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Interactive map of ACT Primary Schools

By aidan - 7 November 2006 41

Using Google Maps you can design your own education system. Did the Stanhope Government get it right or wrong? Would they know if they had? Make your own mind up and decide which schools should stay and which should go.

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Interactive map of ACT Primary Schools
nyssa76 10:52 am 08 Nov 06

Simto, it won’t be known until the decision re: school closures is finalised for December.

I suspect that some DET staff will have their leave cancelled.

simto 10:48 am 08 Nov 06

Nyssa, since you have contacts in DET, any idea whether leave plans have been curtailed?

Or haven’t the post-it-notes reached that point yet?

nyssa76 10:34 am 08 Nov 06

Simto, that’s the plan….well a patchwork of post-it-notes to be honest.

If they pull it off, it will mean DET staff working 24/7 to get it done over the Christmas break.

simto 10:31 am 08 Nov 06

That timeframe’s quite optimistic, isn’t it?

Are we meant to be expecting that everything will be organised for Feb next year so that whatever schools are left standing will be fully ready to accept the additional student load?

Should be a laugh a minute come Feburary…

nyssa76 9:42 am 08 Nov 06

Kambah’s “unveiling” their $143,000 upgrade of computers (Federal funding) today as well.

Gee, what a waste of money….right Woody?

Simto, they’ll make the announcement in about 3-4 weeks (early December).

simto 9:32 am 08 Nov 06

Well, students are still attending them until the end of the year.

On the other side of the coin, you would kind of expect them to have definatively announced the final list of what’s closing so that people can make suitable accomodations by now.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:16 am 08 Nov 06

Aren’t these bloody schools closed yet? What’s the hold up?

Thumper 9:09 am 08 Nov 06

I can’t comment.

nyssa76 8:37 am 08 Nov 06

I’d like to know where the funding for ICTs that Cook got (Federal) is going to go – seeing as it is closing and the ACT Govt and DET won’t release it.

Any ideas?

Thumper 8:25 am 08 Nov 06

What is going to happen to those schools that are GSCOs? (From memory most if not all ACT school P&Cs are GSCOs and not SPBs)

Where will the money go as they are incorporated bodies seperate from the school itself.

Is the government hoping to snaffle that as well, which I would suggest is illegal.

aidan 8:45 pm 07 Nov 06


Unfortunately I think it is too late. They have a set of target schools and whatever they do they will only be closing/amalgamating those.

Gilmore is a weird case, as they are going almost entirely off enrolment projections, as currently it has high numbers. The large number of demountables doesn’t help, as it gives a misleading percentage capacity figure.

There is a very real possibility that Chislhom Primary will have to have demountables to cope with the influx of Gilmore kids. That is just nuts.

nyssa76 8:18 pm 07 Nov 06

Having worked in the Dept last year and a friend does this year – we knew nothing about it.

With the new curriculum, school closures and amalgamations, ACT Govt Education is going to have no end of troubles.

miz 8:00 pm 07 Nov 06

I heard that the Dept was shocked at the policy turnaround too! I can kind of sympathise, they have had to implement this horror. What a mess.

nyssa76 7:33 pm 07 Nov 06

I just love the comments by Barr re: enrolments being down for Giralang, Flynn, Kambah and one other school who I can’t remember atm.

The Census is in Feb and August. Does the fact that Towards 2020 was out in June mean anything to you Mr. Barr?

Of course it was the contributing factor in a drop in enrolments.

miz, when you rush a policy, like this one, there will be mistakes and errors.

They haven’t planned this well and the students of the ACT will be the real casualties.

miz 7:27 pm 07 Nov 06

Aidan, thank you. It’s very revealing. Hope they note your comment about Gilmore.

The irony for Gilmore community is that Chisholm Primary (which is rather unwillingly and disbelievingly having to amalgamate with Caroline Chisholm High) could easily go, when you look at this map.

Note here ( ) that Gilmore and Chisholm have almost identical enrolments, Gilmore having had very few ‘dropouts’ because of the 2020 proposal. I think no one there can quite believe the Govt would be so stupid as to close it! I also think they have ‘forgotten’ that Gilmore the suburb is not equivalent to Gilmore’s PEA and there are many in its PEA who live in Chisholm, which is a very large suburb (some of Chisholm is also zoned Richardson Primary). God I hope they haven’t botched these PEA numbers up!

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