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Kmart trading 24 hours from 1 Feb, What the……?

By JessP - 31 January 2010 52

So boys and girls, the management gurus at Kmart have decided that we need to have access to their lovely shop 24 hours a day from next week.

Is it just me or does this seem a bit over the top?  Is there really anything that we need that we cant wait till normal trading hours to get?

Whilst I guess some  Roit-ers may think this is a wonderful idea, how do you feel about going to your local shopping centre at 3am?   I know with Belconnen Mall, attendance at that ungodly just might guarantee you a car park……..Maybe!

Anyway, is this just another over the top marketing idea or a good move? I guess it must mean lots of jobs for persons willing to work those unfriendly hours…..

What’s Your opinion?

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52 Responses to
Kmart trading 24 hours from 1 Feb, What the……?
Woody Mann-Caruso 9:54 pm 31 Jan 10

I want a 24 hour Ikea where I can stuff myself with $1 hot dogs while looking at furniture at 3am.

emd 8:53 pm 31 Jan 10

If people are happy to work at 3am, that’s fine. But my friends who had cashier jobs in similar shops in high school used to get told they had to work those hours for the occasional “open til midnight” sale, even if they had an exam at school next day.

It also puts pressure on smaller retailers in the same area who sell products also available at KMart, as if 7 day trading and late night Friday shopping aren’t enough.

I guess time will tell if people actually want to shop at 3am. Maybe a desperately sleep-deprived parent who finally decides it’s time to try a dummy? Or someone picking up necessities on their way home from night shift work? Or an insomniac looking for something to do?

rosebud 8:20 pm 31 Jan 10

Canberrans love to shop.

trevar 7:08 pm 31 Jan 10

One advantage of having K-Mart open 24 hours a day is that my sister in-law may be more willing to come and visit us from California if there are more shops open at 3am. Not that she would necessarily go to a shop at 3am, but I think it helps her sleep just knowing that she can…

hetzjagd1 5:40 pm 31 Jan 10

Yeah I can’t imagine this is going to last long. Perhaps extending their opening hours to midnight and advertising that fairly heavily could attract a viable business. On the other hand I can’t help but think that in a store that large with few people around they’re really just opening the doors to some rampant shoplifting.

Morgan 5:30 pm 31 Jan 10

Who goes shopping at three in the morning?

Special G 5:15 pm 31 Jan 10

It didn’t work for Coles with food being one of those essentials. I can’t see Kmart pulling it off.

Tony 4:08 pm 31 Jan 10

I love the idea of longer trading hours, the shopping centers/malls in the US are open until 9pm every day. However, I cant help but feel this decision is way over the top of sane decision making, especially considering the local Canberra market, and the fact the no other shops will be open at the same time to help pull in consumers.

random 3:42 pm 31 Jan 10

It’s insane.

The strangest thing is that, as far as I can tell, Coles and Woolworths will still be closing at midnight.

MrPC 3:42 pm 31 Jan 10

I used to love late-late-late night shopping at the 24hr K-Mart at Campbellfield (Vic). It cost them next to nothing to achieve (retail wages are pretty low even at night) and gave shiftworkers (which I was at the time) and insomniacs something to do to at night.

It’s a pity all the clothes they sell in my size nowadays are crap.

Eby 3:31 pm 31 Jan 10

Really? How bizarre! Do you know if this is a temporary thing? Or whether they’re going 24 hours on particular days (like weekends)? Seems very strange…

PBO 3:01 pm 31 Jan 10

I think that it is a great idea as there would be those folk who do not have access to shop during normal hours and it creates jobs for those prepared to work those hours. I like the idea of being able to go there at an ungodly hour should i need whatever they stock.

Restrictive business hours can be the death of some business. If businesses can trade whenever they like it can only be good for the ACT economy and the greater economy as a whole as trade builds trade.

I believe that if more businesses followed suite then the ACT should prepare for better economic growth in the near future. If the ACT wishes to build on it’s image of the nations capital, then it should lead by example and let traders operate without impedance.

Panhead 2:56 pm 31 Jan 10

I think its so that they can pack the shelves over night.

dvaey 2:35 pm 31 Jan 10

As someone who used to frequent Coles at any odd time of the day/night, this sounds very exciting to me. While it may come as a surprise to some ACT residents, there are actually people who dont like visiting malls during the 9-5 crush. In the old days when Coles operated for those hours, I think they had 2 extra staff plus a security guard. Ive often been sitting at home at various times outside of the 9am-5pm standard trading hours of many stores and thought of something Id needed at the time which has had to wait til morning.

People always believed Canberra is completely dead overnight, but if anyone wants to disprove that go visit a McDonalds drive-thru at 2am or 4am in Canberra, there’ll probably be cars in front and behind you the entire time youre there. McDonalds took the plunge and its paying off, now its time for other stores to take the plunge.

gun street girl 2:24 pm 31 Jan 10

For those of us who work inflexible shift work, having shops open outside the normal 9-5, Monday-Friday framework is a welcome thing – though K-Mart isn’t the sort of shop I’d personally like to see open more often.

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