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Images of Canberra – Soylent Green Graffiti

By johnboy 28 September 2005 26

Stencil graffiti in Canberra is, favourites of the Chief Minister aside, quite sophisticated. The following effort was caught on the laughable “crossing” between the lake and King’s Avenue.

Soylent Green Graffiti

For those who don’t get it the IMDB is, as always, your friend.

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26 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Soylent Green Graffiti
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bulldog 12:45 pm 11 Oct 05

To your credit there aren’t many spelling errors, although it scans a bit strangely at points.

Maelinar 12:42 pm 11 Oct 05

My response to the same question at about 8 last night was ‘This is an experiment in drinking copious quantities of wine on a monday to test the effects at work’.

My response this morning was ‘For my future drunken reference, tell me that I’ve already done the research and it was not very successful’

As with all things alcohol, it seemed like a great idea at the time, and with every glass it just got better and better. By the end of the night I was simply a genius who just had to use the backspace key a lot…

bulldog 9:09 am 11 Oct 05

Long night mate?

Hope your feeling better about it all today.

Maelinar 9:24 pm 10 Oct 05

and of course it’s 9.24 pm and I’m posting on RA, but then again I’m pissed and it’s a distinctive alternative to calling ex girlfriends and discussing what they’re up to at this time (given that most ex girlfriends of mine have been in NZ and it would be 11:24 over there)

(had I kept their phone numbers)

Maelinar 9:17 pm 10 Oct 05

an update:

I received the movie tonight, and of course in the true sense of Ebay, I have watched the movie, searched (rather drunkenly) for the appropriate post, posted on a website my opinion of the movie (right now) and then quite maybe I might send feedback to the hapless lads at video ezy or wherever who sent me the DVD in the first place that they’re doing a great job A1 superfantasticfucking oh.

As a movie I’d have to say “fuck what was that shit all about”.

Well that was my honest answer.

My slightly lying answer would be “It is an interesting movie, which albiet it’s rather slow start and middle sequence, provides a quite descriptive background which feeds into the imagination of what life could really be like in 2022”.

My really lying answer would be “it was made in the same year as Star Wars so it has to be good”.

Understandably I’m up to 7 wines by now, and could be quite insert word for being quite sarcastic without using that word here about the whole process.

As I volunteered earlier, screenings avaliable upon request, although I would recommend drinking a wine that you have proven that you like in distinct moderation perhaps to the excessive level in advance of the screening.

It was filmed in 1973, I shouldn’t have to say anything more about the requirements. (although Starwars I still quite rate as a pioneer in it’s field).

The basic story summary as already given away is that there’s this big issue about world population, and the example given is that the population of New York has exceeded 40 million. The world is crying out for food, properties are guarded by armed guards (that’s farms for us aussies), and the cities are overrun by, … well typical Americans.

Insert into the scene an appropriate Blade Runner style murder, and insert into the script a rather resilient detective who is prepared to investigate this case over the 136 odd other murder cases that have happened since this one, and you’ve set the scene.

I reckon personally it’s because the chick sidekick/victim wears hardly any clothes and is referred to as ‘furniture’ as the reason why he takes on this case, but that’d be going into my deep psyche as to why things are initiated in the first place, including my theory on WW1 and WW2.

My first impression obviously was that they had a lump of beef in the fridge at the time, which according to the setting of the movie was an extremely rare thing, and that’s why he did it…

(he thought he’d get more)

(although they made a bloody stew out of it, the philistines…)

Next comes the governor intervention, a couple of attempted assasinations, a bit of roughing up, some more attempted assasinations (I’m trying to talk up the movie here, the real word should be assassination fullstop), and finally the heavily wounded investigator has solved the case and tells all…

Although his boss who has already been proven to be a sellout is looking after him and he’s whisked away on some kind of black box thinggee which I assumed to be their interpretation of a 22nd century stretcher.

Movie ends.

I finish my wine.

I write some stuff on this site on alternative posts…

I have another wine…

I start typing this post…

I have yet more wine…

Well here I am at the now, and I have nothing more to say than to reiterate JB’s SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE, and hazard a guess that the future makers of Soylent Green may have some trademark issues pending if they want to produce anything resembling food made out of humans.

The moral of the story of course is don’t eat big green square thinggies that ‘they’ say is food, but what’s the chance of that happening before 2022 ?

Thumper 12:27 pm 30 Sep 05

I think I need a dose of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

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