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Mad Axe-man on the loose!

By johnboy 21 November 2005 15

ABC Online informs us that:

Three police officers told the court they saw Maurice Herbert Vagg, 41, swing a block splitter at the cafe manager.

But the court heard the man had been drinking and his axe fell slowly and without great force.

The intended victim was able to step out of the way and avoid injury but the attempt to harm him led police to charge Vagg with assault.

Six days in police custody has been deemed sufficient punishment.

Now, does anyone else think attempted murder might have been more suitable?

What’s Your opinion?

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15 Responses to
Mad Axe-man on the loose!
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terubo 10:01 pm 22 Nov 05

Nice! In slow-mo too.

Special G 7:14 pm 22 Nov 05

Should have shot him when he went for the swing. Problem solved…


Evictor 4:10 pm 22 Nov 05

Mental Health has no funding. They need a secure MH facility more than anything here. What scares me is that people like this – who are clearly mentally unstable – get released – while evil money grabbing cunts like Maurice King who smashed his wifes head in because she was leaving him get to stay out of jail for pleading ‘crazy’.

Thumper 1:20 pm 22 Nov 05

Actually the Police care, its just that they can’t do a lot more than they do as ACT mental health simply refuses to step in when it is painfully obvious that the offender has a serious mental problem and needs treatment.

Thumper 1:16 pm 22 Nov 05

For the Term of his Natural Life….

Absent Diane 1:15 pm 22 Nov 05

Escape from Tasmania… haha

Maelinar 11:59 am 22 Nov 05

Then we’ll send in Snake Plissken to rescue the president, it’ll be sooooo cool

Absent Diane 11:07 am 22 Nov 05

Thats exactly it…. it is always seems to be such a blind eye policy with people mental disabilites…. I agree that they should be given equal opportunity in life… but what the fuck do you do when they go haywire… like above.. you can’t just let them run free…

Greencard program isn’t bad… or we could just dump them in tassie and make it more of a ‘pyscho’ fun park…

LurkerGal 10:33 am 22 Nov 05

NTP, no, not saying it’s ok. This guy is a danger to others. He needs help. he should NOT have been just “sent home”. This is yet another sign of the crappiness of the ACT mental health system.

Maelinar 10:21 am 22 Nov 05

Didn’t somebody mention recently that the only time the police were concerned was when the schitzo was thinking they were a beacon of god or whatever and weilding a sword ?

Obviously this guy was thinking he was god’s lumberjack or something similar, but regardless, 6 days is pathetic.

The problem being, the jails are so full it’s probably the maximum time they can keep him in there.

Had he injured somebody, obviously it would be a different scenario, but it brings to mind the fact that this guy was running around weilding and threatening other people with an axe is possibly not quite the kind of behaviour we should be tolerating as a society, and appropriate measures that are not jail time should be looked at.

I for one propose they should be put on the USA Green Card program.

Nik_the_Pig 10:00 am 22 Nov 05

So if someone is nuts it’s ok that they run around having a go at people with a blockbuster? but not if they where only drunk? is drunk and nuts ok? what about while riding a unicycle?

LurkerGal 9:55 am 22 Nov 05

I was meant to be on Jury Duty for this case! But as I wasn’t, I’m assuming I can comment?

It wasn’t just that he was drunk. He was schitzophrenic (excuse spelling, no coffee as yet)

Absent Diane 9:41 am 22 Nov 05

6 days…. whose chain are they yanking… just because someone is drunk they are still accountable to the law (with no exceptions) in my humble onion

terubo 8:08 am 22 Nov 05

Morrie must have been watching too many of those old Sam Pekinpah movies – you know, the ones where all the violent action is in slow-mo…
Perhaps 6 days for him is the equivalent of 6 years for the rest of us?

Thumper 7:43 am 22 Nov 05

I certainly think 6 days is a tad on the lenient side….

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