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Pug1 23 September 2009 23

Hi RiotACTors,

My six-month old pug puppy (Attila the pug – answers to Tilly) has gone missing from my backyard in Keira St in Narrabundah today, 23 September. She’s female, small, weighs about 5 1/2kgs, fawn coloured with a black mask. Not sure if she escaped or someone fancied her for themselves, but would really appreciate it if anyone has spotted a random pug lately to let me know. I have posted details on the tams website and rspca, so hoping madly. If anyone has any news?

Thanks vey much

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23 Responses to Missing Pug Puppy
Whatsup Whatsup 2:42 pm 08 Oct 09

Great news on the safe return of Tilly ! Give her tummy rub for me.

Maybe the old lady needs to have a leaflet for the RSPCA dropped in her letterbox. It sounds like she is lonely and needs a dog of her own.

Kramer Kramer 12:25 pm 08 Oct 09

Charge the old lady with possesing stolen property!

prhhcd prhhcd 9:37 am 08 Oct 09

Congrats Pug1! give Tilly a pat from me!

misshelly misshelly 2:00 am 08 Oct 09

That’s fantastic news!! And grrrr at the old lady who thought it was ok to steal your baby girl and leave you stressed out all this time 🙁

Pug1 Pug1 10:52 pm 07 Oct 09

Tilly’s back! An old lady was ‘looking after’ her, which someone let us know about. she didn’t want to give her back, so Tilly ended up coming home in a paddy wagon. Hopefully she’s learnt her lesson and won’t be trying to escape again, plus we’re keeping her shut inside when we aren’t home now. And off to the vet tomorrow to get microchipped!

Thanks to everyone who kept an eye out!

Pug1 Pug1 6:25 pm 01 Oct 09

Still no Tilly, have lots of people out looking though. Someone must know something!

me70 me70 10:30 pm 29 Sep 09

oops..at #13 I meant to agree with #12..Good luck I REALLY hope you are re-united :((

VITURE VITURE 8:46 pm 26 Sep 09

Pug1 I really feel for you, I just can’t imagine losing my little dog, got her desexed at six months and micro chipped, hope you find Tilly soon.

VITURE VITURE 8:43 pm 26 Sep 09

Pug1 Check with Police, call radio stations to advertise and check the dog pound

Pug1 Pug1 6:04 pm 26 Sep 09

Still no Tilly…. Will definitely be checking at the RSPCA in person tomorrow thanks for the tip! People very supportive when we’ve been out putting up flyers. Local Girl I think you met my husband in Manuka today? He mentioned you and your pug. Everyone is being so lovely, it’s very encouraging.

me70 me70 11:09 pm 25 Sep 09

I agree with #11…I lost a dog..rang & rang “nope, nothing of that description”..went out myself & she was there!

VITURE VITURE 8:48 pm 25 Sep 09

Keep ringing the RSPCA they don’t always call, go to them yourself and have a look at the dogs, past experienced has taught me that, I hope you find Tilly, best of luck.

Local Girl Local Girl 12:34 pm 25 Sep 09

Has Tilly been found? How absolutely horrible. A friend forwarded this link to me, because I have a pug in Narrabundah as well. She is eleven months (so if you see a little squashed face staring out at you from a house on Jerrabomberra Avenue, it is not Tilly!). I was not down at Narrabundah shops with my pug the day Tilly went missing though, so hopefully the sighting was of her! I will keep my eyes peeled for you. Please keep us updated.

Pug1 Pug1 9:25 am 25 Sep 09

There have been sightings of pugs! One was actually our other pug, Princess Trevor, in our backyard, but a pug was spotted at the Narrabundah shops on the day Tilly went missing, we’re getting more details today. Fingers crossed. Cute pic Tad!

dusty dusty 8:37 am 25 Sep 09

I live in bundah too, I will keep my eye out for your little dog. Bastards!!!!

bd84 bd84 9:15 pm 24 Sep 09

TAD said :


It must not have seen the parked cars behind it, i’m sure it will be happy once it’s run into a few lol

Granny Granny 8:23 pm 24 Sep 09

I hope that your story has a happy ending, Pug1. Let us know if you find her.

TAD TAD 1:30 pm 24 Sep 09
Pug1 Pug1 1:27 pm 24 Sep 09

Hi All

Thanks for the support. Unfortunately not microchipped – is due to be in three weeks when she gets desexed. No collar either, which makes it hard for anyone to contact me if she is found. Doing the poster thing, and have contacted local vets.

AussieRodney AussieRodney 12:43 pm 24 Sep 09

If she is microchipped & makes it to the RSPCA, they will call you.

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