38 pm 21 Jul 09

Oh, I opened this thread thinking it said, “O’Connor Gang Bangs”. Sorry, my bad….

fluffyboy fluffyboy 5:10 pm 21 Jul 09

In Lyons the local clans of Gang-gangs feed at my home. They eat out of our hands and seem to take delight in flying close and hitting your face and head with their soft feathers. They have taken to landing on us when not wanting food which makes one feel very special, as they explore your ears, face, nose or try to remove my glasses, all the while talking gently to you.

Al Al 12:59 pm 23 Feb 07

Yes – the rusty gate bird – love them.

dusty dusty 8:07 am 23 Feb 07

I was a carer for an injured female gang gang some years ago,she was the most beautiful bird I have ever had. As affectionate as a kitten, she just snoozed on my shoulder and rubbed her little face on my neck and whispering gang gang love talk in my ear the whole time, I’ve never been in love with an animal again like that, we were inseparable. She would fly around the house looking for me and loved tinned corn and grated cheese. She had beak and feather disease, thats why she collided with the car the vet said, as they cant fly as well, and she died of the disease after 4 months with me. Always a fan of Gang gangs, more photos please! Did you now they are one of Australias most ancient species of parrots, thats why they’re so placid in nature, they are endangered and being decimated by beak and feather disease, they’re closest relative is the galah. They make a noise like a squeaky gate- so cute. Bring back the gang gang on the Parks and Con logo I say. Gang Gangs are one of the best perks of living in Canberra. Gang Gangs Rule!

sim_m_o sim_m_o 11:04 pm 22 Feb 07

Bluebells grow everywhere, mostly on median strips from what I can gather. Most other dry grassy areas, both northside and southside have spatterings of bluebells also, seems odd to claim they don’t grow in ACT.

Ralph Ralph 8:33 pm 22 Feb 07

As far as parrots go, which are generally extemely intelligent, apparently the gang gang is at the upper end of the scale.

The older suburbs only have cotoneasters and hawthorns etc. They are difficult to buy now as they are considered to be noxious weeds.

seepi seepi 5:09 pm 22 Feb 07

Those bluebells do grow around Woden – even on the dry naturestrips.

We see gang gangs sometimes in Hackett, there were heaps the year after the fires.

Xanthomyza Xanthomyza 4:45 pm 22 Feb 07
LurkerGal LurkerGal 4:40 pm 22 Feb 07

What IS the ACT floral emblem (didn’t know what the fauna one was, either, sorry)

Xanthomyza Xanthomyza 4:06 pm 22 Feb 07

oh, and… some great pics here of Gang-gangs.

The bird was the emblem/logo for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service before it was decimated and all ACT logos changed to the coat of arms. The bird is also on the North Ainslie Primary School signs (biting one of the Os).

Xanthomyza Xanthomyza 4:00 pm 22 Feb 07

Gerry-Built, rarely seen is incorrect. Gang-gangs are quite common in some areas of town, depending on what foods are available to them. Those areas tend to be the older parts of town (inner north, inner south). Traditionally the Gang-gang Cockatoo was a species that bred only in the ranges and came down to town in winter. They stick around now because of foods like cotoneater and boxthorn and other stuff with berries. Breeding has been recorded in some places around town.

I see one to four birds every day in Deakin between my son’s day care and my work. Last Thursday alone their were five birds at the day care centre eating some sort of berries on a tree in the car park.

Deakin, Barton, Turner, Ainslie and the ANBG are good spots to find them.


Ralph Ralph 3:37 pm 22 Feb 07

It’s eating catoneaster (spelling?) berries.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 3:35 pm 22 Feb 07

Oh good, perhaps Johnboy will now publish my excellent Kookaburra photo that I recently sent in.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 3:05 pm 22 Feb 07

yep, ACT has a fauna emblem in the form of a bird that is rarely seen here, and a floral emblem in the form of a flower that doesn’t grow in the ACT – Hats off to the clever monkey who chose them 😉

S4anta S4anta 3:01 pm 22 Feb 07

these little buggers go feral up the top of holt whilst they are getting stuck into the Kamberra Goon grapes.

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