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aidan 7 November 2006 41

Using Google Maps you can design your own education system. Did the Stanhope Government get it right or wrong? Would they know if they had? Make your own mind up and decide which schools should stay and which should go.

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41 Responses to Interactive map of ACT Primary Schools
miz miz 3:50 pm 11 Nov 06

Seepi I am sure you are correct about the historical reasons for the transport arrangements. It’s a factor that should be considered in the overall mix of school closure decisions.
Having read a couple of the published submissions I am even more baffled about the array of weird variants on proposed school structure, and the inconsistencies of availability of all these weird variants! Who on earth would want to send their child to a P-3 or a P-10?

seepi seepi 11:03 am 11 Nov 06

Miz when I went to school in Woden, lots of Tuggers kids went to Woden as there weren’t many schools in Tuggers then, and once there were, kids continued to come to woden to go where their siblings had gone. The transport could be still a hangover from those days. (so it should be fixed, but it could be historical accident rather than conspiracy).

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:44 pm 10 Nov 06

I went to Hackett. My cousin went to Watson and then transferred to Campbell.

It was a terrible 3-4 years. Which is why I am against closing Dickson – the inner north has suffered enough, not to mention the other communities who will suffer because of this crap policy.

miz miz 11:31 pm 10 Nov 06

Weston Creek also had a lot of schools close last time round, and now it’s full of old people. Its (and Woden’s) schools survive with Tuggers kids, this is why I hate this alleged ‘choice’ business, which is really a snob factor. We’d be better off with properly enforced zoning like in NSW, then we could properly see where the resources are really needed.

miz miz 11:17 pm 10 Nov 06

And I admit I’m a bit one-eyed about Tuggers! I just don’t want it to be consigned as a dormitory slum by the powers that be (most of whom seem to live on the Northside).

miz miz 11:15 pm 10 Nov 06

Cheers Aidan. Interesting comments though in AEU’s sub about the way school transport in Tuggers has been set up to favour transporting Tuggers kids to Woden! (Broadly speaking, public transport in a number of parts of Tuggers is far less than the services to Belco. I used to work at Defence Russell, and about five times as many buses would go from there to Belco than anywhere southside (admittedly this anecdotal, ie my perception at peak hour while I waited for my bus). I think it’s because most of Tuggers got ‘set up’ after self govt (apart from Kambah/Wanniassa which are almost as old as Woden). Hence it is not on par with other areas through no fault of its own. But ripping the heart out of it is NOT the way to fix these issues.

aidan aidan 11:52 am 10 Nov 06


I was just trying to be comprehensive. Point taken.

Kerces Kerces 10:18 am 10 Nov 06

Aidan, the high school that’s now the school of art was Canberra High, which has been in its current (bigger) site in Jamison/Macquarie for yonks. So it didn’t really close, just move.

aidan aidan 9:55 am 10 Nov 06


I think it looks worse for Tuggers because it hasn’t had any school closures up till now (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong).

The inner north has already lost Downer Primary, Hackett Primary, Watson High and the high school that is now the School of Art at ANU. Was there a primary school in Campbell too?.

Belconnen has already lost Page Primary (merged with Scullin to form Southern Cross, which is now being downsized to a P-3 .. wonder how long that will last), Charnwood High and Spence Primary (merged with Melba Primary to form Mt Rogers, and now proposed to close) and of course Ginninderra District High (though it is being replaced by a new P-10).

Woden I’m not so sure about, but Melrose Primary is an amalgamation of Chifley and Pearce Primary schools, and it is scheduled for closure too.

Belconnen and Tuggeranong are the two big areas as far as enrolments go so it isn’t surprising that these are the hardest hit areas.

Not counting preschools (as I can’t be arsed working it out) Belconnen is losing six Primary schools, with one downsizing (to P-3) and an amalgamation of a High School and College.

Tuggeranong loses five Primary schools and a High School.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:27 pm 09 Nov 06

Because they want the land.

Pretty simple.

seepi seepi 8:11 pm 09 Nov 06

The AEU report says the Inner North will have more 15-18 year olds (College age) than anywhere in Canberra except Tuggers in a couple of years, and gets a lot of local NSW kids as well – Sutton, Wamboin etc. So why would they close Dickson College????

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:32 pm 09 Nov 06

The AEU makes reference to the absurd need for Gungahlin to have several K-10 schools and then a college in 2008/2009.

Kids from Isabella can use the underpass to get to Bonython, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want my kids walking under it.

Gungahlin will be the “new Tuggeranong” in a few years and considering Amaroo was built with aircon and Gilmore has portables is pretty pathetic.

miz, I did relief there years ago – after finished my degree.

Nice place. Went to China with a few of the staff from there too. Great ladies.

miz miz 11:03 pm 08 Nov 06

Fair enough seepi! You might be interested in this sub from the AEU which breaks down the issues region by region. (click on top hot issue)

seepi seepi 10:44 pm 08 Nov 06

Yeah Miz – the inner north gets all the good stuff – lovely airport noise, the dragway – the new quamby, and seven storey towers in the suburbs 😉 And they are closing the only College.

I gather that the plan is for all preschools to become part of primary schools, and those that aren’t are being shut. I can’t remember where I read that now though.

miz miz 9:47 pm 08 Nov 06

And what about pre-school resources? Parents have been investing in them for years. All the ed dept provide is the building, voluntary contribs fund everything else. How rude if they just ‘absorb’ them into another preschool.

miz miz 9:32 pm 08 Nov 06

Aidan, they seem to be really gunning for Tuggers. If I may comment, I have noticed a distinct northside bias from the Assembly for quite a qhile now.

Regarding Gilmore community, I am hoping the govt sees sense, seeing it is not meant to close till end 2007. I am also hoping they will actually read, and not simply dismiss, all the subs people have gone to the trouble to put together. Gilmore has valid case and it would be (dare I say ‘Wednesbury’?) unreasonable for it to be closed.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:41 pm 08 Nov 06

Simbo, true. But if the Feds carry on that it was for Kambah High and not any other. They could well take the things back.

It will be interesting to see what happens if the school closes.

simbo simbo 7:32 pm 08 Nov 06

Well, presumably a fair percentage of these Kambah students are going to end up at other public schools, should the school close down. So they’d still be getting the benefit of the machines if they were relocated. Just in another location.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:04 pm 08 Nov 06

The grant is Federal and for use by Kambah High. If it is closed, then the computers etc should be returned to the Feds.

Why should ACT Govt enjoy the “fruits of labour” by the staff of Kambah who applied for the grant FOR Kambah students?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 4:41 pm 08 Nov 06

Woody, Kambah High (ON THEIR OWN) applied for this FEDERAL grant.

If it’s between the school and the Feds, then the grant shouldn’t form any part of the Territory’s decision-making process about whether to close the school. It’s not like the Territory gave them $143,000 then shut them down.

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