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Kevin John Jones faces seven years of isolation

By johnboy - 30 April 2009 35

The Canberra Times reports that the prison rapist Kevin John Jones, 50, has been sentenced to another seven years of imprisonment after being convicted of raping his young cellmate in the Belconnen Remand Centre.

    The 50-year-old Jones, who has spent nearly a quarter of his life behind bars, was diagnosed in a pre-sentence psychological report with chronic alcoholism, a major depressive disorder and an antisocial personality disorder.

    Justice Malcolm Gray said yesterday that Jones’s criminal career had begun when he was 14 and included convictions for assault, inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault with a weapon and numerous drink-driving offences.

Apparently keeping him in isolation is going to test the resources of the Alexander Maconochie Center (the new prison in Hume).

One has to wonder if we wouldn’t be better off exporting hard cases like this one?

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35 Responses to
Kevin John Jones faces seven years of isolation
ronster 11:53 am 30 Apr 09

Perhaps allow the kind gent some space with the Lebanese rapists in Goulburn. Think they’d make fine company!

motleychick 11:28 am 30 Apr 09

Shawshank is a brilliant movie. Sorry completely off topic. Just had to say it.

MrPC 11:22 am 30 Apr 09

We could outsource our supermax and higher level max security prisoners to prisons in China or the USA.

Or we could go all Shawshank Redemption on him. Have him meet with the warden at night just oustide the prison building, where he gets shot in the back by a guard in the tower above.

ant 11:10 am 30 Apr 09

Catapult thing FTW.

motleychick 11:07 am 30 Apr 09

Exported into the sun with a catapult.


Woody Mann-Caruso 10:33 am 30 Apr 09

One has to wonder if we wouldn’t be better off exporting hard cases like this one?

Exported into the sun with a catapult.

Mike Crowther 10:26 am 30 Apr 09

niftydog, if an alcoholic is committed enough, they will find something to drink. Brasso, windex, vegimite saches in orange juice….I’ve seen em drink it all. I would have thought his propensity to bum the unwilling should have been more of an immediate concern to the bench, but hey, I never studied law.

sepi 10:20 am 30 Apr 09

We built this prison to look after our own issues. But as a small territory, we can’t be expected to deal with every possible eventuality.

We send serious medical operations to Sydney hospitals, I don’t see why we can’t send our most problematic prisoners to a higher level security prison elsewhere.

niftydog 10:16 am 30 Apr 09

…would confound the difficulties faced by the jail’s rehabilitation workers in their efforts to treat his alcoholism…


Is there also a bottle shop in the new jail or am I missing something?

motleychick 10:11 am 30 Apr 09

What a horrible, disgusting man. I’d suggest what we can do with people like this but I don’t think it would go down very well…

jackal 10:09 am 30 Apr 09

LlamaFrog said :

I agree why should we have to deal with our own issues.


Mike Crowther 10:00 am 30 Apr 09

Seven years? A crim like Jones can do a piss-weak sentence like that standing on his head. Then he’s ‘our’ problem again. I’m sure the human rights agenda at the new AMC will have him fit to walk our streets by then. Wont it?

ant 9:59 am 30 Apr 09

What on earth do you do with someone like this? Fair dinkum. I wonder how many like him there are out there.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:46 am 30 Apr 09

He sounds like he needs some TLC.

(Two Lead Cartridges)

LlamaFrog 9:40 am 30 Apr 09

I agree why should we have to deal with our own issues.

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