More Massey Mumblings

PBO 18 September 2008 17

The ABC reports on the latest news out of the Charnwood murder proceedings.

It just keeps on going on does it not?

“Paul Edward Elson from Palmerston was a neighbour of Rebecca Anne Massey who is charged with murdering Elizabeth Booshand at the Charnwood shops in July. Elson is accused of taking the clothes Massey was wearing on the night of the murder, washing them and sending them interstate.”

It would have been easier to perhaps donate the clothes to charity and cheaper too.

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17 Responses to More Massey Mumblings
johnboy johnboy 9:51 am 07 Mar 09

Right, had to do some house-keeping here.

How about some of you wannabe geniuses use the contact button instead of repeating slurs?

Granny Granny 11:07 pm 06 Mar 09

By the way, please stop beating your children.

Granny Granny 11:06 pm 06 Mar 09

Yeah, I thought Lisa Jones was a pretty nasty piece of work, until you came along and showed me there are worse things in life.

kjmho3 kjmho3 10:42 pm 06 Mar 09

Yeah… little peeved by the whole thing!!! I suppose it goes to character! The lack of change, the history, the whole situation. These are the things she would be doing if she had not been home that night…certainly not taking her children to the movies!!!

Unfortunately… even despite the shock of the charge and the seriousness of the situation, her lifestyle has not changed which would have been one positive for Ms Jones, her children and the community.

I feel for her children, the children of the mother killed, the children of the mother who is in jail… The statements made by the other party are completely false and ignorant!

Granny Granny 9:33 pm 06 Mar 09

Could you also explain why a woman’s gynaecological history is relevant to destroying evidence? Or why you’re posting on the details to the world wide web?

That’s not “wrong foot and mouth” that’s execrable!!!!

kjmho3 kjmho3 8:58 pm 06 Mar 09

Could you also explain why Miss Jones did not go directly to the police? Or why she passed on the evidence to another drug addict?

That’s not “wrong place and time” that’s criminal!!!!

kjmho3 kjmho3 8:35 pm 06 Mar 09

Oh my goodness… wow… you mustn’t know Lisa Jones!!! [REDACTED]

As already mentioned, Lisa changed her plea to guilty as I suspected… she had no choice!

Noo.. normal place doing normal stuff… my goodness? haven’t you read the papers?!

Wonder how everone’s coping, particularly those poor children [REDACTED]

RUINS RUINS 11:59 pm 14 Feb 09

VERY UPSETTING, an ongoing situation that has changed many people’s lives.
For the GOOD people in the wrong situation at the wrong time.
How would this had turned out if Miss Jones wasn’t at home that night to take the young boy who witnessed this awful incident? My veiw is that she had wished she’d take the kids to the movies or Friday night shopping! Like I said to begin with WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME.

kjmho3 kjmho3 9:39 pm 08 Nov 08

Paul Elson had a foremention that day as well as Matthew Massey on a completely unrelated offense to Paul’s… Paul ended up changing his plea to guilty for his part in disposing of the evidence. Paul Elson will be sentanced in December. Lisa Jones returns to Court for her part in disposing of evidence in December also… I would imagine she will also change her plea to guilty.

GregT GregT 11:40 pm 30 Oct 08

Kjmho3 – That’s Matthew Massey, up on charges of possession of stolen property. Jury is still deliberating. Rebecca is a different, although related, kettle of fish.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 10:53 pm 30 Oct 08

Thumper said :

DMD is going to disagree, but seriously, these are people who should never be in society.


You’re damn right.

There are alot of people I don’t think should be in society – at all different levels. But I realize that they are and I do not have the moral right to say they can’t be. I believe this man should be punished and rehabilitated for his crime and given another chance. He didn’t kill the woman anyway, the Massey woman did – the bloke evidently committed his crime out of some misguided sense of loyalty. That is something that, in my mind, you can be rehabilitated from.

It is the same argument over and over again, though.

kjmho3 kjmho3 7:18 pm 30 Oct 08

He was in court today… anyone got any news on that? (30/10/08)

Thumper Thumper 8:01 pm 29 Oct 08

DMD is going to disagree, but seriously, these are people who should never be in society.


kjmho3 kjmho3 7:11 pm 29 Oct 08

Again… these people’s brains are fried with all kind of drugs!!!

CHW CHW 6:24 pm 29 Oct 08

Actually, given that there would have been an abundance of mini-flamethrowers around any of the above households, I have to wonder why on earth they did not just set fire to them?

kjmho3 kjmho3 4:47 pm 29 Oct 08

These people are not the sharpest tools in the shed… let me assure you!!!

killabeez killabeez 8:25 am 19 Sep 08

What a twat….

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