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Images of Canberra – The Carrillion from an unusual angle

By johnboy 8 May 2005 29

SpecialG has sent in a wonderfull picture of the Carillion taken from a hot air balloon.

The arcs of King’s Avenue Bridge and the curves of Aspen Island and it’s bridge, from this angle, make one realise what cunning buggers the original planners were. Anyone care to speculate what the watercraft going under King’s Avenue is?

The Carillion From an Interesting Angle

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29 Responses to
Images of Canberra – The Carrillion from an unusual angle
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Mong-On 12:12 pm 10 May 05

Is it because I used the word ‘blow’?

johnboy 7:51 pm 09 May 05

Well Mong-on, my patience with you is at an end.

Want to talk about the war in Iraq? Plenty of websites out there to do it on.

Want to talk about it here? Find a Canberra angle and submit a story.

If you introduce it Off Topic again I’ll just delete it because I’m sick of it mucking up conversations which have nothing to do with it.

You’re detracting from this site and you’ve been over-indulged.

Don’t like it? find another website or start your own.

that’s freedom baby.

Gingermick 6:57 pm 09 May 05

Mong-On, matey! Where does your fabulous future lie? Corporate lawyering or merchant banking? I look forward to the day when we can sing the “Red Flag” together over a stiff G&T. I too manned (or personned) the barricades long ago. What fun!

Mong-On 4:15 pm 09 May 05

Bonfire – get in line. Nobody blows like the JBlows.

DH – even though there’s been no rain for three months straight, you’re missing a glorious autumn. I know how you must feel.

David_Heidelberg 3:14 pm 09 May 05

I’m as rabid an anti-war activist as anyone, but kind of like the quiet reflection of ANZAC day.

Having said that, I’m pissed that little Johnny, and other piss-ants, have hijacked the day for
their own political ends. I think politicians should be the last people invited to ANZAC Day.

Anyway, Keep the pics coming. I’m away from Canberra at the moment, and getting very home sick.

bonfire 2:59 pm 09 May 05

Actually im the one who calls loons like you softheads mong-on. But if others want to adopt it, be my guest.

The more people who take on softheads and their anti-logic repetition of mantras the better.

atnas 2:16 pm 09 May 05

There are ASOC1, they are usually kept for the inept socially unaware.

Mong-On 2:04 pm 09 May 05

Maybe I’m getting ripped off.

Thumper 2:01 pm 09 May 05


Didn’t think there was any such entity as an ASOC1 any more…..


Canberra_unsung_hero 1:50 pm 09 May 05

Where’s johnboy today ?

Mong-On 1:48 pm 09 May 05

This isn’t as much fun without Johnboy to call me a soft-head.

And, I do believe that Australian Major George O’Kane actually wrote the whitewash for the ICRC on the Abu G abuses.

Now let’s all get back to our happy APS 1 jobs and agree that, at best, war is a mixed blessing.

Thumper 1:39 pm 09 May 05


I just don’t see your point. You posted it, not me. I don’t see ant Australians there? Do you?

And personally, I think the yanks should get the hell out of Iraq because they don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing there now.

And as Atnas said, its wonderful how a simple mantra can mean so much. I always thought mantras such as “all war is bad” is simply for those who can’t fathom any greater thought than what they get fed through the media or where ever.

No more feeding the trolls.

Amazing hey, that people can have attitudes different to yours.

Mong-On 1:35 pm 09 May 05

Who mentioned anything about the US? Trust the ‘right’ wing to reflexively jump to the defence of its master…good boy!

So look, why don’t you save yourself five minutes looking for the photo and spare us the militarism? Thanks.

PS – if you have two posts in a row it just looks desperate.

Ralph 1:34 pm 09 May 05

Don’t feed the trolls.

atnas 1:30 pm 09 May 05

Mong On, yet again you have managed to take the anti-war movement back a few steps, and we thank you. ANZAC day is all about remembering those were lost due to war, and remembering those who have come back, forever changed. It is not a celebration of all things war and it never will be.

Thumper 1:26 pm 09 May 05

Actually I recall that I said I had a photo from ANZAC Day. That was it….

If your mind can somehow twist that into an anti American mantra then so be it.

I for one was appalled at these photos, but not surprised.

Thumper 1:24 pm 09 May 05

My thoughts exactly….

Some looney anti war ravings perhaps?

Funny how there is this view out there in some people that if you joined the services you actually want to go to war. In fact, if anyone doesn’t want war, its generally services people and ex services people as the current serving members have everychance of being dead, not a good career move, and ex services have already been on the two way firing range and don’t want to see others end up the same way.

Once again, I see no relevance in the link.

Mong-On 1:24 pm 09 May 05

Another war, another dollar. Or lest we forgotten?

I could have said ‘is that the photo of the Aussie backpacker, passed out on the grave of the fallen comrade, stubby in hand?’ but that just seemed so sophomoric.

I only said it because I knew you’d like it, chest-Thumper!

Canberra_unsung_hero 1:15 pm 09 May 05

I don’t get it ….. wot do those pics have to do with Anzac day ?

Thumper 1:00 pm 09 May 05

And that has exactly what to do with ANZAC Day?

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